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Q:What component/s were damaged if a power supply unit switch to 110 and run it on 220 V?
If this is a desktop power supply as laptop supplies should be auto-detecting/switching, it would probably be cheaper and less hassle to just replace the supply being that you can pick one up for $20-$60 average depending on brand/wattage. Switching power supplies can be a pain to work on and then trying to find those hard-to-find transistors is no fun
Q:Everytime I put my radio/reading lamp fuse, it blows instantly. any ideas?
must be water interior the lens yet greater suitable than possibly you have a quick and there's a stripped or chaffed twine making touch with the physique or yet another twine. seem on the wiring harness going to each and each tail lamp as properly as each and each front turn sign. putting a paper clip interior the fuse field would reason a hearth, the fuse is there for a reason.
Q:Fuses Keep blowing on My amplifier? whaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!1?
Make sure to use lube and condums next time.
Q:Aftermarket headlights, wiring issues. Shortages.?
Hi i would be surprised if anything worked the Body module that other computer which works with the engine management system is confused now.
Q:Describe the 2 major body components of Fungi? and there description and their function.?
The hyphae is the thread-like filaments that form the structure of fungi. A mass of hyphae is called the mycelium. Upon the hyphae, spore bodies form to produce new fungal colonies. When the proper conditions occur, the hyphae of mating types fuse and form fruiting bodies such as mushrooms in which the sexually produced spores form and are released. The hyphae produces enzymes that digest the food they grow upon. These enzymes are called exoenzymes.
Q:TV repair question?
Because theres something else down the line that made the fuse blow, something shorted. Dont worry most people who replace the fuse happens to them to. Recycle it. or Get it repaired.
Q:what components do i need to hook up an amp and 2 subs to a 07 civic ex stock stereo?
just see a specialist, especially if you have an ex stock stereo
Q:How to install interior neons to a fuse?
Well, what I would do in your situation is take out a fuse that turns off with the car (ie: radio, window regulator). You can use a add-a-fuse attachment that splices into the wire to connect the positive end, or simply take the positive end (heavily stripped and primed of course), wrap it around one of the metal pieces of the fuse and shove it back in. Then simply ground it to nut or bolt nearby. You might have to repeat this on a couple of different fuses, because this probably won't fit with two wires coming out of one fuse. Then all you have to do is worry about concealing the power wire, but this will be no problem.
Q:2001 cadillac devile. motor will not turn over loud clicking from fuse panel when turning key.?
It could be your time-n-change. A oil change will not stop your car from starting.
Q:Motorcycle wont turn on.?
Do the ignition lights come on? Will it at least turn over but not start. I think we need more details.

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