JDCF-138GYW Phase Voltage Transformer

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction
JDCF-138GYW is a product which have 4 windings and oil insulation voltage transformer.The product conform to the follows national requirement:GB1207-1997 phase <voltage transformer>,GB7354-85<Transofrmer Measurement of Partial Discharge>,GB311.1.19 <Insulation Coordination of High Voltage Transformation>,the international electric stand IEC186 or IEC60044 phase <Voltage Transformer> .This type product is used for electric energy measurement and relay protection in 145KV power system.
1.2 Structural characteristics
This type of voltage product has a cascading insulation structure.Iron corn is the " "shape and overlying by silicon steel sheet.Two iron corn were supported by shelf which mad by low dielectric phonetic paper board.Four coil nest is in the two iron com,The coil reelwith balance winding.measuring secondary winding,protective secondary winding,residual voltage winding.The primary winding was made by unifilar enameled wire and have four class,The upper extreme(A extreme) is all insulation.The lower extreme(N extreme)joint to expansion equipment plinth by push ring.There are three oil mark(+45oC,+20oC,-25oC) beside the expansion equipment.The plinth support the whole product,the terminal of measuring secondary winding,protective secondary winding,residual voltage winding,primary winding bring out formthe plinth.The primary winding N extreme joint to the plinth by joint panel which will be convenient to the test and installation.

1.3 Product mark
the primary winding is A and N,the measuring secondary winding is 1a,1n.the proctive secondary winding is 2a,2n.the residual voltage winding is da,dn.

Type description

Operation condition
2.1 Am bient temperature:
maximum air temperature:+45oC
minimum air temperature:-25oC
maximum average air temperature:+30oC

2.2 altitude:≤3000m
2.3 minimum creepage distance:3520mm
2.4 atmosphere condition:have o serious pollution in atmosphere,the pollution grade is Ⅲ.
2.5 earthing manner:neutral point joint the earthing efficiently.

The rated value and requirement
3.1 the rated voltage
a.the maximum voltage:145kv
b.the rated primary voltage:138000/V
c.the rated voltage of measuring and protective winding:115/V
d.the rated voltage of residual voltage winding:115V
3.2 the rated frequency:50HZ
3.3 phase:single phase

Operation and maintenance
4.1 Before the installation,inspect the sealed place and welding.It has oil leakage and oil surface is normal,If not,it should oiling the same type oil.
4.2 The oil drawing is from the bottom and its electric intensity is not more than 50KV
4.3 The secondary should not open circuit in the product operation.
4.4 The product should veiled when it storage Before the operatio,it should not be sun or rain.The product shoue be packed.

No tesdge for ordering
a.type of product
b.the rated voltage of each winding
c.accuracy class and rated load

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Q:What is the role of the pebbles in the transformer base
Shandong Yi River Pebble Factory ---- Transformer dedicated pebble production suppliers.
Q:What is the difference between the inverter and the transformer?
The inverter is based on a set of thyristor inverter, learn SCR inverter AC speed control circuit, is this principle. But in its protection circuit, variable frequency drive and so are controlled by the microprocessor, the input command, the output control can display. It is the implementation of the inverter circuit, the internal procedures are CPU, RAM, ROM storage and instructions, but also through the button for some functions of editing. In fact, is reliable output of the exchange of equipment he wants to ensure that the output voltage frequency are qualified Transformer is to change the voltage of the device is like 220 kV substation to 110 kV, 10 kV and then to 220 volts that we usually use the electrical conversion equipment.
Q:How is the insulation of the transformer divided?
Transformer insulation can be divided into internal insulation and external insulation, the insulation is part of the tank insulation, external insulation is the upper part of the casing and the insulation between each other.
Q:Can the transformer oil be used as a lubricant?
Transformer oil can not be lubricating oil, because the main role of transformer oil insulation is not lubrication. The main role of transformer oil: (1) insulation: transformer oil has much higher than the air insulation strength. Insulation material immersed in oil, not only can improve the insulation strength, but also from the erosion of moisture. (2) heat dissipation: transformer oil specific heat, often used as coolant. Transformers run the heat generated close to the core and the winding of the oil heat up and down, through the oil up and down convection, heat dissipated through the radiator to ensure the normal operation of the transformer. (3) arc suppression effect: In the oil circuit breaker and transformer on-load regulator switch, the contact will produce an arc switch. As the transformer oil thermal conductivity is good, and in the arc under the action of high temperature can touch a lot of gas, resulting in greater pressure, thereby enhancing the dielectric arc performance, so that the arc quickly extinguished.
Q:How to distinguish between large, medium and small transformers
We usually put the capacity of 630kVA and below the transformer for the small transformer; 800-6300kVA transformer for the medium-sized transformer; 8000-63000kVA transformer for large transformers; 90000kVA transformer for large transformers. With the transformer capacity bigger and bigger, in the past that can only be called large-scale medium.
Q:Three - winding transformer winding problem
But from the operating and manufacturing costs, low - medium - high arrangement, more reasonable. 1, from the operation to consider: step-down transformer, low pressure side is often for the distance of the load. And the voltage level is low, the protection level is lower. So we hope that the low-high impedance is bigger as well. While the pressure is often for the far load, we hope that the impedance between them is smaller as well. This arrangement, just to meet this requirement.
Q:Is the transformer a power supply?
Here, are relatively speaking. 1, if your equipment behind the transformer, then the output of the transformer is your power. 2, if your equipment in front of the transformer (such as a substation or generator), then the transformer is your load. 3, for example: at home, the adapter (to the phone with a transformer device), it is for your phone, that is, power, you said the socket, it is the load. 4, but if it is necessary to define it as what equipment, then it does not belong to the power supply equipment (power supply with a large generator, a small dry battery). It is able to change the power supply mode of the device.
Q:What is the maximum current of the 800KVA transformer? What is the current? Is how to calculate, ask you master
This type of capacity of the transformer for the distribution transformer, that is, step-down transformer. Voltage combination to 10 / 0.4 for multi-purpose. Transformer high side current 46.19A, low side current 1154.73A. Rated capacity = 1.732 * rated voltage * rated current
Q:Transformer ratio and transformer ratio
Transformer ratio K and transformer voltage on both sides U1 U2 winding turns N1 N2 current I1 Ⅰ2 have a relationship! In the ideal case, the ratio K = U1 / U2 = N1 / N2 = I2 / I1
Q:630kva dry-type transformer rated current is how much
Hello there: - ★ 1, the transformer current calculation formula is: transformer capacity ÷ (rated voltage × root number 3) - ★ 2,630kva transformer primary current: 630kva ÷ (10kv × 1.732) = 36.37A; - ★ 3,630kva transformer secondary current is: 630kva ÷ (0.4kv × 1.732) = 909A.

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