Mining Flameproof Dry-Type Transformer KBSG9

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Product Description:

1.Product description
KBSG9 series mining flameproof dry-type transformersuit for not only mines filled with firedamp mixed gas, grime and explosive gas, but also the gas and steam environment that can not erode metal or destroy insulation. the transformer has the merit of high strength, low temperature rise, good cooling and waterproof property, and easy maintenance.

2.Functional characteristics
Functional characteristics
1.The KBSG9-50-1600/10(6) mining flameproof of dry type transformer conforms to GB82862005 the requirement of “mining flame proof movable substations”, its no load, load loss is 10% less than original standard the no-load current short-circuit impedance has diminished too. 2.The insulation material adopt the H level or the C level insulation material, the thermal is good, it is suit for long time operation 3.3 Phases,50Hz,ANAN 4.High strength, low temperature rise, good cooling and waterproof propert, and easy maintenance.

Service conditions
1.The installation is not higher than 1000m(normal)special environment gives explanation in addition
2.Ambient temperature
Highest temperature: 40˚C
Maximum monthly average temperature: 30˚C
Maximum annual temperature: 20˚C
Lowest temperature: -5˚C
3.The surrounding air relative humidity is not greater than 95%(25˚C)
4.In the mine,with methane, dust explosion danger is well
5.No vibration the gradient is less than 15˚C
6.No gas or steam to corrode metal needed or destroy insulation
7.Non-water drop sit
8.Power supply voltage profile approximate to a sine wave
9.The three-phase supply voltage approximate symmetrical

Scope of application
Mine filled with fire damp mixed gas, grime and explosive gas; the gas and steam environment that can not erode metal or destroy insulation
6KV Mining Flameproof Dry-Type Transformer Technical Specification(KBSG9)

Rated capacity(kVA)Voltage schedule(kV)Vector groupShort circuit impedance(%)Consumption(W)No-load current(%)Weight(kg)Outline dimension(mm±10%)

Rated capacity(kVA)Voltage schedule(kV)Vector groupShort circuit impedance(%)Consumption(W)No-load current(%)Weight(kg)Outline dimension(mm±10%)

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50KVA transformer is the apparent power, the actual power close to 50KW.3 phase power a total of 50KW.
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If the transformer is shut down for a month or on hold, the trial is stopped for more than 6 months before the commissioning? A: The transformer shut down for a month, before the resumption of power transmission should be measured insulation resistance, qualified to be put into operation.Post or outage for more than 6 months of the transformer, should be done before the insulation resistance and insulation oil pressure test Dry and cold areas of irrigation and drainage dedicated transformer, the suspension period may be appropriate to extend, but not more than 8 months
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this is quite a typical question. there will be many examples similar to it

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