15.6 Inch Open Frame Monitor/Open Frame LCD Monitor/No Frame LCD Monitor

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$90.00 - 120.00 / pc
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1 Piece open frame monitor pc
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10000 Piece/Pieces per Month open frame monitor pc/month

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Product Description:

 Product Description

Do you need {   15.6 Inch Open Frame Monitor/Open Frame Lcd Monitor/No Frame Lcd Monitor (SAD1560K) } with below functions ?

1.Open frame

2.Push button

3.VESA mount

4.1366x768HD Screen

6.Video play back.

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Q: What HS Code for your products?
A: 8531200000 LCD ad player (LCD video display)  

Q: What is your guarantee period?

A: 1 (one) year quality guarantee for the products from your purchase date, except the human damage and force majeure factor. For a better maintenance, be sure that the players are using under normal circumstances (not more than 16 hours daily). 
Beyond the guarantee period machine, Kerchan will provide maintenance service and technical support (Hardware and other possible charges, Kerchan will not bear the responsibility)


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Q:LCD monitor went blank - how can I trouble shoot?
There are two reasons why your LCD monitor goes blank: (1) incompatible display driver software (possibly part of your OS or graphic card), or (2) a failing backlight bulb or power supply board, which means it's a hardware problem. In my experience, it's usually the backlight bulb. This can be confirmed by shining a torchlight into the blank monitor screen You might see a dim silhouette of the desktop area if the computer has booted up. Replacing the backlight bulb should solve the problem for you.
Q:If i connect my LCD monitor to a xbox360 with a HDMI cable , How can i get audio?
Yes, your assumption is correct. Unless your monitor has connections for speakers.
Q:How can a LCD monitor be hooked up to a computer?
An LCD monitor or an LCD TV? Most monitors and TVs come with VGA connectors. This is easy as almost all computers have a VGA out. However, if your computer has a DVI out then you can connect this to a DVI input (LCD monitors) or a HDMI input (LCD TVs). This digital signal should give a better picture than the analog VGA option. Because HDMI has the same signals as DVI ** you just need a DVI to HDMI cable, or a DVI to HDMI adapter. ** HDMI is single link DVI-D, with HDCP encryption plus an option of encoding audio over the signals. Since HDCP is controlled by the signal source - your computer - this does not matter for you. And since your computer probably can't encode audio onto the video signal this does not matter either. Unless your monitor is greater than 1920 by 1200 resolution the single link aspect of HDMI will not matter.
Q:What is the best LCD monitor for my MacBook Pro?
Presently, there is no such thing as a 30 monitor that costs under $400. 30-inch monitors are usually very high-resolution monitors that do 2560x1600, and those cost upwards of $1000. Unless you want a 32-inch LCD HDTV, those might be had for $400, but their resolution is far lower, usually 1366x768. There are also LCD HDTVs that can do 1920x1080 (aka 1080p High Definition), but you would be hard-pressed to find one of those for under $400.
Q:How well do LCD monitors perform as TVs?
I am posting an answer different from the replies so far posted. I have a new computer running Vista, with E6550 chip, a Gigabyte P35-DSP mobo, a Gigabyte 8600GT graphic card, a Hauppauge 1100 tuner card and a Samsung 226BW LCD monitor. The TV quality I receive is not even comparable to a cheap China made TV. I have posted my query on a forum page (can't remember which) and was told by forum members that PC TV can never be comparable to actual TV. My PC vendor said the same too and showed me his PC TV in the shop to prove it. If any member can help me to improve my PC TV quality it would be most appreciated.
Q:Why is my 19 LCD monitor dull?
If you have a video card adjust the color settings.
Q:What is CRT monitor?
A CRT or cathode ray tube monitor is a glass tube not unlike a picture tube in a TV set. It has a long neck and can be easily identified because the cabinet will be deep. A cathode ray tube uses an electron gun to shoot electrons toward a phosphor screen. An LCD monitor uses what is called a liquid crystal display.
Q:What does "LCD" LCD stand against?
Yes, this is not guaranteed, so it is best to buy ASUS displays such package and warranty of three years, more practical, otherwise it is always bad at bad bumps awkward.
Q:Samsung LCD monitor has a drag shadow
The main reason for the "drag and drop" phenomenon in LCD (LCD) is that:1, the resolution of the monitor is not set to optimum resolution;2. The type of monitor is not properly identified by the system;3, the phenomenon of residual image appearsAfter the color filter of liquid crystal cell driven thin film due to excessive charging, which leads to a portion of the liquid crystal molecules stagnation;This will change the driving voltage to the liquid crystal cell, a portion of the liquid crystal molecules react correctly to display the image, the image corresponding to the location of the other part is still fixed on the liquid crystal molecules and continuous long time display, caused by the residual image;The solution is to shut down for a period of time, or to continue full screen display white;Estimated landlord's LCD belongs to third.
Q:LCD operating principle (LCD, LED)
The analog signal is changed to digital signal processing, and the digital signal is controlled by IC

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