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1.Product description
SC(B)10 resin-insulated dry-type transformer is designed basing on the Dupont(the USA) NOMEX paper insulation system. the other key components are made from imported materials (such as german MKM copper foil). with advanced manufacturing equipment and technology, the product enjoys high performance, low energy loss, safety and reliability, its especially suitable for high buildings, airports, substations and commercial centers, and any other anti-fire, anti-explode, anti-moisture places etc.


TypeRated currentVoltage combination(KV)ConnectionNo-loadLoss(W)Impedance (%)
0.4Dyn11 Yyn02.51907004

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Q:Transformer Amorphous Alloy and Silicon Steel Sheet Advantages and Disadvantages
The use of magnetic properties of the protruding amorphous alloy, used to make the core material of the transformer, and ultimately get a very low loss value. But it has many features that must be ensured and considered in design and manufacturing. The main body is the following aspects:   (1) amorphous alloy sheet material hardness is very high, with conventional tools is difficult to cut, so the design should consider reducing the amount of shear.   (2) amorphous alloy monolithic thickness is very thin, the material surface is not very flat, then the core fill factor is low.
Q:Three - winding transformer winding problem
In theory, these two arrangements can meet the needs of the operation, manufacturing the same difficulty. If it is a step-down transformer. Low - medium - high permutations are commonly used, while mid - low - high permutations rarely encounter.
Q:How many transformers are used in a hundred households?
In this case, in accordance with the high-end community to consider, hundreds of people, about 30x100 = 3000kW capacity, should choose 3150kVA transformer; mid-range community, hundreds of people, should choose 1600kVA transformer; ordinary community, hundreds of people, should choose 800kVA transformer.
Q:Transformer parameter interpretation
C, rated current (A): transformer in the rated capacity, allowing long-term through the current. D, no load loss (kW): when the rated frequency of the rated voltage applied to the end of a winding, the other winding open when the active power. And the core silicon steel sheet performance and manufacturing process, and the applied voltage. E, no-load current (%): When the transformer in the rated voltage under the secondary side of the load, the current through a winding, generally expressed as a percentage of the rated current. F, load loss (kW): the transformer secondary winding short circuit, in a winding rated tap position into the rated current, then the power consumption of the transformer. G, the impedance voltage (%): the secondary winding of the transformer short circuit, in a winding slowly increase the voltage, when the secondary winding short-circuit current equal to the rated value, then the voltage applied once the general. As a percentage. H, the number of phases and frequency: three-phase beginning to S said, single-phase start with D said. China's national standard frequency f is 50Hz. Foreign countries have 60Hz (such as the United States).
Q:Transformer cooling method AN stands for what
The cooling mode of the transformer is determined by the cooling medium and the circulation mode. Dry-type transformer cooling method is divided into natural air cooling (AN) and forced air cooling (AF); oil-immersed transformers commonly used cooling methods are generally divided into three types: oil-immersed self-cooling, oil-immersed air-cooled, forced oil circulation.
Q:Transformer if the boost and buck current will change?
According to the formula P = √3IVcosφ ,, in the case of P unchanged, V increases, I on the drop, V down, I on the rise in the case of the transformer load is constant, increase the voltage and current drop, reduce the voltage and current rise; The
Q:Two Transformers Parallel Operation
If the transformer voltage ratio is equal (equivalent to the equivalent of the induced potential), the impedance voltage (equivalent to the transformer internal resistance) are equal, then they output the current is equal, that is, the load is evenly distributed. The total capacity is the sum of their capacity. Otherwise, the impedance of the output voltage of the small current, its load rate is relatively high, when its load current reaches full load, the impedance voltage has not reached a full load, if the load at this time for the total Capacity, then the total capacity is less than the sum of the two capacity. This is a strict argument. In fact, the two transformers of the impedance voltage difference is very small, the load distribution is also very small difference, in addition, the so-called transformer is a little overload, nor is it so strict, so the actual total capacity and the difference between the two capacity Not big. In order to prevent the load distribution is too uneven, the capacity of these two transformers should be as close as possible, should not exceed 3: 1, because the capacity of the large impedance voltage is small, it has reached full load, and that small capacity is still in the owe Load, its role is not fully play out, it is not the significance of the parallel. The above is the answer 2009-10-8 02:31. At the end of the said, "the large capacity of the impedance voltage is small, it has reached full load, and that small capacity is still in the obvious underload, its role is not fully play out", wrong, apologize. Should be large capacity transformer impedance voltage, and small capacity impedance voltage is small, the load rate is high, the output current to reach full load, resulting in a larger capacity of the transformer can not put its big capacity advantage fully play out, this is Very unfavorable.
Q:What is the difference between AC transformers and DC transformers?
DC transformer to change the voltage first to use the electronic components of the DC current into alternating current, and then transform the voltage with the transformer. This device is called the inverter.
Q:630kva dry-type transformer rated current is how much
Hello there: - ★ 1, the transformer current calculation formula is: transformer capacity ÷ (rated voltage × root number 3) - ★ 2,630kva transformer primary current: 630kva ÷ (10kv × 1.732) = 36.37A; - ★ 3,630kva transformer secondary current is: 630kva ÷ (0.4kv × 1.732) = 909A.
Q:100kVA above the transformer grounding resistance is how much
4.2.1 low-voltage power equipment grounding device grounding resistance, should not exceed 4 Europe. The use of the same grounding device parallel operation of the generators, transformers and other electrical equipment, when its total capacity does not exceed 100 kVA, the grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 Europe. Meaning is clear, that is, more than 100kVA, the grounding resistance should not exceed 4 oh ah.

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