RS Series Switching Power Supply

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Q:2500KVA transformer bearing current how much calculation
According to P = 1.732UI, you can calculate the rated current on each side of the transformer. But the transformer in a short time usually have a certain overload capacity, so the current overload will be greater than the rated value.
Q:What is the difference between the main transformer and the transformer used?
Selection of main transformers Main transformer is mainly used for electrical system power supply, the general capacity of large, to ensure the reliability of electrical system power supply, improve the system impact resistance. 1, the number of the main transformer: In order to ensure the reliability of power supply, substation should be installed in general two main transformer. 2, the main transformer winding connection: 110KV using a direct grounding neutral point effective grounding system, using star wiring. If necessary, the use of triangular wiring by arc-suppression coil connected to the use of high-pressure side of the change. 35KV using arc suppression coil neutral point non-effective grounding system grounding point, the use of star wiring. 10KV generally use unattached system 3, the choice of the main transformer winding: China 110KV and above voltage transformer winding are used star wiring, 35KV also uses star wiring, 35KV following voltage transformer windings are triangular connection. 4, the choice of main transformer capacity: the main transformer capacity is generally based on substation built 5 to 10 years of planning load selection and take into account the late 10 to 20 years of load development, when a transformer outage, the remaining transformer capacity should Can guarantee 70% of the total load. The choice of choice Used to change the main power supply system, the capacity according to their own distribution load to choose. The number of units used to consider the general standby power supply, when there are two used when the variable, the use of single bus segment wiring, usually run to limit the scope of failure to improve the reliability of power supply. The power system uses 380 / 220V neutral point directly grounded three-phase four-wire system, power and lighting combined with a power supply.
Q:What is the vacuum impregnation of the transformer?
so that the transformer immersed in vacuum under the conditions of the paint, so you can rule out the bubble inside the winding, increase Insulation performance. Dip out after drying.
Q:Transformer Uk = 4.5% What does it mean?
The short circuit impedance of the transformer is related to many factors of the transformer. Such as transformer capacity, loss, internal coil structure and so on. But once the transformer is manufactured, it is the same. Short-circuit impedance is a very important technical indicator for the user. Such as the stability of the power supply system, the quality of the power supply, the transformer in parallel after the safety and reliability, and so have a relationship.
Q:Transformer core
The core part of the transformer is the transformer is the exchange of AC voltage, current and impedance of the device, when the primary coil with AC current, the core (or core) will produce AC flux, the secondary coil induced voltage ( Or current). Sort by cooling: dry (self-cooling) transformers, oil immersion (self-cooling) transformers, fluoride (evaporative cooling) transformers. According to moisture-proof classification: open-type transformers, potting transformers, sealed transformers. According to the core or coil structure classification: core transformer (insert core, C core, ferrite core), shell transformer (insert core, C core, ferrite core), Ring transformers, metal foil transformers. According to the number of power supply categories: single-phase transformers, three-phase transformers, multi-phase transformers. By use classification: power transformers, voltage transformers, audio transformers, IF transformers, high-frequency transformers, pulse transformers.
Q:The difference between transformer power kva and kw
Kva is apparent power, KW is active power. inspecting power: S = 1.732UI = 1.732 × 0.38 × 100 ≈ 65.8 (Kva) Active power: P = 1.732UI cosφ = 1.732 × 0.38 × 100 × cosφ
Q:What is the normal color of the transformer oil?
transformer oil are produced using the appropriate refining process, the color is shallow, generally light yellow, according to GB / T 6540 method to measure the color are below 1, and some oil color close to the water white. Oil in the use of the process, due to oxidation will produce acidic substances or sludge (sediment),
Q:800kw motor how much transformer
800kw motor can generally choose 0.8 motor power in about 800KW with 1000KVA. Motor power in 1400KW or so with 1750KVA. If you are equipped with reactive power compensation (in general, the power company also requires you to match, if the power factor is less than 0.9 Is to be fine) Transformer can also choose a little smaller, like 1000KVA transformer power factor of 0.9 when you can take 900KW load. Can also be based on
Q:1000KVA transformer no-load loss is how much?
No-load loss is 1% of the rated capacity of the transformer, then 10KVA per hour. A year down about the loss is 87600KVA.
Q:What are the ways of protecting the transformer?
Transformer protection is commonly used to protect the internal fault of the main protection of gas and differential. Backup protection is quick and overcurrent. There are semi-insulating structure of the neutral point over-voltage protection (arrester), oil temperature alarm.

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