AC-DC Inverter DC24V to AC110-220V

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1. Application

AC/DC inverter is designed for switching DC24V to AC110-220V. They can be usedoutdoors or on home appliance as emergency power. Usually, cord with AC powersocket and the DC power cord with DC battery. When the load connects to the DCpower cord with DC power, if the commercial power falls, the inverter will convert thebatttery voltage to AC voltage and go on supplying. When the commercial power restall,the inverter will switch to charge the battery by itself. When the battery is fully charged,it will stop automatically.

2. Feature
AC voltage available for AC 100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 230V or 240V at request.Each unit contains two AC sockets available for two pin plugs.Automatic function change for inverter or batttery charge.Selective 4 AC voltage for each unit, such as when AC 110V, it will be available for AC110V, 120V, 130V and 140V.Different led indicator for function of inverter and charger.Each unit contain a AC cord for AC input voltage besides.Model ZUP-300 and ZUP-300A unit contains an extra power cord for DC battery.Products applicable for:
A. Personal computer.
B. Various video/audio equipment. (TV, casset, tape record, etc.)
C. Small motor equipment.
D. Various lighting equipment. Protection:
a. Protection for short circuit and polarity reverse of battery.
b. Overload fuse protection for charging current, input voltage and output voltage.

3. Specification

TypeDC VoltageCapacityCharging Current
ZUP-300VADC12V, 24Vmax.300Wmax.25A
ZUP-500VADC12V, 24Vmax.500Wmax.35A
ZUP-1000VADC12V, 24Vmax.1000Wmax.35A
ZUP-1500VADC12V, 24Vmax.1500Wmax.45A
ZUP-2000VADC12V, 24Vmax.2000Wmax.60A
ZUP-3000VADC24V, 48Vmax.3000Wmax.90A
ZUP-5000VADC24V, 48Vmax.5000Wmax.150A
Two outlets are incorporated for the simultaneous use of both the 110V and 220V outlets.The sockets are of a type that is capable of accepting two different types of plugsprongsand blades of two different forms.Built-in overload protection circuit and overdischarge protection circuit.

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Q:Flyback Transformer Clarification & help?
The frequency of an ac power supply is only 60 hz. That's way too low for a flyback. The resistance of a transformer depends on the frequency. At 60Hz a flyback transformer acts like a short circuit. It would draw a lot of power, might damage the power supply and nearly nothing would come out the other side of the transformer.
Q:dinasaure transformers thing?
I remember a purple dinosaur too. I'm pretty sure it's called Beast Wars, and it is a version of Transformers. If I remember correctly, the Autobots and the Predacons landed on Earth and in order to survive they took form of existing life forms on Earth. The Autobots took the form of mostly animals, but the Predacons landed near some dinosaur fossils so some took the dinosaur shapes. Megatron was a purple-ish T-Rex, and I think there was a pterodactyl one too. Optimus Primal was a gorilla and they had a cheetah and a rat in the Autobots.
Q:2500KVA transformer bearing current how much calculation
According to P = 1.732UI, you can calculate the rated current on each side of the transformer. But the transformer in a short time usually have a certain overload capacity, so the current overload will be greater than the rated value.
Q:What is the M of the transformer capacity MVA?
MVA with a table of his capacity, read: trillion volts in which M with a sign The conversion unit is 1MVA = 1000KVA = 1000000VA
Q:Transformer alone as an audio amplifier ?
Technically No. The transformer will not amplify a signal, however it can be used to make sure you use any signal you actually do have to your best advantage. A transformer is generally used to achieve an impedance match between the signal source and load. For instance if you were to connect an 8 ohm speaker directly to a 1 kilohm signal source, most of the available signal would be dissipated in the source resistance and less than 1% of the signal would produce movement in the speaker. If however a 1k to 8 ohm transformer is used to match the source to the load,up to just under 50% of the signal will make it into useful energy in the speaker. This is a substantial gain in performance of the overall system but is not actually amplification.
Q:What are the ways of protecting the transformer?
Large transformer main protection is differential and gas, backup protection including temperature, quick overcurrent and so on!
Q:why the low voltage winding is wound at first in a 3 phase core type transformer?
The low voltage winding is placed closer to the core because the high voltage winding requires more space due to its MV insulation. If designers put the LV winding outside the MV winding, the tank would be larger because the _MV_ winding size would be about the same size. More insulating oil would be required, and the leakage reactance would be significantly higher. Remember, higher leakage reactance means that the voltage regulation (more aptly voltage drop) under load will be higher, which is not desirable. And, of course, a larger tank and more oil make for a more expensive transformer. Edit: MV winding is about the same size for either configuration, due mainly to insulation requirements.
Q:Can the steel of a ferromagnetic transformer instead be fashioned as a set of windings, acting as a secondary?
An AC transformer connects AmpereTurns in the Primary to AmpereTurns in the Secondary using the time varying magnetic field in the core. The maths for the size of the core is well established. If you double back on turns they do not count as part of your ampereturns - unless you shield the doubled bit. Such methods are used in shaded pole motors. The only way to lighten the Tx is to use higher frequencies in the core. This 'dumps' the magnetic energy into the secondary more often so you can use a smaller core (bucket of energy!) The magnetic field is always perpendicular to the current and hence so are the core loops (in a Vector Notation sense - not necessarily physically) If you introduce Iron windings in the windings space you will get bigger Ohmic Losses. I hope this helps - you obviously have a plan to make hyper-efficient Tx but they are already near 0.999 efficiency.
Q:Tube power transformer help?
You can probably draw a bit more from the 720 volt winding if you don't use some of the other windings. Also if you use SS rectifiers, you will get more DC voltage than normal, about 490-500 volts, so the extra drop you would get at higher current may be ok. Or you could use a choke input filter instead of a cap input to get about 350 volts, enough to operate KT88's, and get more current. Watch out for over heating. edit: Electrolytic caps would be a lot smaller than the ones you have. The two chokes in parallel could be used as a choke input filter. Exactly what voltage and current do you need?
Q:transformers ending?
Optimus is saying they lost a great warrior (or something like that, refering to Jazz). Bumblebee askes if he can stay with the boy, and he does. The end shoes Shia and the chick laying on Bumblebees hood and the other main Autobots around and Optimus is giving some speech (I can't remember).

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