s9 s11 10KV grade oil type transformer

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Product Description:

10KV GradeS9, S11 series of oil-immersed power transformer

1. Model

---------------------------------product code (D: Single phase, S: three phase,


---------------------------------performance code (7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

---------------------------------special usage or special structure code (M-hermetically sealed

                                                       R: wound core)

---------------------------------rated capacity KVA

---------------------------------voltage class KV

---------------------------------special application environment code (GY: plateau

WF: anticorrosion TA: dry tropics TH: humid tropics)

2. General

The three-phase oil-immersed distributing transformer applies new type insulating structure and makes short-circuit resistance strong. The iron core is made of high-quality cold-rolled silicon-steel plate. High voltage winding group is made up of high-quality oxygen-free copper lines and it adopts multilayered drum type structure. All fasteners have been processed with special treatment to prevent them from loosening.

As high-tech product that promoted by the country, the product has many advantages such as high efficiency, low loss. Its social benefits are remarkable that it will save much of electricity consumption and operating cost.

1. Technical parameters

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Q:The difference between transformer power kva and kw
KVA is apparent power, kW is active power. inspecting power: S = 1.732UI = 1.732 x 0.38 x 1000 ≈ 658 (kVA) Active power: P = 1.732UI cosφ = 1.732 × 0.38 × 100 × 0.8 ≈ 526 (kW) AC power, power divided into three kinds of power, active power P, reactive power Q and apparent power S, at any time these three power always exist at the same time.       The cosine of the phase difference (Φ) between the voltage and the current is called the power factor, denoted by the symbol cosΦ, where the power factor is the ratio of the active power to the apparent power, that is, cosΦ = P / S       Three power and power factors cosΦ is a right-angle power triangular relationship: two right-angled edges are active power P, reactive power Q, and oblique edge is apparent power S.       S² = P² + Q² S = √ (P² + Q²)       Apparent power S = 1.732UI       Active power P = 1.732UIcosΦ       Reactive power Q = 1.732UIsinΦ          DC = P = UI = U² / R = I²R
Q:What is the meaning of the transformer capacity unit KVA?
KV.A is the capacity in the transformer KVA for apparent power, its size and power factor! For example: power factor cosΦ = 0.8 active power P = 1Kw Then tgΦ = 0.75, so the square of the apparent power S = the square of P + the square of P * tgΦ When the power factor is 1, 1KVA = 1KW
Q:Isn't each transformer supposed to be independent?
If you look around the whole community was without power, they had a problem at the substation which feeds all transformers in that community.
Q:iPod Touch Transformer Question?
I feel your pain, but Transformer only works on itouches with the firmware 2.2 or under. If your still want a iphone look-a-like this is what I did and I works great Maybe even better than tranfromer!: 1. Download iCall, textPlus, and Flicket off app store. 2. Download CompassF app off cydia. 3. Download theme iPhoney theme off Cydia 4. Download Better 3G WiFi (turns wifi bars into 3g) 5. turn on the 2 themes ATT bars will be added w/ iPhoney automadiclly 6. Download SBSettings, extras, and turn on the numeric battery. (like 3Gs) 7. Lastly, if you want to go that extra mile Im working on a Theme that changes the iTouch settings to iPhone ones with wallpaper on main page. And thats it, the Icons and names of the 3 app store apps should change to camera, messages, and phone. The spotlight should say, Seach iPhone and thats pretty much it. Not only does the phone work with wifi now looking just like the iphone dialpad, and so does messages. So I think this is better than Transformer and wont mess up ur touch like transformer would. Hav fun messing with your friends minds lol! :)
Q:Which transformers belong to special transformers
These special-purpose transformers are known as special transformers. Because of the working conditions and load conditions of these transformers, they can not be calculated by the general transformer calculation method.
Q:Rules for the operation of cooling devices for oil - cooled transformers
E, strong oil cycle air-cooled and strong oil circulating water-cooled transformers, when the cooling system failure to remove all the cooler, allowing the rated load to run for 20 minutes, such as 20 minutes after the top of the oil temperature has not reached 75 ℃, then allowed to rise to 75 ℃ , But in this state the maximum time to run no more than 1 hour.  F, under normal circumstances, the transformer no-load operation, the cooling device two groups of work, a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the remaining disabled; transformer low temperature, light load, the four groups of work: a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the rest Deactivated; transformer high temperature, full load, a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the rest all into work.
Q:Power drawn by a transformer?
Hello Samantha, in case of ideal transformer the power at the out put would be the same as that in the input. To get the power we need voltage and current. Voltage at the out put is 8 V and current is 570 mA. Hence power consumed by the machine is 4.560 W. So the power drawn in case of ideal transformer will be the same as 4.560 W If the efficiency of the transformer is 86.5% (100-13.5) then the input power will be 5.27 W (approx) To get the number of turns in the secondary let us use Ns/Np Vs/Vp Hence Ns 600*8/120 40 turns.
Q:What is the vacuum impregnation of the transformer?
so that the transformer immersed in vacuum under the conditions of the paint, so you can rule out the bubble inside the winding, increase Insulation performance. Dip out after drying.
Q:Transformers Question!!!!!!!!!!?
Transformers can be brothers if their Sparks split naturally upon being introduced to a protoform. See G1 Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. Transformers may not have sexes, but they do have different genders. They are simply made this way by their God, Primus.
Q:Step up transformers?
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