Barium sulfate precipitated used for Paint

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Product Description:

Name of Product: Barium sulfate precipitated
Molecular formula: BaSO4
CAS No.: 7727-43-7
H.S. Code: 2833270000
Appearance: White powder
Use: widely used as filled object for paint, printing ink, rubber, plastic and insulating tape. Also used in industries of palette, china, storage battery, porcelain enamel, glass and spice etc.
Packing: 25KG woven bag with plastic lining, or according to customer’s request


High-class product

First-class product

BaSO4content ≥



Moisture %≤



Water soluble %≤



Fe %≤



Whiteness %≥



Oil absorption g/100g






Fineness (45um test mesh residue) %≤



Particle size analysis

Less than 10um%≥



Less than 5um%≥



Less than 2um%≥



Name of product: Natural Barium Sulfate/Barytes powder
Character: high whiteness and barium content
H.S. Code: 2511100000
Use: Widely used in chemical, paint, rubber, glass, paper, medicine, and other fields, barite extraction of barium raw, ground into a fine powder can be used for drilling mud weighting agent, also as fillers for white pigments, coatings, rubber industry and  paper industry etc.
Packing: 25KG woven bag with plastic lining, or according to customer’s request


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Q:Buy paint how to buy
look at the weight, do not sloppy, the market's packaging specifications are varied, in our, the lightest is 3 kg, the most important is 9.5 kg. You have to pay attention to the time of purchase, marked 5 kg there are two, gross weight 5 kg and net weight of 5 kg, I think the choice of which you should be very clear! 5, understand
Q:How is the paint made? What is the material?
Most of the early search of vegetable oil as the main raw material, it is called "paint", such as the health of the original eco-cooked tung oil. Whether the traditional natural materials as raw materials of paint products, or modern development of synthetic chemical products as raw materials Of the coating products, all belong to the organic chemical polymer materials, the formation of the coating is a type of polymer compounds in accordance with the modern classification of chemical products, paint is a fine chemical products. Modern coatings are gradually becoming a class of multi-functional Engineering materials, chemical industry is an important industry
Q:What are the amorphous structures of the polymer?
The amorphous polymer molecules are arranged irregularly compared to the crystals, and the molecular chains are also randomly arranged, such as: ABS PS PVC PMMA PC
Q:Does white paint and paint affect babies?
If it is decoration house, you can put some time to live. If the child is in direct contact, touch the paint even touch the mouth, if one or two days the child does not cry headache (the role of formaldehyde), there is no big problem.
Q:Microsoft Paint?????
MS Paint is pretty out dated. Youtube does have some good videos. if you google ms paint galleries you can find some good stuff. Don't expect to learn anything that you can duplicate though. If you just cant afford a better graphics program try good and free.
Q:Epoxy resin surface coating with what pigment
In addition to the use of color epoxy resin epoxy resin can also be added to the epoxy resin colorant (pigment or dye) or coloring filler.
Q:How to distinguish between fluorocarbon paint and ordinary paint?
In my opinion, choose Hua? Long paint fluorine paint, will feel good.
Q:Latex paint, also known as synthetic resin emulsion coating, is a kind of organic paint
Water-based wall paint, also known as latex paint, so many people are talking about the interior of the latex paint, it should be noted that the state of the interior paint latex paint production has a strict standard control, and the production of such products Of the manufacturers need to carry out product certification license every year, one of which is the environmental standard certification, also known as the ten ring standard, after the successful certification of manufacturers, packaging barrels have a ten ring composed of green signs, we do not and you said What brand you buy, at least to see if there is no such signs, do not doubt the authenticity of this logo, and now most of the qualified brand, basically can pass, because it can not be allowed through the sale! There is also a problem that must be clarified, the normal latex paint is basically free of formaldehyde! The Formaldehyde content in the latex paint is minimal! Far lower than woodworking board, composite floor, glue and other content!
Q:What kind of stores do I need to go to to get automotive paint?
auto body supply
Q:What is the difference between heat transfer ink and heat sublimation ink?
The difference between the two is the printing of the different coloring principle, so the internal composition of the ink is different! Ink is divided into two kinds. One is the pigment, one is the dye! Tang Hua is using pigments! Pigment coloring principle is by virtue of with a solid film can produce a synthetic resin, fixed on the surface of the fabric! To personalized T-shirt heat transfer, for example, we have to use T-shirt dedicated transfer paper, because the cotton fiber itself does not suck color. On the image plane of the transfer paper, there is a layer of jelly, and the surface layer has an ink-absorbing coating so that a clear image can be printed. At the time of transfer, the jelly at high temperature absorbs the color on the one hand, and infiltrates into the fiber gap of the fabric, and the fiber surface is strongly attached, and the sublimation ink belongs to the dye, which is carried out by the principle of sublimation of ink Transfer, and fabric chemical reaction after a printing principle; because the sublimation does not change the fabric of the surface structure, so the sublimation of the product, sensory and feel good! So: Tang Hua printing area feel slightly harder. If it is sublimation printing, the printing site and the unprinted parts of the hardness difference is not obvious! Finally, cotton clothing printing, the choice of paint; polyester material and personalized products (such as metal plate, mouse pad, etc.) selection of dyes!

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