SZ9-1600-20000/33KV Three Phase Oil Immersed On-load Tap Power Transformer

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SZ9-1600-20000/33KV three phase oil immersed on-load tap power transformer is suitable for distribution syatem with 35KV,50HZ electyric power confirms to GB1094<power transformer>standard.

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Q:Linkin park song for transformer the movie?
It's called New Divide, and yes it was the theme song for the newest Transformers movie.
A step up transformer has 5,000 turns in the secondary coil and 200 turns in the primary coil. N1 200 turns N2 5000 turns The primary is supplied with alternating current with an effective voltage of 900V. V1 900V (A) V2 ? V2 N2 / N1 x V1 V2 5000 / 200 x 900 25 x 900 22,500V (B) I2 20A ; I1 ? V1 x I1 V2 x I2 I1 (V2 x I2) / V1 I1 (22500V x 20A) / 900V I1 500 A (C) P1 ? P1 V1 x I1 P1 900V x 500A 450,000W (D) P2 ? P2 V2 x I2 P2 22,500V x 20A 450,000W Yep, the power in the primary is equal to power in the secondary.
Q:Transformer 1KVA can load how much security, how to calculate the formula
This is based on the voltage count, such as three-phase 380V. 1KVA current is basically 1.5A
Q:Transformer in Consumer Electronics?
primary coil keeps on running at full power incorrect. wrong. The secondary has a load, and that load draws current, which may be anywhere from zero up to the maximum load rating of the transformer, say 10 amps. Depending on the turns ratio (say it is 10:1), that amount of current is supplied by the primary, multiplied by or divided by the turns ratio. In our example, this would be 1/10 th the secondary. So if the secondary drew 10 amps, the primary would draw 1 amp from the wall socket. If the secondary drew 1 amp, the primary would draw 0.1 amp. And 0 amps would cause the primary to draw 0 amps from the wall socket (for an ideal transformer. Real world, there is a small current being drawn, how small depends on how good a transfomer it is) edit, for your additional details. I determined that it keeps on running at full blast based on the idea that it's a separate circuit. wrong Since it is always creating magnetic field (which it must, since it's a coil), and creating even when no ones taps on it, it must run at full blast at all times. wrong, with no load, the magnetic field is much weaker. Unless there's a way the primary circuit automatically knows nobody is tapping on it, it must be constantly making magnetic field at full blast. wrong.
Q:630kva dry-type transformer rated current is how much
Hello there: - ★ 1, the transformer current calculation formula is: transformer capacity ÷ (rated voltage × root number 3) - ★ 2,630kva transformer primary current: 630kva ÷ (10kv × 1.732) = 36.37A; - ★ 3,630kva transformer secondary current is: 630kva ÷ (0.4kv × 1.732) = 909A.
Q:Potential difference on transformers (electromagnetic induction)?
Transformer equation, N_pV_pN_sV_s V_s (N_p V_p)/N_s, plug in the numbers and calculate. N_p/N_s sqrt(Z_p/Zs)
Q:From the variable ratio to determine whether the transformer is boost or buck
High pressure to low pressure is the buck, and vice versa is boosted. That is, the input transformer is a high voltage, the output is a low voltage is a low voltage.
Q:How much capacity the transformer has
According to GB / T6451- "three-phase oil-immersed power transformer technical parameters and requirements", the voltage level 10kV-220kV, the capacity is as follows (kVA): 30,50,300,123,80,100,125,160,200,250,315,400,500,630,800,1000,1250,1600,2000,2500,3150,4000,5000,6300,8000,10000, Lt; / RTI & gt;
Q:Altium designer DXP transformer in the same name how to change?
The same name is a painting of about 2-3mil radius of the solid circle, can not directly change, must be copied from the source file to the schematic library file can be changed, that is, to re-create schematic symbols.
Q:10KV distribution transformer how to calculate the tap voltage
If the gear is expressed as 10 ± 2 × 2.5%, the transformer is 5 files, each level gear can be adjusted 10000 × 2.5% = 250V, and so on.

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