BK series machine tools control transformers

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BK series machine tool control transformer is suitable for circuit of 50~60Hz, voltage up to 500V, usually applied as power supply for machine tool electrical appliances, local lightings and indicator lamps.

2.Structure character
According to different structures, BK transformer belongs to shell type, and according to the installation mode, it belongs to vertical type.

3.Working environment
1.Ambient air temperature: -5oC~+40oC, the highest monthly mean temperature should not exceed +30oC;
2.Altitude for installing place should not exceed 1000m;
3.When the ambient air temperature is +40, the relative humidity should not exceed 50%, and it allows higher relative humidity under lower temperature. Max average humidity in the dampest month is 90%, meanwhile the lowest average temperature of this month is +25oC, and condensation on the product surface caused by temperature change should be taken into consideration.


ModelOverall size(mm)Hole distance for installation(mm)Installation hole (mm)K x J
BK-5076768361±0.454±35 × 12
BK-100849210070±0.460±2.56 × 12
BK-1509610511080±0.462±2.56 × 12
BK-25010512012588±0.473±39 × 11.5
BK-30011512512595±0.476±39 × 11.5
BK-400120130130100±0.480±39 × 11.5
BK-500134144150100±0.486±39 × 11.5
BK-700150150158125±0.4100±39 × 11.5
BK-1000150153160125±0.4110±3.59 × 11.5
BK-1500160240137134±0.4116±3.59 × 11.5
BK-2000189270145158±0.4122±3.59 × 11.5

TypeOutline(mm)Mounting size(mm)Primary voltageSecondary voltageWeight(kg)QTY/CTN

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Q:In the transformer load calculation to be calculated when the fire pump
The fire pump is not included in the normal operation of the transformer load, because when the fire pump is running, but also when the fire, the other load had to stop. The usual fire pump test check, the pump start running time is very short, the transformer allows a short time overload.
Q:Will the 250KVA, 500KVA, 630KVA Van transformer size,
Box transformer inside the configuration is not the same, the size will be different, which factory production size is not the same
Q:What is the reason why the dry transformer is loud
500kva below the dry-type transformer noise 56 to 58 dB or so, 630kva above 62 to 65 dB or so! This is our factory data. The dry-type transformer sound is great. Big like cattle called the same, because the core is loose!
Q:Transformer capacity unit KVA?
The transformer uses KVA as a unit because it is not possible to obtain active power (symbol P, unit KW) and reactive power (symbol Q, unit KVAR) if the load is not determined, and only use KVA as a unit Apparent power, symbol S. S ^ 2 = P ^ 2 + Q ^ You can understand the active impedance of the transformer when the load is pure impedance. In addition, how to KVA as a unit of transformer production, calculate the number of transformers? The size of the load divided by the transformer capacity, leaving the margin, that is, the number of transformers, if the power factor is small, it is necessary to add a few too transformer, but this is not very economical, better way is to reactive compensation. You can refer to the load power size, and power factor, if the power factor is not, you can estimate to take 0.8, (Power transformers are generally 110KV, 220KV, 500KV) Question added: 110KV transformer, is not it that the maximum output voltage is 110KV? Not the highest output voltage, but the rated output voltage. That is, the primary input voltage, the secondary side of the output voltage, you can understand the normal operating voltage.
Q:Which transformers belong to special transformers
Transformers are generally used for AC voltage conversion if used for other purposes such as changing the frequency of the power supply, rectifying the power supply of the equipment, the power supply of the welding equipment, the electric power of the furnace or the voltage transformer, the current transformer. These special-purpose transformers are known as special transformers. Because of the working conditions and load conditions of these transformers, they can not be calculated by the general transformer calculation method.
Q:Rules for the operation of cooling devices for oil - cooled transformers
E, strong oil cycle air-cooled and strong oil circulating water-cooled transformers, when the cooling system failure to remove all the cooler, allowing the rated load to run for 20 minutes, such as 20 minutes after the top of the oil temperature has not reached 75 ℃, then allowed to rise to 75 ℃ , But in this state the maximum time to run no more than 1 hour.  F, under normal circumstances, the transformer no-load operation, the cooling device two groups of work, a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the remaining disabled; transformer low temperature, light load, the four groups of work: a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the rest Deactivated; transformer high temperature, full load, a group of auxiliary, a group of spare, the rest all into work.
Q:The difference between the reflection impedance of the ideal transformer and the hollow core transformer is different.
The reflection impedance of the hollow core transformer reflects the influence of the secondary circuit on the primary circuit through the mutual inductance. The reflection impedance is in series with the self-impedance of the primary circuit. The reflected impedance of the air-core transformer is opposite to the reactance characteristic of the secondary circuit impedance.
Q:Proteus transformer how to adjust the parameters, the 220V into 14V output.
Transformer parameter setting method is: 1, the calculation: According to the ideal transformer primary turns ratio ratio n1 / n2 = V1 / V2 = 220/14 ≈ 15.7,              Let the primary winding sense L1 = 1H, then the secondary winding inductance L2 = 1 / (15.7 ^ 2) ≈ 0.00406H,
Q:Where is the transformer used?
Transformers are suitable for applications where the voltage level is to be changed Need to change the impedance to match the front and rear impedance of the occasion It is necessary to increase the current supply as a booster
Q:Transformer three-phase imbalance which harm
1, when the line is not full-phase operation, the zero sequence current is equivalent to the load current, then the line with its adjacent line zero sequence current may be large, even greater than the zero sequence backup protection settings, if not quickly cut Non-full-phase operation of the line, it may lead to adjacent line malfunction, leap-off; 2, for 220kV and above generator transformer group and machine-side circuit breaker, due to non-full phase operation during a larger negative sequence current, the generator, the transformer may cause a greater damage to the equipment.

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