SBH1516-M series Amorphous alloy core transformer

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S(B)H1516-M series Amorphous alloy core dry transformer

1.  Model

B-----------------------------Copper foil LV coil
H-----------------------------Amorphous alloy core
16-----------------------------performance code
M -----------------------------Sealed type
□------------------------------rated capacity(KVA)
□------------------------------voltage classKV

2. General

Over a century, principle of power transformer has not ever changed, but as time progressed, the advanced production facilities are getting perfected, the transformer with amorphous alloy core produced by our company adopts new magneto conductive material, i.e. amorphous alloy core. The no-load loss of this kind of transformer is 80% lower than that of stalloy cored transformer, and so does the no-load current. It is the most ideal distribution transformer in energy saving at present, especially suitable for the rural power grids and the developing districts, where the load factor is rather low. The amorphous alloy cored power transformer has advantage of low no-load loss, energy-saving and environment-protection, and it is fully in accordance with the national industrial policy” resource-saving, environmentally-friendly, and the establishment of reef society". The oil immersed transformer also has the ability to reduce the CO, SO, and NOx dioxide emissions of harmful gases. and therefore it is tiled as "green material" of 21st century.

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Q:What is the primary side of the transformer
Step-down transformer: primary side of the high-pressure side (primary side) Secondary side refers to the low side (secondary side) Boost transformer: primary side of the low side (primary side) Secondary side refers to the high pressure side (secondary side)
Q:New on the transformer reported to stop, how to do,
2. The time limit for reducing the capacity of electricity shall be determined according to the application made by the user, but the shortest period shall not be less than six months and the maximum period shall not exceed two years; 3. In the period of reduction, the power supply enterprises should retain the user to reduce the capacity of the right to use. Users require the resumption of electricity, no longer pay the power supply discount; more than the time limit required to restore electricity, the new equipment or capacity should be handled; 4. In the period of reduction within the requirements of the resumption of electricity, should be five days ago to the power supply business for the resumption of electricity procedures, the basic electricity from the date of unsealed; 5. After the expiration of the user and the new equipment, capacity users, two years may not bid to reduce or suspend. Such as the need to continue to handle the reduction or suspension of the reduction or suspension of part of the basic capacity of electricity should be calculated at 50 percent.
Q:What is a transformer?
Transformer role is generally there are two, one is the role of step-down, the other is the impedance matching effect.
Q:Why the new operation of the transformer to be charged
Transformer to charge? Can I charge it? You should make a mistake
Q:What is the normal color of the transformer oil?
transformer oil are produced using the appropriate refining process, the color is shallow, generally light yellow, according to GB / T 6540 method to measure the color are below 1, and some oil color close to the water white. Oil in the use of the process, due to oxidation will produce acidic substances or sludge (sediment),
Q:Can a transformer make a small voltage change?
Transformer is divided into two kinds! One is the booster, the other is the buck! It is by changing the transformer coil winding to determine the effect of its pressure!
Q:50KVA transformer each phase current maximum band
Normal current does not exceed 72A per phase current. Of course, in the event of an accident or to strengthen the transformer cooling can be short-term overload operation.
Q:Is the secondary current rating of the transformer line current or phase current?
For star-wiring products, the line current = phase current For triangular wiring products, the rated current refers to the line current (phase to phase current)
Q:What is the transformer capacity ratio? Capacity than 100%.
Transformer capacity is the power of the transformer, the capacity ratio is the power ratio, such as 1000KA transformer and 200KVA transformer is not suitable for parallel use. Capacity ratio = 5: 1 greater than 3: 1 Capacity than 100% -------- is the meaning of 1: 1 (such as 500KVA and 500KVA, 200KVA and 200KVA and so on. Transformer side by side conditions: ① to participate in parallel operation of the transformer must be the same wiring group. ② the primary voltage of each transformer should be equal, the secondary voltage are equal. Otherwise the secondary side of the circulation caused by overload, heat, affecting the load, and increase the power loss, reduce efficiency; ③ the transformer impedance voltage (short circuit voltage) percentage should be equal, or with load after the load distribution unreasonable. Because the large capacity of the transformer short circuit voltage percentage, small capacity of the transformer short circuit voltage percentage is small, and the load distribution and short circuit voltage percentage is inversely proportional to this will cause large transformer distribution load is small, the equipment is not fully utilized; and small transformer distribution of the load Large, easy to overload, limiting the parallel operation of the transformer with load operation.
Q:What is the difference between AC transformers and DC transformers?
DC transformer to change the voltage first to use the electronic components of the DC current into alternating current, and then transform the voltage with the transformer. This device is called the inverter.

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