Barium sulfate precipitated used for Paint

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Product Description:

Name of Product: Barium sulfate precipitated
Molecular formula: BaSO4
CAS No.: 7727-43-7
H.S. Code: 2833270000
Appearance: White powder
Use: widely used as filled object for paint, printing ink, rubber, plastic and insulating tape. Also used in industries of palette, china, storage battery, porcelain enamel, glass and spice etc.
Packing: 25KG woven bag with plastic lining, or according to customer’s request


High-class product

First-class product

BaSO4content ≥



Moisture %≤



Water soluble %≤



Fe %≤



Whiteness %≥



Oil absorption g/100g






Fineness (45um test mesh residue) %≤



Particle size analysis

Less than 10um%≥



Less than 5um%≥



Less than 2um%≥



Name of product: Natural Barium Sulfate/Barytes powder
Character: high whiteness and barium content
H.S. Code: 2511100000
Use: Widely used in chemical, paint, rubber, glass, paper, medicine, and other fields, barite extraction of barium raw, ground into a fine powder can be used for drilling mud weighting agent, also as fillers for white pigments, coatings, rubber industry and  paper industry etc.
Packing: 25KG woven bag with plastic lining, or according to customer’s request


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Q:What type of paint to use when painting a mural?
I painted a mural onto my wall. You can use acrylic paint, it works great. You don't need a lot. (In my opinion, Liquitex is the best brand.) Good luck!
Q:What is the difference between water-based paint and oily paint?
The diluent used in the water-based paint is water, and the diluent used for the oily paint is an organic solvent that can not be diluted with water. This is the essential difference between the two.
Q:Floor paint and water paint difference
Floor paint: the use of parts to be classified, with interior paint, wall paint, floor paint and so on. Floor paint is used for the floor coating of the building floor coating. The use of floor paint finishes low cost, light weight, easy maintenance and good update.
Q:Lithium ion and polymer battery What is the difference ah?
Lithium polymer battery (Li-polymer) is a lithium-ion battery based on the polymer polymer electrolyte to replace the traditional liquid organic electrolyte produced. This polymer electrolyte can be used as a conductive ion medium, but also can be used as a separation film, coupled with the lithium metal reactivity is very low, so effectively avoid the lithium ion battery easy to burn and easy to leak phenomenon. And since the lithium ion polymer battery is a liquid organic electrolyte adsorbed on a polymer matrix, it is called a colloidal electrolyte, which is neither a free electrolyte nor a solid electrolyte, so that the lithium lithium polymer battery not only has Liquid lithium-ion battery of excellent performance, can also be made into any shape and size, ultra-thin products, making its wide range of applications, good prospects for development. Another security than the lithium-ion battery is good, the use of if the heat, will only produce swelling or burning and will not explode.
Q:Question about painting?
general rule when painting for a living...ceiling, trim then walls...and alittle secret when you paint the trim paint up onto the wall slightly, like at least a quater inch but upto what ever happens is fine (even like a brush stroke above is fine just wasteful)...anyhow my point is don't be careful when painting the trim...when you do the wall you then cut in above the trim but because you painted the trim colour above the trim you don't have to try so hard to get into the little corner as much... you can actually leave like 1/8 of an inch above and it looks cleaner then if you try to get in the crack and sometimes you go too far or not enough...same holds true for painting the ceiling...leave a little edge and if you are straight it looks better then following the exising edge
Q:Acrylic paints?
Do you want paint or a technique to use with cheap paint? Try Apple Barrel paint from Walmart--it's awful paint!! LOL!! Very thin, very little pigment--but incredibly cheap!
Q:Paint is poisonous? Do the painter good or bad
TDI (toluene diisocyanate): TDI has a low vapor pressure, the human body cornea has a strong stimulating effect, causing eye swelling. TDI steam after inhalation by the human body, will damage the human liver, kidney function, long-term exposure to high concentrations of TDI vapor can cause cancer. In the polyurethane (PU) class paint, only free TDI less than 0.5 ‰, only the human body will not cause toxic effects. Because at low concentrations, free TDI is not easy to escape from the system, not the body to produce toxic TDI vapor. In the current national standard, the free TDI provisions for the paint after the deployment of less than 0.7%, then the curing agent component alone is still in the highly toxic level, because the domestic TDI polymerization industry level, the current gap with the developed countries Very large, so from the perspective of the protection of national industry, the country developed a wide range of standards.
Q:White latex paint with white paint is one thing?
From the indoor wall paint is usually the case of latex paint is characterized by: more environmentally friendly, good adhesion, may be appropriate to wipe, splash water in the above dry immediately unaffected; paint is characterized by formaldehyde and benzene with serious overweight, poor adhesion , Can not wipe, water that is off the skin, hand touch will fall off the powder in the hands of housing room should not be painted.
Q:Painting shoes?
As artist college student, any shoe would do, but old shoe is a way to go!
Q:How can we spray the paint well?
Paint spray when the need to protect the area around the wall, mainly around the walls and the ground and furniture protection. In the paint spray around the wall covered with protective tools for the home of the furniture need to protect, so as not to spray paint splashed on the furniture or the ground, resulting in damage to the furniture and the ground, affecting the appearance. But also need to do before the spraying of household housing clean-up work to avoid dust flying, affecting the quality of paint spray.

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