Barium sulfate precipitated used for Paint

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Name of Product: Barium sulfate precipitated
Molecular formula: BaSO4
CAS No.: 7727-43-7
H.S. Code: 2833270000
Appearance: White powder
Use: widely used as filled object for paint, printing ink, rubber, plastic and insulating tape. Also used in industries of palette, china, storage battery, porcelain enamel, glass and spice etc.
Packing: 25KG woven bag with plastic lining, or according to customer’s request


High-class product

First-class product

BaSO4content ≥



Moisture %≤



Water soluble %≤



Fe %≤



Whiteness %≥



Oil absorption g/100g






Fineness (45um test mesh residue) %≤



Particle size analysis

Less than 10um%≥



Less than 5um%≥



Less than 2um%≥



Name of product: Natural Barium Sulfate/Barytes powder
Character: high whiteness and barium content
H.S. Code: 2511100000
Use: Widely used in chemical, paint, rubber, glass, paper, medicine, and other fields, barite extraction of barium raw, ground into a fine powder can be used for drilling mud weighting agent, also as fillers for white pigments, coatings, rubber industry and  paper industry etc.
Packing: 25KG woven bag with plastic lining, or according to customer’s request


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