SVC Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

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SVC automatic voltage stabilizer consists of contact voltage regulator,sampling control cir-cuit and servomotor as well.It has excellent features,such as small waveform distortion,highefficiency,high power factor,free from the effect or frequency variation of supply.It can bewidely used in most situations where the voltage stabilization is required.
2. Specification

Input voltage150V-250V
Output voltage220V±3%, 110V±3%
Response time<1sec.(against 10% input voltage deviation)
Ambient temperature-10oC~±40oC
Relative humidity<90%
Waveform distortionNon-lack fidelity waveform
Power factor cos∮0.8
Insutalion resistance>5MΩ

3. Outline and packing

SVC-5000VA283046191PC (Cabinet)
SVC-10000VA443256311PC (Cabinet)

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Q:Transformer oil filter method
So only on-line oil treatment. Oil filters require an external oil filter and oil tank. The new oil (has been qualified, insulation pressure are qualified oil into a clean oil tank inside, the external oil filter and oil drums and transformer tubing as a whole, the external circulation of online filter oil). Mainly: 1, online filter to continuous operation, to ensure that the weather is fine air humidity less case, under the conditions of the best conditions for 214 hours of continuous operation.
Q:How to use the experimental method to determine the transformer iron consumption and copper consumption
Is it in the motor experiment? The power measured by the no-load experiment is iron loss, and the power measured by the short-circuit experiment is copper consumption.
Q:Why the provisions of the maximum temperature of the provisions of the transformer 65 °?
Most big oil temperature increased load, the transformer internal fault, there is lack of oil performance security risks. So we do need to limit oil temperature and protection tripping. Small capacity (630KVA less and outdoor) often do not have the oil temperature protection. I have the original table 800KVA overload (secondary current 1500A), top oil temperature to over 90 degrees ......
Q:Transformer Wiring and Principle
In the three-phase transformer, each core is wound around the original winding and the secondary winding, the equivalent of a single-phase transformer. Three-phase transformer high-voltage winding commonly used A, B, C, the end with X, Y, Z to represent . The low-voltage windings are represented by a, b, c and x, y, z. The high and low voltage windings can be connected in star or triangular lines, respectively. In low-voltage winding output for low voltage, high current three-phase transformer (such as plating Transformers), in order to reduce the low-voltage winding wire area, low-voltage winding also has six-phase star or six-star star connection. China's production of power distribution transformers are used Y / Y0-12 or Y / triangle -11 two standard wiring method. The number of 12 and 11, said the original winding and secondary winding line voltage difference, that is, the so-called transformer wiring group do not.
Q:My device has 50KW should be used with much transformer
Equipment is 50KW? That is to say there are other electrical appliances, you put all the power are considered, a total of how much KW, must start the current is 16 times the original current ah.
Q:How do I select a transformer connection group?
Connection group can not be arbitrarily selected, depending on the primary transformer connection group. If the higher-level transformer for the star angle, the next level on the election star angle
Q:What does S11-M-500/10 transformer mean?
Three-phase oil-immersed transformers, 11 series capacity of 500KVA, from 10KV variable 400V transformer
Q:Transformer turns around the number and how much V is calculated
Transformer turns around the number and how many V calculation method: 1. Find the number of turns per volt: Number of turns per revolution = 55 / core cross section For example, the core section = 3.5 ╳ 1.6 = 5.6 square centimeters Therefore, the number of turns per revolution = 55 / 5.6 = 9.8 turns
Q:What are the serious consequences of transformer circulation?
Two parallel transformer transformer ratio is not equal, the two transformers due to the same phase between the phase difference generated by the circulation, the size of the flow of two transformers to determine the size of the difference, according to the magnetic potential balance, although the two transformers Side of the same power supply, but due to the secondary side of the pressure cycle, two transformers will also produce a circulation at the same time.
Q:Transformer if the boost and buck current will change?
Completely correct transformer output power = input power x efficiency, However, this refers to the rated voltage and rated current The actual output current of the transformer is determined by the load.

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