BK series machine tools control transformers

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Product Description:

BK series machine tool control transformer is suitable for circuit of 50~60Hz, voltage up to 500V, usually applied as power supply for machine tool electrical appliances, local lightings and indicator lamps.

2.Structure character
According to different structures, BK transformer belongs to shell type, and according to the installation mode, it belongs to vertical type.

3.Working environment
1.Ambient air temperature: -5oC~+40oC, the highest monthly mean temperature should not exceed +30oC;
2.Altitude for installing place should not exceed 1000m;
3.When the ambient air temperature is +40, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%, and it allows higher relative humidity under lower temperature. Max average humidity in the dampest month is 90%, meanwhile the lowest average temperature of this month is +25oC, and condensation on the product surface caused by temperature change should be taken into consideration.


ModelOverall size(mm)Hole distance for installation(mm)Installation hole (mm)K x J
BK-5076768361±0.454±35 × 12
BK-100849210070±0.460±2.56 × 12
BK-1509610511080±0.462±2.56 × 12
BK-25010512012588±0.473±39 × 11.5
BK-30011512512595±0.476±39 × 11.5
BK-400120130130100±0.480±39 × 11.5
BK-500134144150100±0.486±39 × 11.5
BK-700150150158125±0.4100±39 × 11.5
BK-1000150153160125±0.4110±3.59 × 11.5
BK-1500160240137134±0.4116±3.59 × 11.5
BK-2000189270145158±0.4122±3.59 × 11.5

TypeOutline(mm)Mounting size(mm)Primary voltageSecondary voltageWeight(kg)QTY/CTN

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Q:How to use a multimeter to determine the quality of small transformers
Generally with the smallest ohm file to measure whether the primary tap, if not, then damaged. Use the X10K stall above the ohm stalls to measure the primary and secondary, primary secondary and iron core for short circuit or leakage. If there is connectivity, then the insulation is bad or has been burned or breakdown.
Q:Where can I buy transformers?
Transformers as in the action figures? You can find them at Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, or Target.
Q:Rules for the operation of cooling devices for oil - cooled transformers
C, work or auxiliary cooler failure after removal, should be automatically put into the standby cooler;  D, strong oil circulation cooling transformer operation, must be put into the cooler, no load and light load should not put too much cooler (no-load state to allow short-term cast). All the load into the corresponding number of coolers should be in accordance with the provisions of the manufacturer, according to the temperature and load switching cooler automatic device should be kept normal.
Q:What will happen at primary side of transformer?
I really am not sure what will happen on the primary side. But I can tell you that whatever you are powering on the secondary side won't get enough power to work properly for very long.
Q:Bully or transformers for ps2?
Q:Transformers Question!!!!!!!!!!?
Transformers can be brothers if their Sparks split naturally upon being introduced to a protoform. See G1 Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. Transformers may not have sexes, but they do have different genders. They are simply made this way by their God, Primus.
Q:Indoor/outdoor distribution transformer?
Outdoor Transformer Indoor Transformer - Transformers that are designed for installing at outdoor are outdoor transformers and transformers designed for installing at indoor are indoor transformers.
Q:transformers game?
i heard that game is really good on some consoles, but i didn't know that it was coming out for the PC too. any way, you get to pick which side you want to be on. its pretty cool, because when you are a transformer, you get to adventure around the city and blow things up! how much better could it get! um, so yeah,it's sopost to be an action packed game that you would probably really enjoy playing.hope you like it!
Q:short-circuit and open circuit transformer question?
read material regarding transformers Not just once but say 5 times, till you understand what is said. the transformer has copper loss due resistance of primary and secondary. It has additionally iron loss. The equivalent circuit is a sort of representation that brings in these losses. generally you can apply a low voltage to primary till shorted secondary has a current equal to less than rated current. These measurement details are given. Similarly open circuit measurement details are available. With understanding of how the rest can be calculated using worked examples in texts, you can solve it yourself. attempt this See Lee's book on transformers or schaums series on electrical engg.
Q:Considerations when building a HV RF transformer?
Obviously, you need a turns ratio of 1000:12, or 83:1. Your power requirement is low (1000V x 1 mA 1 Watt). I've designed a lot of RF transformers. To me, the main consideration is operating frequency. Your magnetic core must perform well at your operating frequency. (The higher the reactance and the higher the Q, the better.) Core manufacturers provide that information on data sheets, and sometimes provide it by number of turns, which I really like. You can use that information to predict your no-load current. At high frequency, high-mu materials don't work well. At low frequency, you need high mu to get enough flux in the common magnetic circuit. At high frequency, you need fewer turns as well, and need to have a shorter magnetic circuit. You also need to be careful (especially at low frequency) to keep well away from saturation. If you saturate the core, your current spikes and the transformer no longer works. Be careful not to saturate the core with DC. How much magnetization (flux) it takes is measured in Webers or volt-seconds. At low frequency, you have a lot more volt-seconds. Wind the core carefully to make sure that as much flux as possible passes through all the linkages. Leakage inductance means you take more reactive power to get your output. Do your input and output need to be isolated? If not, you can use a tapped transformer. At 1kV output, dielectric breakdown is fairly easy to handle. Using standard magnet wire for the secondary should be fine.

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