JDCF-138GYW Phase Voltage Transformer

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction
JDCF-138GYW is a product which have 4 windings and oil insulation voltage transformer.The product conform to the follows national requirement:GB1207-1997 phase <voltage transformer>,GB7354-85<Transofrmer Measurement of Partial Discharge>,GB311.1.19 <Insulation Coordination of High Voltage Transformation>,the international electric stand IEC186 or IEC60044 phase <Voltage Transformer> .This type product is used for electric energy measurement and relay protection in 145KV power system.
1.2 Structural characteristics
This type of voltage product has a cascading insulation structure.Iron corn is the " "shape and overlying by silicon steel sheet.Two iron corn were supported by shelf which mad by low dielectric phonetic paper board.Four coil nest is in the two iron com,The coil reelwith balance winding.measuring secondary winding,protective secondary winding,residual voltage winding.The primary winding was made by unifilar enameled wire and have four class,The upper extreme(A extreme) is all insulation.The lower extreme(N extreme)joint to expansion equipment plinth by push ring.There are three oil mark(+45oC,+20oC,-25oC) beside the expansion equipment.The plinth support the whole product,the terminal of measuring secondary winding,protective secondary winding,residual voltage winding,primary winding bring out formthe plinth.The primary winding N extreme joint to the plinth by joint panel which will be convenient to the test and installation.

1.3 Product mark
the primary winding is A and N,the measuring secondary winding is 1a,1n.the proctive secondary winding is 2a,2n.the residual voltage winding is da,dn.

Type description

Operation condition
2.1 Am bient temperature:
maximum air temperature:+45oC
minimum air temperature:-25oC
maximum average air temperature:+30oC

2.2 altitude:≤3000m
2.3 minimum creepage distance:3520mm
2.4 atmosphere condition:have o serious pollution in atmosphere,the pollution grade is Ⅲ.
2.5 earthing manner:neutral point joint the earthing efficiently.

The rated value and requirement
3.1 the rated voltage
a.the maximum voltage:145kv
b.the rated primary voltage:138000/V
c.the rated voltage of measuring and protective winding:115/V
d.the rated voltage of residual voltage winding:115V
3.2 the rated frequency:50HZ
3.3 phase:single phase

Operation and maintenance
4.1 Before the installation,inspect the sealed place and welding.It has oil leakage and oil surface is normal,If not,it should oiling the same type oil.
4.2 The oil drawing is from the bottom and its electric intensity is not more than 50KV
4.3 The secondary should not open circuit in the product operation.
4.4 The product should veiled when it storage Before the operatio,it should not be sun or rain.The product shoue be packed.

No tesdge for ordering
a.type of product
b.the rated voltage of each winding
c.accuracy class and rated load

