RXW0-35 RXW10-35 Outdoor high-voltage current limit fuse

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These products can be used in outdoor system of AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 35kV to protect electric transformer and voltage mutual-inductor from overload and short circuit.

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Q:Why does the fuse in my Honda's 12-Volt power outlet burn out shortly after I plug in my radar Detector?
Your car is fine. Your radar detector has issues though. Is something else plugged in as well?
Q:what could cause the fuses in my car to short out?
its probably some wires that are touching the frame of the car or something, causing it to short out.
Q:1981 Subaru GL Headlight Fuse Kerps Blowing.?
Check your wiring harness. It can be shorting out if there is contact between two bare wires (rat damage) or a wire that is not grounded properly. Make sure nothing is stripped or bare, you should never be able to see through the plastic on wires. Make sure your battery is not corroded and grounded properly. Test light your harness to make sure the hots are hot and the nots are not. There is a lot of stuff on forums for wiring diagrams and such to make sure that no one pieced it together wrong or cut/spliced into something they shouldn't have. If your Lights are spliced with a higher voltage component the wires will get hotter than they were designed for and that will cause a fuse to burn out. Hope that helps. Follow the wires from the back of your headlight all the way to the firewall and make sure connection to battery is still good (will will likely have to pry apart that black slinky looking wire cover to make sure it's all good under the hood). Make sure to check for signs of pests!
Q:I posted earlier about truck problem and have another question?
The number 15 cavity with the 5 amp fuse is for the Generic Electronic Module (GEM) and for the Brake Pedal Position (BPP) Switch. In other words you most likely either have a bad component or a short going to the above.
Q:What would cause wide open throttle to blow the ASD fuse?
Leanne, are you a Chrysler tech? First I kind of find it odd that GTC thinks that the ASD receives inputs from the fuel pump, crank sensor, distb and others since the JTEC pcm receives inputs and outputs and controls the ASD. You are getting some kind of short or power ground. If you are a tech, you should call Chrysler's tech line and run it by them, if you aren't, and you have ALLDATA you will need to get a diagram and trace every wire in the harness that is connected to the ASD fuse and relay, and if all is ok I would look in to replacing the JTEC but only as a last resort Oh and any fault codes?
Q:What is an internal thermal fuse and what does it do?
Some components have an internal, non-replaceable fuse that melts open at a set temperature. The reason that temperature is used is that when an electrical component starts to wear out, More energy is required to keep it going. More energymore heat through the wires, and the wires are protected by fuses that melt when the power draw of the component exceeds their thermal rating, usually expressed in amps. The most common part that blows an internal thermal fuse that comes to mind is a Ford Airbag control module, and just replacing the module usually results in another blown internal thermal fuse. There ARE components out there that have a resettable internal thermal fuse called a circuit breaker. When the component draws too much power, the circuit breaker trips open due to excessive heat , then, when it cools down, it will reset itself. The most common component that utilizes a non-replaceable circuit breaker is a GM power window motor. usually it will go up a little ways, then stop and not work for a minute or so, then will go up a little more, then stop.This is the circuit breaker cooling down and resetting. Hope this helps.
Q:Ive changed my relay, High pressure pump, electical ignition swith, and ignition switch ?
Always double check fuses. A poor connections could be the problem but I would be suspicious of the wiring. If the wires run under the truck, make sure they aren't damaged from debris or rubbing on other components. Try jumping at the relay +. If it runs while jumped at relay +, then you know its a problem before the relay (ign switch wiring, fuses, etc)
Q:Mechanics! Need your expertise please! 10pts!?
Ignition switch may be bad. The Radio, Idiot Lights, Heater/fan only work with the ignition switch on. All the other lights, horn, door chime, etc work weather the key is on or not.
Q:1994 GMC Jimmy electrical problem?
You have most likely lost a ground wire somewhere. If you don't have the system grounded, then the return current takes the path of least resistance and blows fuses. Your lights will flash from dim to bright, and will generally give you headache. Also, if the trailer plug you installed is wired incorrectly, then it causes problems. Remember, on the plug it is green for your right turn and stop, the yellow for the left turn and stop, the brown for tail lights and running lights, and the white is ALWAYS the ground. If you made the most common mistake, you wired the green as ground, which is true in house wiring, but not auto wiring.
Q:What's the most common component effected by electrical surges?
Typically the power supply. Sometimes as simple as a blown fuse, other times it can wreck the transformer, bridge, regulation circuits and of course resistors etc. Check fuses first.

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