ZGS-200-1000-10 Combined transformer

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Product Description:

Production introduction
1.ZGS 11 combined transformer is one of the hightech products developed by our company on the basis of pad-mounted transformer.
2.Range of capacity:200-1000KVA.The product is suitable for the neutral-point insulation system or small-resistance grounding system in a 10KV distribution network,or neurtal-point solid grounding system of a three-phase four-wire system in a 400V distribution network.
3.Excellent design,reliable distribution,compact structure,light in weight,and low noise,ect;it has two types of cable outlets;ring net type and terminal type.
4.The product can be placed directly into the load center of 10KV network,thus the line loss is reduced and power distribution reliability is increased.

Performance characteristics
1.The ZGS11 combined transformer consists of high-voltage and low-voltage chambers and transformer tank in the operation chambers.
2.H.V.incoming lines in 10KV cross-linked cables are connected to load switch through knuckle connectors,straight plugs and sleeve sockets.
3.On the high-voltage side,a protection of double fuses(backup current-limiting fuse and plug-in type of fuse are used).
4.There are terminal type and ring net type high-voltage load switches for selection.
They are easy to connect,convert and reliable for power supply.
5.In the low-voltage chamber,a fixed type or drawable type is optional for the low-voltage switch cabinet according to user's requirement.Various low-voltage apparatus,such as metering and protection instruments are available.(Note:In general they are customized)
6.The oil tank is fully-sealed by corrugated radiators,which features compact and superior appearance.

Model designation

Applicable standards
GB1094.1-2-1996 Power Transformer
GB1094.3-5-2003 Power Transformer
JB/T10318-2002 Technical parameters and requirements for oil-immersed,non-crystal alloy iron core,distribution transformer.

Normal service conditions
Installation type:indoor/outdoor type
Ambient temperature:-25oC~+40oC
Humidity:daily average value≤95%,monthly average value≤90%
Installation site:in places without corrosive gases,obvious dusts and water-vapour;the gradient is no more than 3% and no fierce shock.

Performance Characteristics
1.Compare with type "9" transformer,the product's no-load loss is reduced by 30% and thus the average annual operating costs can by reduced by 20.03%.
2.The transformer body,high voltage load switch fuses and no-excitation tapping switches are all put into the fully-sealed oil tank,which make good use of the space.Therefore,the overall size of the product is only 1/3 of that of the similar product.
3.The plug-in and out cable connection is easy for operation.
4.An obstacle protection is of two-stage fuses structure(backup current-limiting fuse and plug-in type fuse) which ensures a safe and flexible operation and more convenient for replacing of fuse.
5.The oil tank is fully-sealed,in which the oil is totally isolated from the outside.No leakage and maintenance free.
6.Excellent short-circuit proof capacity and high reliability.

Notes for placing orders
Transformer type:rated capacity kVA
Number of phases:three-phase single-phase
High voltage:kv/Low voltage:kv
Frequency:50HZ  60HZ
Tapping range:±2×2.5%±5%other
Connection group:Yyn0  Dyn11  other
Impedance voltage:4%  6%  other

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Q:Where can I find a replacement power transformer for my crate gt80 guitar amplifier?
First, what you need to know is the secondary voltages of the transformer you wish to replace. A part number is nice, but tells you very little, unless you have a book on hand, and usually, these numbers are only for that product line (in house) part numbers. I can tell you where to go to find a power x-fmr. but will need to know: How many watts will said amplifire send to the speakers, how many wires come off of the secondary, and how big is it? If you can get a schematic drawing of your amplifire with power transformer output voltages, I can tell you exactly where to get a transformer from. Feel free to e-me. Why did it fail? Are you sure that the power transformer is bad? There may be other issues, here. I rarely see a transformer go bad under normal use. If the fuse blows, replace it with a 1/2 amp larger than it calls for. If it calls for a 2 amp fuse, try a 2.5 amp fuse. If it still blows, try a 3. if it still blows, you may have a short in the power output section of your amp. I don't normally recommend that higher fuse ratings should be used, but that is what I would do if I was working on it. You may find other issues besides the power transformer. If you have voltage going into (the primary) and no voltage on the secondary at all, then you might have a transformer that has a thermal cutoff unit that is hooked up in series with the primary windings protecting the transformer from over heating. This has been known to happen, and can be easily repaired, if you have the right tools, a soldering iron, and a lot of patience. I can walk you through it.
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From the heat point of view, each part of the winding are the same, the maximum temperature of the transformer winding in the worst part of the heat dissipation, generally in the middle of the inner winding.
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Generally, the same method as the short-circuit impedance test is used to test the temperature rise. The secondary side of the transformer is short-circuited and the voltage is applied once, and the secondary current reaches the rated value. Wait until the transformer temperature changes less than 1 degree / hour later, and then maintain 3 hours, this time the transformer temperature rise is the final test value.  
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