SVC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

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SVC automatic voltage stabilizer consists of contact voltage regulator,sampling control cir-cuit and servomotor as well.It has excellent features,such as small waveform distortion,highefficiency,high power factor,free from the effect or frequency variation of supply.It can bewidely used in most situations where the voltage stabilization is required.
2. Specification

Input voltage150V-250V
Output voltage220V±3%, 110V±3%
Response time<1sec.(against 10% input voltage deviation)
Ambient temperature-10oC~±40oC
Relative humidity<90%
Waveform distortionNon-lack fidelity waveform
Power factor cos∮0.8
Insutalion resistance>5MΩ

3. Outline and packing

SVC-5000VA283046191PC (Cabinet)
SVC-10000VA443256311PC (Cabinet)

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