JDXF-35 TA,TH GY W1,W2,W3 Voltage Transformer

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Product Description:

Type description

Technical characteristic
1.It accords to the GB1207-1997<voltage transformer> ,IEC186 and IEC60044.
2.This product has the character of limited tightness.All the tightness compartment do not be put into ultraviolet radiation so that we solve the problem of chap of tightness rubber and aging,these product is more reliable and has longer life,we ensure that it can run 20 years without leakage.
3.The porcelain is equipped with irragateing flange.the surface of flange use hot zincification to enhance the wholly mechnism of product and has beautiful outlook.
4.This product is equiped with bellow and is tightnesds completely.
5.With higher accuracy to 0.2,we can reach the requirment of customer with seperatly measuring secondary winding and protection winding.
6.With epoxy secondary terminal board,the product is enhanced secondary insulation and tightness.
7.All the standard comparthent are plated Dakelo.We ensure that the product don't rust for 20 years.
8.The inner structure of this product has changed largly and we solve the problem of old 35KV PT with unreasoned inner structure for the unpassed dielectric loss,This product has low partial discharge and litter dielectric loss with advanced workcraft.
9.The excitaton density of this product is equal or less than 0.7T and has the ability of avoiding ferro-resonance.

Technical Data

Rated voltagePrimary winding35/
Measuring winding0.1/
Protection winding0.1/
Residual voltage winding0.1
secondary accuracy and reated outputMeasuring winding80VA 0.2 class
Protection winding150VA 0.5class 250VA 3P class
Residual voltage winding100VA 6P class
Rated limit output2000
Rated insulation level4.05/95/200
Creepage distance810,1050,1250
Flash distance410-500
Total weight/Oil weight40/190
Pack size580×600×1300

JDXF-35 Voltage Transformer Outline Drawing

Srructure drawing

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Q:Why do transformers squeak?
Normal transformers with iron laminated cores operate at 50-60Hz (50-60 times a second), but transformers in modern cell-phone chargers and PC power supplies require a higher power than would be possible for the given size restraints. A 240v to 5V @ 1A 50-60hz transformer would be the size of a deck of cards and would weigh several kilograms, but if you replace the core of the transformer with a ferrite material (powdered iron) and switch the primary winding at high frequency, say 20Khz or more (20 thousand times a second) the size of the transformer shrinks to the size of a small coin. The ringing sound you are hearing could be caused by several things: 1. It's operated at a near-audible frequency, like 19Khz (not very likely) 2. It's under very high load condition and it's struggling to meet the power requirements and as a consequence the duty cycle of the PWM has increased which can make a chirping sound. 3. It's defective or dying, and it's having a hard time regulating the output voltage and it's excessively modulating the PWM. 4. You are young and young people have better than normal hearing in the higher end of the frequency range and you might be hearing a harmonic of the higher than audible drive frequency. Hope that answers your question :)
Q:Can anyone help me figure out this transformer?
First of all, never assume anything! There are some standard colour codes for transformer wiring, but not all transformers conform to the standards. In practice, a manufacturer can use any colour wire for any purpose, leaving you and me and a lot of other people wondering for all time, which wire is which? The measured DC resistance does not tell you anything about the AC voltage rating of any winding. With most power transformers, if there are two solid-black wires, they are the primary. If it is tapped, or there are two primaries (such as in dual-voltage units), there will be three or more primary wires (and possibly as many as 8!). I think the side with 115V on it is probably -- mind you, this is not for certain -- nothing more than the side on which that number happened to be stamped. So of course you want to know what to do next. Considering the number of wires and the ways in which they are connected, it would seem that an experimental method will be required. The 2006 ARRL Amateur Radio Handbook (and possibly other editions) tells how to figure out what's what with transformers. I strongly recommend using the procedures described therein.
Q:Transformers Revenge of the Fallen DS help?
it actually relies upon on what style of video games you like. See, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has so lots extra action than Pokemon Platinum (my brother has it). you ought to use your wits to conflict enemies and gain missions. yet Pokemon Platinum has an thrilling plot besides and in evaluation to in the 1st Transformers recreation, you do not die. you apart from would get to make judgements in Pokemon besides, so it has a extra versatile tale consistent with the place you desire to take it. So in the experience that your extra into violence and explosions, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, is the recreation for you. in case you desire to play around in destiny and be the main appropriate at issues, Pokemon Platinum is yours. P.S-i'm for the two.
Q:Help on physics-transformers?
It transforms voltage and current from the values that exist at the primary to the values that exist at the secondary. 2. It steps up voltage. 3. Ideally, the input and output power would be the same, that is the product of voltage and current would be the same even though the voltages and currents are different. I practical transformers there is resistance in the wire and energy loss in the core so that the output power is slightly less than the input power. The difference appears as heat in the transformer.
Q:Two different impedance of the transformer, parallel load how to allocate?
The impedance voltage is equivalent to the power supply resistance. Two impedance voltage is not equal to the parallel operation of the transformer, the impedance of the load distribution of small, low impedance voltage transformer load distribution. Basically inversely proportional. Generally the same type of transformer, the impedance voltage and capacity is basically inversely proportional to the large transformer impedance voltage is smaller than the small transformer impedance voltage. Parallel operation after the load distribution is basically proportional to the capacity of the transformer. But this ratio is not exactly the same, so even if the same type of transformer, the capacity difference is too large (more than 3 times), it is not allowed to run side by side. If it is different types of transformers, the impedance voltage and capacity is not completely inversely proportional to the capacity. The load distribution is even worse.
Q:Tube power transformer help?
You can probably draw a bit more from the 720 volt winding if you don't use some of the other windings. Also if you use SS rectifiers, you will get more DC voltage than normal, about 490-500 volts, so the extra drop you would get at higher current may be ok. Or you could use a choke input filter instead of a cap input to get about 350 volts, enough to operate KT88's, and get more current. Watch out for over heating. edit: Electrolytic caps would be a lot smaller than the ones you have. The two chokes in parallel could be used as a choke input filter. Exactly what voltage and current do you need?
Q:250KVA transformer maximum load how much KW power?
250KVA transformer, the maximum capacity to load how much KW power? This is a bit of a problem, it is difficult to correct answer. Is it possible to ask how much the maximum load of the 250KVA transformer is KW? Or, how much amperes the maximum output current? If you ask, then answer you, the maximum output current is about 250 × 1.445 ≈ 361A or so
Q:Auto Tapping Transformer?
You are very much over-complicating the problem. All you need is to get an 18-volt transformer and design a 15 volt voltage regulator circuit based on it. Radio Shack has lots of books, parts, and resources to get you going. Also, check your local public or college library for electronics books. Have fun!
Q:Transformer short-circuit impedance is big good, or small good? The same capacity, voltage ... solution
Transformer rated current / short circuit impedance = transformer short-circuit current 6% short-circuit current is small, and 4% not much difference, personal point of view! Nothing can look at Guo Weiguo teacher answered the question, will certainly benefit from the.
Q:Proteus transformer how to adjust the parameters, the 220V into 14V output.
The above two parameters can also be extended or reduced by the ratio. Other parameters can be considered, as shown below.

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