SBH1516-M series Amorphous alloy core transformer

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S(B)H1516-M series Amorphous alloy core dry transformer

1.  Model

B-----------------------------Copper foil LV coil
H-----------------------------Amorphous alloy core
16-----------------------------performance code
M -----------------------------Sealed type
□------------------------------rated capacity(KVA)
□------------------------------voltage classKV

2. General

Over a century, principle of power transformer has not ever changed, but as time progressed, the advanced production facilities are getting perfected, the transformer with amorphous alloy core produced by our company adopts new magneto conductive material, i.e. amorphous alloy core. The no-load loss of this kind of transformer is 80% lower than that of stalloy cored transformer, and so does the no-load current. It is the most ideal distribution transformer in energy saving at present, especially suitable for the rural power grids and the developing districts, where the load factor is rather low. The amorphous alloy cored power transformer has advantage of low no-load loss, energy-saving and environment-protection, and it is fully in accordance with the national industrial policy” resource-saving, environmentally-friendly, and the establishment of reef society". The oil immersed transformer also has the ability to reduce the CO, SO, and NOx dioxide emissions of harmful gases. and therefore it is tiled as "green material" of 21st century.

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Q:150KVA transformer can withstand much power, how to calculate
150KVA transformer load capacity is (150 * cosa) KW cosa is the load power factor
Q:Who knows the density of the transformer oil is how much?
25 # transformer oil: 895kg / m3 877.6kg / m3 45 # transformer oil: 895kg / m3 879.0kg / m3
Q:380V transformer always burn, how is it going
This voltage is normal, mainly due to the secondary load is too large, measured under the secondary current. For large capacity transformer can be. No load is not, it can only show that the quality of the transformer there are serious problems, another regular manufacturers with
Q:What is the use of the lower part of the transformer made of rail?
Transformer The lower part of the box has two structures: 1 set the wheels. This requires the installation of the track on the basis of the transformer, and then the wheels fixed on the I-beam track, this way to facilitate the maintenance and installation of the transformer handling, but because of the large and larger transformers, the use of wheels is already less; I-beam or channel as a load-bearing beam. This transformer does not need to set the track, on the basis of the transformer relative to the location of the beam weighing embedded flat steel, the transformer in place after the load-bearing beam fixed fixed on the base embedded parts. Need to move the transformer, the chisel spot welding, with the hoist and other machinery will slowly drag the transformer.
Q:How long does it take to restart the transformer?
What are the requirements for the commissioning and outage of the transformer? A: (1) the new operation of the transformer must be rated voltage under the impact test 5 times, overhaul after the impact test 3 times. (2) the transformer put into operation when the first cooler, cooler running for a period (about 15min) time, until the oil temperature is no longer rise and then stop. Disconnect the transformer first. (3) 110kV and above in the neutral point direct grounding system, put into operation and outage transformer, the operation must be grounded before the neutral point, after the operation and then decide whether to decide whether to disconnect. Transformer neutral point access to the arc suppression coil should be first after the exit. The neutral point of the two transformers should not be connected to a neutral bus with an arc suppression coil.
Q:Three - winding transformer winding problem
In theory, these two arrangements can meet the needs of the operation, manufacturing the same difficulty. If it is a step-down transformer. Low - medium - high permutations are commonly used, while mid - low - high permutations rarely encounter.
Q:10 (6) What is the meaning of 10 and 6 in the KV transformer?
These numbers refer to the voltage, 10 (6) KV transformer 10 and 6 refers to the primary side of the transformer voltage level is 10kV or 6kV. 10 / 0.4 (0.22) KV substation in the number of "/" refers to the transformer primary side of the voltage level 10kV, followed by the transformer secondary side of the voltage level is 0.4kV and 0.22kV, that is, 400V And 220V The primary voltage is the voltage of the transformer line, the secondary voltage is the voltage after the transformer transformer.
Q:Transformer insulation level L175 AC35 / 5 What does it mean
The voltage withstand voltage is 480kV, the power frequency withstand voltage is 200kV, the middle voltage side of the neutral point of the lightning impulse withstand voltage is 250kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 95kV; low side of the terminal side of the lightning Impact withstand voltage is 75kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 35kV; 3, "LI 75 AC 35" means that the 10kV transformer high voltage winding lead side of the lightning impulse withstand voltage is 75kV, power frequency withstand voltage is 35kV.
Q:What is the principle of the conversion of the transformer? How to restore the secondary side to the primary side?
3. The sum of the current: I2 '= I2 / k 4. The sum of the impedance: r2 '= k ^ 2 * r2 x2' = k ^ 2 * x2
Q:800kw motor how much transformer
800kw motor can generally choose 0.8 motor power in about 800KW with 1000KVA. Motor power in 1400KW or so with 1750KVA. If you are equipped with reactive power compensation (in general, the power company also requires you to match, if the power factor is less than 0.9 Is to be fine) Transformer can also choose a little smaller, like 1000KVA transformer power factor of 0.9 when you can take 900KW load. Can also be based on

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