Yuchai YC4A/4D (24-64kW) Series Engines for Generators

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Yuchai YC4A/4D (24-64kW) Series Engines for Generators

· Enhanced fuel injection pump improves fuel consumption

· Yuchai sealing technology in piston ring and valve oil seal reduces the lube oil consumption

· Operator and nature friendly with low noise and vibration

· High fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost

· Reliable cold starts at -25and applicable altitude at 2500m without derating

· Major overhaul period is more than 12000 hours











Vertical, in-line, 6-cylinder, Water-cooled, 4-stroke




Turbocharged and air to air inter-cooled

Bore ×Stroke                                  (mm)

108 ×132

108 ×115

Displacement                                     (L)



Compression ration




Prime power/Speed               (kW/r/min)







Standby power/Speed           (kW/r/min)







Fuel consumption                     g/(kW·h)




Oil capacity                                        (L)


Oil consumption                       g/(kW·h)


Starting method


Noise Lw                                        dB(A)






Applicable altitude                           (m)




Engine dimension (L×W×H)            (mm)

1100 ×750 ×1080

1100 ×750 ×960

Dry weight                                      (kg)




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