Yates Md-860S ( Bi-Color ) Adjustable Power Rechargeable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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*Product Description:



     Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (Stepless-Setting Variable Power Control)

  Model Number     MD-860S
       Voltage     8.4v (volts)
       Capacity     650 ml(milliliter)
       Weight     Main unit-0.95kg(kilograms)
    Dimensions     415*110*130mm(millimeter)
       Charger     100v~240v,50HGZ
    Charge Time

     Approximately 2h45mins. Red light indicates charging;

     turns to green light upon completion of charge.



     Vacuum main unit*1

    (includes HEPA filter-core*1, mesh filter cover*1),

     Long Extension Tube*1, Flexible Accordion Extension Hose*1,

     Crevice Tool*1, Multi-angle Round Dusting Brush*1,

     Universal Brush*1, Combo Floor & Carpet Tool*1,

     Proprietary Charger-1, How-to-use Diagram*1



1.Stepless-speed control selector: operator can freely select power


2.Extremely portable: only 0.95kg.
3.Power Indicator Light: Full charge run-time about 35~55 minutes,

   changes according to the power level used.
4.Battery Level Indicator Light: 4 stage Charge Indication, enables

   estimation of remaining usage time.
5.Safety Features:

   5.1) To ensure safety, the unit's on/off switch is inactivated during


   5.2) When the battery is at 20% charge or the voltage is less than 4.8v

          the unit automatically shuts-down in order to ensure safe

          operation and effectively extend the battery life.

6.Dual safety devise for protection:

   The battery and mother board have an internal over-charge,

   excessive-discharge protection device in order to increase operation


7.Lighting function: Attached independent light for illumination of dark

   areas during cleaning, power-use is 1 Watt.


        "Patent protected, all right reserved."





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Q:Manufacturing Engineering?
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