Welding Electrodes for Carbon Steel E6013/J421in China Hot Sale

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1.Detailed introduction to Welding Electrodes for Carbon Steel E6013/J421:

Description: E6013 is of low mild steel type electrodes with high titanium-potassium type coating and suitable for both AC and DC. It can weld in all position. Manipulate is free and restrike is easy.

Change product is suitable for welding vehicle, building, ships, machinery manufacturing of mild steel structure.Especially suitable for small and short plate weld of discontinuous welding and requirements of smooth surface covering welding.


2.Application to Welding Electrodes for Carbon Steel E6013/J421: 

Used to weld low carbon steel structures, especially suitable for welding thin flat, intermittent shorter welds, as well as some smooth appearance cover

Certificates: approved by ABS,BV,CCS,DNV,GL,LR,NK,KR,CE.


3.Details of Welding Electrodes for Carbon Steel E6013/J421:

Mechanical properties of all-weld specimens(%)
Test ItemRm(MPa)Rel(MPa)A(%)Akv(J)

Chemical composition of all-weld specimens(%)


4.Welding Electrodes for Carbon Steel E6013/J421 image: 

Welding Electrodes for Carbon Steel E6013/J421in China Hot Sale



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Q:What are the characteristics of SHJ507 welding rod?
SHJ507 is J507, and the SH in front represents only the manufacturer.J507 is a low sodium hydrogen electrode, it is a kind of basic electrode, welding steel structure in Q335 material, the tensile strength of E4315 is much larger relative to the common electrode (so do not on Q235 steel) because it is waste, the general welding force or steel structure dynamic load. For example, the ship, crane steel J507 welding rod diameter from 2.5, 3.2, 4, 5 can be carried out in all position welding, welding using DC welding machine, polarity reversal. If the same can not be used in the field of AC welding machine, butt weld forming large J507 quality sound shadow after welding is ugly (not the acid electrode), if the steel structure cover can be used for acid electrode. (. Requirement 507, there are 422 cover)
Q:How long is the Golden Bridge welding rod 427 electrode drying?
Not to mention electrode brand, brand J427 welding rod drying, holding time requirements are as follows:1: brand J427, model E4315 belongs to low hydrogen sodium type low carbon structural steel welding rod. The utility model belongs to an alkaline welding rod and adopts a reverse polarity reverse polarity welding application. It is used for welding of pressure vessels such as Q235R and Q245R, and has good impact toughness and crack resistance. The basic electrode is sensitive to moisture, and it must be heated to remove the moisture contained in the coating, so as to reduce the defect of the hydrogen hole in the weld metal.2: the welding rod for welding electrode drying oven, drying temperature at 350 degrees Celsius, ~400 degrees Celsius, drying time between 1 hours, ~2 hours. Then placed in the electrode insulation cylinder at 120 degrees Celsius ~180 degrees Celsius insulation (depending on the electrode, insulation cylinder input voltage, input current, insulation heating wire power size, etc.), with the use of welding rod with. Heating time is not more than 3 times.
Q:4 of the electrodes, what is the weight of a case?
As far as I know, the welding rod is not the pipe specification. They are 5 kilos a pack. One case is 20 kilos. At least the Atlantic has this kind of packing. There are two main kinds of welding rod. There is no need to be as complicated as the previous net friend, the acid welding rod and the basic welding rod. Acid electrode, that is, the most common, such as 422. This electrode is generally easy to use, not demanding, carbon steel, ordinary iron can be used, the basic electrode contains more. Mainly used for higher welding requirements. Boiler aspect. Such as 317.507.307., these 3 are carbon steel. There are 137.407 stainless steels. Also used for boiler pipes. Pressure vessel aspects. Specifications are common for 3.2, 4, 6, 2.5. That's all I know
Q:What kind of welding rod used for cast steel?
Layman questions must be answered in large vernacularCast steel can be considered as rolled steel of the same grade.Will the steel rod be selected?
Q:Who knows a package of ordinary 422 electrode, how many roots ah, small packets of that kind, a small package, how much money, I would like to know how much an average electrode, a little difficult
3.2 per kilo, 32 roots. 4 in diameter, 17 per kilogram. 5 in diameter, 11 per kilogram.5 kilos per package. Usually 20 kilos per box. (the difference is about 2.) 3.2 of the stores sell around 25 yuan a pack.An average of 0.156 yuan and 3.2 electrodes are considered.
Q:What's the difference between 422 and 506? What are their respective attributes?
Different skin, 422 belong to the acid welding rod, 506 belong to the basic electrode. The tensile strength is 422 kg per square millimeter, 506 kg 50 per square millimeter, 42.
Q:Method for using welding rod heat preservation barrel
Put the baked electrode into the barrel and take it with you. If the cooling, with the original plug a clamped welder + pole, a clamp of electric welding machine can be heated to very.
Q:Can ordinary 422 electrode welding pig iron?
If your "pig iron" refers to white cast iron, then please dispel the concept of welding. If the volume is not too large gray cast iron, the actual method of operation is cast iron hot welding.Equipment: cutting gun, AC welderProcess: welding workpiece positioning, and then open the oxygen preheating heating by gas burners for welding of cast iron by glowing red hot, and then use the 507 electrode welding current. Better heat preservation if the casting sand is used after soldering.
Q:What does the electrode strip E7108 stand for?
E is the abbreviation of "electrode" in English, which means "welding rod". 71 represents the tensile strength of metal deposited by electrode. 0 indicates the welding position of welding rod, and 8 indicates the property of electrode coating.
Q:Hand welding electrodes 3.2 and 4 which are more commonly used?
Electrode core diameter, that is to say, 3.2 of the electrode core is 3.2 millimeters in diameter, and 4 is 4 millimeters in diameter.The diameter of the welding rod is large, and the current should be larger when welding. High current, high efficiency, can be used in relatively thick plate welding. On the contrary, relatively thin plate welding, should choose a smaller diameter welding rod.Electrodes commonly used in three specifications, 3.2, 4, 5. Civil J422 and J506 more commonly used, industrial use of J507, J427 more. But the civilian use of 3.2 diameter more.

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