S9 Series Distribution Transformer

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This kind of product feature has high efficieney and low consumption. It can save a lot of power consumption and operating costs The new S9 Serier transformer is impoldered on the bas's of the 10KV Distribution transformer. It accords with the GB1094-96,GB/ T6451-99,IEC76 strandard.

Rated capacity (KVA)Voltageconnection group tabLossunload current(%)resistant voltageweightMeasure(MM)Distance of Din rail
high-voltage(kv)extend connectionlow-voltage(kv)unloadloadempty weightoil weighttotal weightlength(L)width(W)height(H)cross(M)×length



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Q:transformers cake?
Transformers (cake) more than meets the eye! Go to the movie website. I think you will have better luck having a bakery do this for you.
Q:Can anyone help me figure out this transformer?
First of all, never assume anything! There are some standard colour codes for transformer wiring, but not all transformers conform to the standards. In practice, a manufacturer can use any colour wire for any purpose, leaving you and me and a lot of other people wondering for all time, which wire is which? The measured DC resistance does not tell you anything about the AC voltage rating of any winding. With most power transformers, if there are two solid-black wires, they are the primary. If it is tapped, or there are two primaries (such as in dual-voltage units), there will be three or more primary wires (and possibly as many as 8!). I think the side with 115V on it is probably -- mind you, this is not for certain -- nothing more than the side on which that number happened to be stamped. So of course you want to know what to do next. Considering the number of wires and the ways in which they are connected, it would seem that an experimental method will be required. The 2006 ARRL Amateur Radio Handbook (and possibly other editions) tells how to figure out what's what with transformers. I strongly recommend using the procedures described therein.
Q:Flyback Transformer Questions?
The flyback transformers used in TV's work at about 15000 hertz (the horizontal scan frequency). The transformers used in switching power supplies are smaller and work at a higher frequency, but they normally have a low voltage output. The transformer produces a high AC voltage, and a rectifier diode changes it to DC. Reversing the diode gives you a negative output. The picture tube provides capacitance to smooth out the voltage and holds the voltage for a while after the power is turned off. If you don't use a picture tube, you might need a capacitor if you want a steady output voltage. Shorting out the capacitor will remove the voltage.
Q:Electrical machine Question.(Transformer)?
there are many criterion it is application dependant or power it is the load that causes a temperature rise that if loaded beyond it will cause failure of course it depends on the insulation material so a smaller transformer could have a much higher rating because it can stand more heat small electronic stuff will generally be when the transformer can no longer sustain the output voltage Anita
Q:Do you know where I can find a transformer?
The voltage makes no difference to the transformer but only current the ratio. There are buck boost transfromers that can be bought with only a few dollars that will give you the AC voltage you want. The schemetic is difficult to read with a buck boost transformer but if you know basic electronics then it will be a snap after you sat and thought about it.
Q:what are the properties of electrical transformers ? their uses ? their applications ?
Electrical transformers containing electrical insulation fluids comprising high oleic acid oil compositions High oleic acid triglyceride compositions that comprise fatty acid components of at least 75% oleic acid, less than 10% diunsaturated fatty acid component; less than 3% triunsaturated fatty acid component; and less than 8% saturated fatty acid component; and having the properties of a dielectric strength of at least 35 KV/100 mil gap, a dissipation factor of less than 0.05% at 25.degree. C., acidity of less than 0.03 mg KOH/g, electrical conductivity of less than 1 pS/m at 25.degree. C., a flash point of at least 250.degree. C. and a pour point of at least -15.degree. C. are disclosed. Electrical insulation fluids comprising the triglyceride composition are disclosed. Electrical insulation fluids that comprise the triglyceride composition and a combination of additives are disclosed. Electrical apparatuses comprising the electrical insulation fluids and the use of electrical insulation fluids to provide insulation in electrical apparatuses are disclosed. A process for preparing the high oleic acid triglyceride composition is disclosed.
Q:250KVA transformer maximum load how much KW power?
The maximum load KW number is determined by the actual use of the power factor of the device because KVA is apparent power and KW is active power. If there is no reactive power in the load device, such as all incandescent lamps, Of the pure resistance of the device, the transformer can theoretically carry 250KW load, the actual use, because there are power lines on the reactive power exists, so the need for discount.
Q:How to distinguish between large, medium and small transformers
We usually put the capacity of 630kVA and below the transformer for the small transformer; 800-6300kVA transformer for the medium-sized transformer; 8000-63000kVA transformer for large transformers; 90000kVA transformer for large transformers. With the transformer capacity bigger and bigger, in the past that can only be called large-scale medium.
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Q:Does anyone know what the movie was without a name on the transformer previews?
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