JDCF-138GYW Phase Voltage Transformer

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction
JDCF-138GYW is a product which have 4 windings and oil insulation voltage transformer.The product conform to the follows national requirement:GB1207-1997 phase <voltage transformer>,GB7354-85<Transofrmer Measurement of Partial Discharge>,GB311.1.19 <Insulation Coordination of High Voltage Transformation>,the international electric stand IEC186 or IEC60044 phase <Voltage Transformer> .This type product is used for electric energy measurement and relay protection in 145KV power system.
1.2 Structural characteristics
This type of voltage product has a cascading insulation structure.Iron corn is the " "shape and overlying by silicon steel sheet.Two iron corn were supported by shelf which mad by low dielectric phonetic paper board.Four coil nest is in the two iron com,The coil reelwith balance winding.measuring secondary winding,protective secondary winding,residual voltage winding.The primary winding was made by unifilar enameled wire and have four class,The upper extreme(A extreme) is all insulation.The lower extreme(N extreme)joint to expansion equipment plinth by push ring.There are three oil mark(+45oC,+20oC,-25oC) beside the expansion equipment.The plinth support the whole product,the terminal of measuring secondary winding,protective secondary winding,residual voltage winding,primary winding bring out formthe plinth.The primary winding N extreme joint to the plinth by joint panel which will be convenient to the test and installation.

1.3 Product mark
the primary winding is A and N,the measuring secondary winding is 1a,1n.the proctive secondary winding is 2a,2n.the residual voltage winding is da,dn.

Type description

Operation condition
2.1 Am bient temperature:
maximum air temperature:+45oC
minimum air temperature:-25oC
maximum average air temperature:+30oC

2.2 altitude:≤3000m
2.3 minimum creepage distance:3520mm
2.4 atmosphere condition:have o serious pollution in atmosphere,the pollution grade is Ⅲ.
2.5 earthing manner:neutral point joint the earthing efficiently.

The rated value and requirement
3.1 the rated voltage
a.the maximum voltage:145kv
b.the rated primary voltage:138000/V
c.the rated voltage of measuring and protective winding:115/V
d.the rated voltage of residual voltage winding:115V
3.2 the rated frequency:50HZ
3.3 phase:single phase

Operation and maintenance
4.1 Before the installation,inspect the sealed place and welding.It has oil leakage and oil surface is normal,If not,it should oiling the same type oil.
4.2 The oil drawing is from the bottom and its electric intensity is not more than 50KV
4.3 The secondary should not open circuit in the product operation.
4.4 The product should veiled when it storage Before the operatio,it should not be sun or rain.The product shoue be packed.

No tesdge for ordering
a.type of product
b.the rated voltage of each winding
c.accuracy class and rated load

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Q:What is the difference between the SGB10 transformer and the SC (B) 10 transformer?
1.SGB and SCB transformers are dry-type transformers, the former is non-encapsulated transformer, which is the package transformer, because the SGB is a non-encapsulated transformer, the coil is damaged, can be part of the maintenance; SCB is epoxy encapsulated transformer coil , If the coil burned only after the coil, not part of the maintenance 2. The former heat-resistant grade for the H-class, the latter for the F-class. 3. From the cost point of view, SGB10 than SCB10 expensive 4. From the service life, the basic almost.
Q:220 kv transformer capacity range,
GB GB / T6451 made a detailed provision, the latest version of the 2008 revision. (Boost, buck), three laps without load (boost, buck), autotransformed (boost, buck), the two-lane, There are several types of auto-load (boost, buck) and so on, there are about 31.5,40,50,63,90,120,150,180,240,370,400 MVA several grades, but corresponding to different types of transformers, Capacity level is slightly different, do not know what type of capacity you ask the range?
Q:What is the primary side of the transformer
Explanation: The primary side refers to the input side of the voltage, and the secondary side refers to the output side of the voltage after the voltage is converted by the transformer. For the step-up transformer, the primary side is the low side, the secondary side is the high side; For the buck transformer, the primary side is the high side, the secondary side is the low side.
Q:Why can autotransformers be used as safety transformers?
For example, with autocouple input 220V, adjust the output voltage of 36V or 12V to do the use of safety transformers, when the input zero line disconnected, the output voltage to 220V on the ground, such as touch is quite dangerous. Isolation transformer from the safety effect is mainly because the secondary side and the original side without electricity links, as the ratio is not 1, it should be based on the needs of electrical equipment.
Q:Transformer copper row selection
Selection principle of transformer copper Meet the load requirements; Transformer corresponding to the rated current in accordance with 1.1 times the overload factor to consider; To meet the safety distance, and components aligned; Satisfy the dynamic stability. Transformer copper selection considerations The choice of copper can not just consider the current carrying capacity it also consider the maximum short-circuit current size, that is, consider the choice of a copper after the most short-circuit when the short-circuit current short-circuit the size of the current matching the size of the protection (that is, Relay protection value size).
Q:A liter of transformer oil how much jin
(3) arc suppression effect: In the oil circuit breaker and transformer on-load regulator switch, the contact will produce an arc switch. As the transformer oil thermal conductivity is good, and in the arc under the action of high temperature can touch a lot of gas, resulting in greater pressure, thereby enhancing the dielectric arc performance, so that the arc quickly extinguished.
Q:S11-1250kVA transformer oil capacity how much
I am a sales engineer for power transformers! S11-1250 / 10 / 0.4 Oil capacity: 550kg
Q:What is the rated current of the 80KVA transformer?
Rated current calculation of transformer Primary side approximation 0.058 * KVA (transformer capacity, size 10kV / 0.4kV) Secondary side approximation 1.44 * KVA (transformer capacity, size 10kV / 0.4kV) Known transformer capacity, and its voltage level side rated current Formula a: Capacity divided by the voltage value, the business by six divided by ten. Description: Applies to any voltage level. Unit KV 80KVA transformer low voltage rated current is: 80 * 1.44 = 115.2A
Q:The difference between the reflection impedance of the ideal transformer and the hollow core transformer is different.
The ideal transformer reflection impedance is the equivalent impedance of the load resistance equivalent to both ends of the primary coil, directly across the primary coil at both ends, in parallel with the primary circuit, and the nature of the reflection impedance and load impedance of the same nature.
Q:Proteus transformer how to adjust the parameters, the 220V into 14V output.
Transformer parameter setting method is: 1, the calculation: According to the ideal transformer primary turns ratio ratio n1 / n2 = V1 / V2 = 220/14 ≈ 15.7,              Let the primary winding sense L1 = 1H, then the secondary winding inductance L2 = 1 / (15.7 ^ 2) ≈ 0.00406H,

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