WYJ series DC Power Supply

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Principle & Characteristics

This series product is manufactured with the international advanced“floating iteration technology. It is constructed by transforming step-down rectifying filtration、high power module adjustment、standard sampling amplifying and so on. The output voltage and current of this series product are optional for fixed or adjustable、one-way or multiple-way. It has excellent stability and wave coefficient、less noises、small size、novel style、stable property, and can be parallel or serial connected with the same specification product.

Scope of Application

It can be widely in industrial production、laboratory in colleges、research institute、post and telecommunications、automatic device and facilities.

Main Technical Parameter

Input voltage: AC220V ±10%, 50Hz /60Hz
Output voltage: DC12V、24 fixed; DC0-15V、0-30V、0-60V、 0-150V adjustable
Output current: DC 1A、 2A、 3A、 5A、 10A、 15A、 20A、 25A、 30A
Voltage adjusting rate: 0.5%
Current adjusting rate: 1%
Wave restrain ratio: 65dB
Service environment: -5℃~+40℃,relative humidity<90%,no corrosive gas

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Q:why does my moped/ scooters' electric start work but no other electrical components?
if you have fuses it might be that. if that isn't it, remember that all these accessories must all run from the same electrical point. trace one of those wires back toward the off/on switch until you find the problem.Have you checked the ground. some time the starter is a grounded alone. also turn one of these things on and check to see if you actually have power to it. its tough to answer this in a good way to get right to the exact problem partner.
Q:Honda Metropolitan Fuse Schematic?
The honda dealer parts dept can look up schematic 4 - you
Q:Blower not working on 01 Jeep Wrangler, Checked fuses, wiring and Resistor all good. What next?
I've heard of a lot of issues with the blower switch in your vintage Wranglers, but you can spend a lot of $ throwing parts at it hoping to find the fix. Best bet is to get an electrical multimeter and a manual and start testing. A good manual (maybe Haynes or Chilton) or better yet the Factory Service Manual will outline testing procedures for each component.
Q:My tailights in my car arent working what should i do?
1] fuse 2] not plugged in, probably not the problem but did you put groceries or something big in the trunk and hit the cord ? - Some cars are double corded. 3] need a 1157R bulb. - $0.99 at auto zone. 4] dirty / corroded plug. On a 1997, this is not likely unless you have moisture getting in the trunk, but be sure to check it any way and add some white lithium gease to the end of the plug and the bulbs sockets. 5] stick A TEST LIGHT IN THE socket and fuse box to see if you have power to it. - This may never be necessary on such a new car, but if all else fails, it is something to check. 6] switch. Very unlikely. but you need to check the power to rhe swithch if the fuse bulb thing don't work out. Good luck.
Q:I have a 97 ford explorer. Niether the AC or fan are working at all. Will coolant work?
I would start with electrical components, beginning with fuses and relays (remove and inspect). I would then look at the low pressure switch tied into the A/C line (jump terminals in cable harness plug while A/C is on to see if compressor kicks in). If you know lots of refrigerant is present and jumping that plug makes the compressor turn, get a new switch. If the coolant has leaked out, don't let the compressor run on empty for more than a few seconds. If the compressor never comes on after all this, try jumping 12V to it directly to see it a bad clutch coil (still won't come on) or bad wiring or control circuit. The next step is to pull a hard vacuum on the system: -29.5 Hg is what you want, and see if the vacuum is stable with the pump off and valve shut. If the vacuum leaks out find out why and get it fixed before buying R134a. If you think it might be a very slow leak you could now take a gamble and get it charged and add leak dye. This can tell you how slow the leak is and where, in the meantime you might have some A/C for a little while. EDIT: The blower motor in the dash might just be broken, which isn't affected by the level of freon in the sealed system. Have this blower problem resolved before digging into the A/C system itself, because it might be just fine.
Q:Car audio question need advice?
NO, turning the subs around will not produce a better sound(vibration) unless the subs front wall is completely cealed off from the trunk which means you would have to have a custom box. but in most cases like yours it will actually reduce the sound. the trunk is basically a expansion area.bass extension comes from space within the trunk. the trunks surface area resonates the subs movement and redirects it into the cabinet. that's why you lose sound pressure when you open the trunk. this fundamental is quite complex actually and requires tuning of the box and subwoofer. a good way to increase sound pressure and extend the subs motion into the cabinet is by making a port into the cabinet for example letting a seat down or if you have a armrest that has a trunk opening area, that can be used as a port to allow the sub woofer to resonate the area within the cabinet but this can also allow more subwoofer distortion to be heard aswell. it requires alot a padding and dampening material to reduce the amount of sounds leakage and rattle distortion. you have an improper amp for sub woofers is probably the reason why you might not feel proper lows. the humming sound can be from a variety of reasons. but the sound itself is distortion from either improper filtering, or a lack of energy to the amp, if you have the gains set high on the amp you are over the distortion limit and are probably under powering the amp to produce a proper wattage and normal levels. OR you are getting distortion from your head unit, which is not uncommon. what type of subwoofer and amplifier do you have by the way.
Q:For professional mechanics. I have a 93 buik regal with a 3800. It has no ignition fire.?
Fuses? You have to see if the Ignition module is seeing the crank sensor and is the PCM getting a signal from the Ignition module. These do have a high failure rate for wiring from the crank sensor to the ignition module. Is the module getting power on the Pink wire?
Q:In the transport process known as _______, a membrane-bound vesicle in the cytoplasm fuses with the cell membr?
Exocytosis is the durable process by which a cell directs the contents of secretory vesicles out of the cell membrane. These membrane-bound vesicles contain soluble proteins to be secreted to the extracellular environment, as well as membrane proteins and lipids that are sent to become components of the cell membrane.
Q:Fuse box(es) on a 1986 Pontiac Firebird (2.8L V6)?
Yes, there is another box for relays circuit breakers, somewhere under the hood. USUALLY on the drivers side wheel well. The only electrical power the a/c uses is for the clutch, you can test it by using a jumper wire to briefly touch the clutch wire directly to the battery, engine OFF. If the clutch is working, you'll hear it CLICK. The ignition cylinder sounds like it's worn out, they are replaceable, also. On the radiator fans, you could wire them to a circuit so they are ON when the engine is On, not mess with the toggle switch.
Q:Electrical problems on bike?
it sounds like the side light fuse, but could be the earth wire to the lights,check earth connections, quick test get a piece of wire hold it to neg - on battery or bare metal on frame with ignition lights on touch the other end to side of the bulb if light comes on its a bad earth

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