Waterproof Abrasives Disc Paper for Car Surface

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Waterproof Abrasives Disc Paper for Wood Surface

Waterproof abrasives disc  paper is made of high-quality alumina sand powder and kraft paper base, and bound with 100% real resin. Waterproof abrasives disc paper is mainly used in the grinding and buffing of automobiles, home furnishings, leather, 

home appliance cases, and mechanical parts.Waterproof abrasives disc paper can grind with water and has a highly-polished work piece. It will not contaminate the work piece when operating, and does not create dust pollution. It is moderately soft. Aluminum oxide ,silicon carbide and so on 

waterproof abrasives disc paper for wet sanding of paints, primes, surfaces of the automobile industries ,abrasives sanding paperalso used for sanding and finishing of plastics, leather ,mechanical components , furniture, precision instrument and hardware .




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Standard size    230mm×280mm

Have other special size made to order 

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Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

Waterproof Abrasives Disc  Paper  for Car Surface

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