S9-M-50~2500/33KV Three Phase Oil-immersed No-excitation Voltage-regulating Power Transformer

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S9-M-50~2500/33KV three phase oil-immersed no-excitation voltage-regulating power transformer is suitable for distribution system with 10KV.50 HZ for industrial and mine enterpprise,power illumination.It confirms to GB1094<power transformer>standard.

it performance parameter reaches international advanced level of 90s simila product..it has strongpoint opf advanced workmanshiop.novel design,nice appearance and less ground demand.provide S9-M type product based on user requirments.

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Q:Transformer turns around the number and how much V is calculated
Transformer turns around the number and how many V calculation method: 1. Find the number of turns per volt: Number of turns per revolution = 55 / core cross section For example, the core section = 3.5 ╳ 1.6 = 5.6 square centimeters Therefore, the number of turns per revolution = 55 / 5.6 = 9.8 turns
Q:Sichuan transformer manufacturer that a best?
Personal point of view: Sichuan transformer manufacturers are the quality of the general! The scale of the larger Chengdu Double Star Transformer Co., Ltd., Chengdu, Xi'an Electric Electric Co., Ltd. to the limited liability company
Q:What is the reason why the dry transformer is loud
500kva below the dry-type transformer noise 56 to 58 dB or so, 630kva above 62 to 65 dB or so! This is our factory data. The dry-type transformer sound is great. Big like cattle called the same, because the core is loose!
Q:Is the transformer a power adapter?
It depends on the transformer voltage, current, power and other data can be suitable for your job requirements of a machine. Such as computers
Q:150KVA transformer can withstand much power, how to calculate
150KVA transformer load capacity is (150 * cosa) KW cosa is the load power factor
Q:Is the upper oil temperature of the transformer high or lower?
Of course, the upper oil temperature is high ah, the liquid convection effect ah.
Q:220 volts to 24 volts transformer 20a is how many watts
220 volts to 24 volts transformer 20a is 480 volts, if the calculation to consider the transformer power factor, take the power factor of 0.9, it should be 480 * 0.9 = 432 volt. Transformer (Transformer) is the use of electromagnetic induction principle to change the AC voltage of the device, the main components are primary coil, secondary coil and core (core). The main functions are: voltage conversion, current conversion, impedance conversion, isolation, voltage regulator (magnetic saturation transformer) and so on. According to the purpose can be divided into: power transformers and special transformers (electric furnace change, rectifier, frequency test transformer, voltage regulator, mine transformer, audio transformers, IF transformers, high-frequency transformers, impact transformers, instrument transformers, electronic transformers , Reactors, transformers, etc.). Circuit symbols commonly used as the beginning of the number. Example: T01, T201 and so on.
Q:800kw motor how much transformer
Transformer power factor is generally 0.8 (also 0.7), then the total power transformer = 800 / 0.8 = 1000KW. According to the "Power Engineering Design Manual", the transformer capacity, for a simple load of a single transformer, the load rate is generally about 85%, so the above example, the transformer capacity = 1000/85% = 1176KVA, select 1176KVA above capacity transformer. If it is a single motor, due to the starting current, even if the measures taken, but also increase the corresponding transformer capacity. If the three-phase imbalance, but also a corresponding increase in transformer capacity.
Q:Rectifier and rectifier transformer
1) rectifier transformer is the rectifier device power transformer. Rectifier equipment is characterized by the original input current, and vice president through the rectifier output after the original DC. Converter is rectifier, countercurrent and frequency conversion of the three working methods in general, rectification is one of the most widely used. Transformer used as rectifier power supply is called rectifier transformer. Industrial rectifier DC power supply is mostly by the AC power grid through the rectifier transformer and rectifier equipment and get. The application of rectification change the most chemical industry. Simply talk about the industrial high-power DC power supply. Civil rectifier transformers are commonly referred to as power adapters, transformers, power converters. 2) rectifier (English: rectifier) ​​is the exchange of alternating current into direct current devices, can be used for power supply devices and detect radio signals. Rectifier can be vacuum tube, ignition tube, semiconductor diodes, SCR, mercury arc and so on. Generally do not contain voltage transformers. Refers to a wider range. Basically most of the electronic products are in use. 3) folk often put the ballast as "rectifier", inductance ballast is a core inductance coil, rectifier is a rectifier device.
Q:What is an isolated ring transformer?
Isolated ring-type transformer is mainly focused on its insulation performance, between the primary and secondary must have a double insulation, so that the isolation of its own high efficiency, effective protection of equipment safety.

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