JSS72 Digital-display Timing Relay

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Q:just bought a new car 89' 190E Benz i cant find the fuse box any where in my car?
There are two locations: 1. there is a fuse box under the hood. The top right side, in front of the driver, just look for broken or fried metal on the fuses. 2. Go on-line and print the schematic of the fuses which are disbursed throughout the engine. I am not a mechanic, but an Computer IT Tech, so I immediately checked the internet and found everything I need to know about my 889 190E Benz, it is an amazing car, it runs better than some newer non-German cars.
Q:Where is fuse for power locks on nissan maxima 2000 GLE.?
look for power socket or cigar lighter in the fuse box under the cover above the hood release on the back of that cover is a list of what each fuse does. And in your owners hand book starting on secton / page 8/21 to 8/22 tell you what to look for. Page 8/21 details the under hood fuses. Mostly red 10 amp and blue 15 amp fuses power those circuits. there are three spair fuses in the box marked spair you can use one of those until you get more. More often than not it is a bad cell phone charger in the power socket
Q:Custom Power Supply Help?
Not a good idea. You may blow a breaker or fuse, or the wiring and components could get so hot that they could start a fire. That wouldn't be very likely with only 7.2 volts, but still not a chance I would be willing to take.
Q:Tapping into a fuse in my car's fuse box for an extra cigarette lighter, where should I ground it though? (picture included)?
Be careful, a cigarette lighter is a very high amperage draw device. The single existing fuse is only designed for one lighter, so you should consider running a dedicated line from the battery, fuse protected, to your new lighter. However, if you only plan on using the lighter socket for small current draw purposes, like a cell phone charger, then you could be okay tapping into an existing line. As for ground, any existing ground should be okay, as well as adding a new ground to a metal frame or body component.
Q:TV repair question?
Because theres something else down the line that made the fuse blow, something shorted. Dont worry most people who replace the fuse happens to them to. Recycle it. or Get it repaired.
Q:What is wrong with my stereo?
Q:Science problem?
A fuse is a one time use component, it self destructs in order to open the circuit. A circuit breaker is a reusable/resettable protection device. Once tripped and the circuit fault repaired a circuit breaker may be reset
Q:What is the blood component to these functions?
1: Could be White Blood Cells and other immuno cells 2: Hormones 3: Hemoglobin located on red blood cells 4: Carbonic An hydrase (which fuses CO2 molecules into a bicarbonate for transfer in the blood) as well as carbamino hemoglobin located with red blood cells and some plasma transports small amounts of diffused CO2 5: Red blood cells hemoglobin and bicarbonate are 2 major blood pH buffers 6: Don't know what you mean cause glucose, amino acids and fatty acids/ other monomers float freely for the most part in the blood (plasma if you want the correct portion of blood) 7: If by tissue you mean clotting then platelets and clotting proteins like fibrin/fibrinogen 8: Carrier proteins carry those things. or they float freely anything thats a protein or cell is part of the solid component anything not manufactured by the body is plasma portion, e.g. glucose, amino acids and such been awhile since I did circulation so I hope thats pretty accurate
Q:I have a component cable with an end for a ps3, xbox 360 and wii. If I plug a xbox 360 and ps3 into it?
Not sure if you can connect them both. The adapter piece is probably too short to connect both. The power adapters will create too wide of a separation to connect them. If you did manage to connect them you're either going to get nothing or you're going to blow up your house and every house within a 5 mile radius.
Q:Taurus interior electronics failure. Fuse issue?
For all cars this age, it is advisable to remove every fuse one at a time, and brush clean the terminals before refitting back. It is due to oxidation that there is high resistance across the terminals even as the fuses look good. Attempt to do this to all fuses (and even relays) you find in the engine compartment as well in the fuse box under the dashboard. The extra task you perform will reap benefits for yourself. Happy motoring.

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