BK series machine tools control transformers

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BK series machine tool control transformer is suitable for circuit of 50~60Hz, voltage up to 500V, usually applied as power supply for machine tool electrical appliances, local lightings and indicator lamps.

2.Structure character
According to different structures, BK transformer belongs to shell type, and according to the installation mode, it belongs to vertical type.

3.Working environment
1.Ambient air temperature: -5oC~+40oC, the highest monthly mean temperature should not exceed +30oC;
2.Altitude for installing place should not exceed 1000m;
3.When the ambient air temperature is +40, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%, and it allows higher relative humidity under lower temperature. Max average humidity in the dampest month is 90%, meanwhile the lowest average temperature of this month is +25oC, and condensation on the product surface caused by temperature change should be taken into consideration.


ModelOverall size(mm)Hole distance for installation(mm)Installation hole (mm)K x J
BK-5076768361±0.454±35 × 12
BK-100849210070±0.460±2.56 × 12
BK-1509610511080±0.462±2.56 × 12
BK-25010512012588±0.473±39 × 11.5
BK-30011512512595±0.476±39 × 11.5
BK-400120130130100±0.480±39 × 11.5
BK-500134144150100±0.486±39 × 11.5
BK-700150150158125±0.4100±39 × 11.5
BK-1000150153160125±0.4110±3.59 × 11.5
BK-1500160240137134±0.4116±3.59 × 11.5
BK-2000189270145158±0.4122±3.59 × 11.5

TypeOutline(mm)Mounting size(mm)Primary voltageSecondary voltageWeight(kg)QTY/CTN

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Q:Is the transformer output DC or AC?
Is the exchange, after the diode rectifier into a DC.
Q:A 8000kva transformer can bring the maximum load
P = 8000 × (60% to 80%) × 0.95 = 4560 to 6080 kW       Apparent power capacity is more suitable than the power factor for the load range Maximum load: Pmax = 1.2 * S = 1.2 * 8000 = 9600kW
Q:Who knows the density of the transformer oil is how much?
25 # transformer oil: 895kg / m3 877.6kg / m3 45 # transformer oil: 895kg / m3 879.0kg / m3
Q:How to use the experimental method to determine the transformer iron consumption and copper consumption
Is it in the motor experiment? The power measured by the no-load experiment is iron loss, and the power measured by the short-circuit experiment is copper consumption.
Q:Can the transformer be replaced with a component?
Transformers are not only able to buck and boost, but also from the role of isolation. In fact, the circuit with the inductance of the circuit can also buck and boost, but there is no isolation of the role, there will be dangerous to use. Resistance can also buck, but the efficiency is low, the current is small, there is no isolation effect.
Q:What is the meaning of auxiliary transformer, sub-variable and box change
During the main transformer failure or overhaul, the auxiliary transformer provides the substation's own electricity. Maintenance of substation lighting, high and low voltage switch action, with the cabinet switch operation, for instrumentation and automatic control system work, sub-change can be box change,
Q:What are the specifications of the transformer capacity?
The optimum load rate of the transformer (ie, the load rate at the highest efficiency) is not in the rated state, but between 40% and 70%. The load factor is too high and the loss increases obviously. On the other hand, Margin is small, a slight increase in load, you need to replace the large capacity box change, frequent capacity is bound to increase investment, affecting power supply.
Q:KW how to know how much transformer?
Transformer is rated by the kilovolt, is the apparent power, know the kilowatts, with the kilowatts divided by 0.8 is KVA, should stay a certain margin, preferably 20% of the amount. for your reference.
Q:Proteus transformer how to adjust the parameters, the 220V into 14V output.
2, in the Proteus simulation diagram, double-click the transformer symbol, open the transformer parameter settings dialog box, which                 Primary Inductance 1H (set: can be fixed)                 Secondary Inductance 0.00406H (set by press)
Q:How do I select a transformer connection group?
Both transformers are center-point direct-to-ground transformers. Dyn11 wiring group of the transformer because of its high-voltage winding is triangular wiring, so when the user produces three and three times the harmonic, can be formed in the triangular winding circulation, resulting in magnetic flux to eliminate this harmonic pollution for the grid. The Yyn0 transformer because there is no triangular winding, without this function. If only an independent power supply of small capacity transformer, you can use Yyn0 transformer, such a transformer everywhere, good production. If there is a transformer that may be supplied in parallel with other transformers, or as a backup power source for other power supplies, the same wiring group as other transformers should be selected. If it is recommended for large-capacity industrial transformers Dyn11 transformers are recommended to reduce the contamination of the grid by three or three times the number of harmonics.

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