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Q:What type of transformer do I need?
Assuming you wire the bulbs in parallel. You need a similar transformer (6v secondary) but one that is rated at 240 watts (or a bit more), 40 amps. Note that the current will be 40 amps and will need quite a heavy wire, #4 or 5. You could also put the bulbs in series, and would need a 48 volt secondary, still at 240 watts. You would have problems of any series string, if one bulb goes out, they all go out. You can also use parallel series combos, 3 pairs, or 2 strings of 3 each as a compromise. edit. Later thought of another alternative that may help. Get a transformer with a 12vCT 240W secondary. Wire like you would 2 phase house wiring, 3 bulbs to each outside terminal, and all 6 to the CT. This means the wire only has to handle 20 amps and can be smaller, and you will not have the series string problem. 12VCT transformers are fairly common. Or if you can find it, and the wiring is still a problem, get a transformer with 2 secondaries each of 12VCT at 10 amps.
Q:how to maintain dry transformer winding?
The manufacture of the transformer would have provided environmental protection. There are many ways to provide protection but most involve large pressure cookers that are designed to apply high pressure to the transformer will drying. Various waxes and epoxies are used and the pressure makes certain the sealer is driven into the transformers windings, then allowed to set. As far as I know, except for certain types of large transformers where the entire transformer is installed in a bath, oil is not used.
Q:Transformer ONAN?
Transformer ONAN cooling method for the internal oil natural convection cooling, that is commonly referred to as oil-immersed self-cooling. The cooling mode of the transformer is determined by the cooling medium and the circulation method. Since the oil-immersed transformer is also divided into the internal cooling mode of the tank and the external cooling mode of the tank, the cooling mode of the oil-immersed transformer is represented by four letters. The first letter: the cooling medium in contact with the winding. O -------- mineral oil or ignition of more than 300 ℃ of insulating liquid; K -------- Insulation liquid with ignition point greater than 300 ℃; L -------- ignition can not be measured insulation liquid; The second letter: the way the internal cooling medium is circulated. N -------- The oil flow flowing through the cooling equipment and the windings is a natural thermal convection cycle; F -------- The oil flow in the cooling equipment is forced to circulate and the oil flow flowing through the windings is the thermal convection cycle; D -------- The oil flow in the cooling equipment is forced to circulate, at least in the main winding oil flow is forced to guide the cycle; Third letter: external cooling medium. A -------- air; W -------- water; The fourth letter: the way the external cooling medium is circulated. N -------- natural convection; F -------- Forced circulation (fan, pump, etc.).
Q:Transformers Question!!!!!!!!!!?
Transformers can be brothers if their Sparks split naturally upon being introduced to a protoform. See G1 Sunstreaker and Sideswipe. Transformers may not have sexes, but they do have different genders. They are simply made this way by their God, Primus.
Q:Low volts transformer question?
600 W.
Q:Where is the transformer used?
You ask more general, there are many kinds of transformers, 1 is the power transformer, it is 10,000 volts drop to 380,220 V commonly used low pressure for us to use. Small transformers are 220V voltage reduced to household appliances used when the operating voltage rectified as electrical power. High-frequency transformers are generally used as switching power supply pulse output transformer. High-frequency signal transformer only a few turns of the coil, the transmission of high-frequency signal. Simply say this kind of bar, a wide range of various types of transformers.
Q:What is the SN on the transformer? What is the difference between it and the actual power of the transformer?
What you say SN is the rated capacity of the transformer, the capacity is also called the apparent power. It represents the maximum power that the transformer can transmit in the rated state, that is, the maximum power that the transformer can transmit when the power factor is 1 is SN kW. Transformers are only used to transmit power, in addition to their own no-load loss and load loss, the power does not consume. The actual power it delivers depends on the load.
Q:The new iPad or the Transformer Pad Infinity ?
Hardware is negligible without software. The Google.play site (Formerly the Android Market) has plenty of apps to choose from. Basically, your investment is in the simplistic ease of the New iPad or the flexibility of Android 4.x. It's really a matter of which O/S you wish to support. I calculate the iPad IPS display has 25.7% more pixels than the new Asus model. Will you even notice the difference? Not at those screen sizes. Besides, the Asus has a 16:10 Ratio for a better movie experience. Personally, I have already seen that even the new iPad can't match wits with a Tegra 3 tablet when running certain games. Comes close, though. I'm waiting with baited breath for the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity. In my opinion, so should you.
Q:How to make a current transformer more linear?
Ideal linearity is reached when B and H are linear. Use air as medium. It may give less output but linearity will be perfect!
Q:Single bus sub-section for power distribution, transformer with a prepared and dual-use how to understand
One with a prepared, you can only put one of the transformer, any of its transformers can all the load to bring all the general into the line breaker and bus in the breakdown of the circuit breaker, interlock between the three, A change vote, B variable can not vote, or vice versa, B cast A can not vote. This is the nature of the load mostly for a load, power supply is necessary for high reliability, but also the largest investment. Dual use can be divided into several, mainly refers to the change can be put into use, and some can be put into the parallel use, in some cases is not allowed to use in parallel, is the three circuit breakers with interlocking Three locks two spoons, three circuit breakers can only vote two. At the same time the capacity of the transformer is also different, some are prepared, some are dark spare, the specific use depends on how the original system design. hope this helps.

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