vermicular casting iron

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ShanXi China (Mainland)
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casting and foundry industry
granule or powder
Si, Al, Ba, Ca, Fe
Chemical Composition:
Si, Al, Ba, Ca, Fe

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Packaging Detail:25kgs small packing into 1mt big bag.
Delivery Detail:Within 15 days after receipt of deposit.


1.15 years' manfacture experience
2.Controlled composition&size
4.High energy efficient in st


Ferro Silicon Barium is a new type of deoxidizer and has desulfurizing and dephosphorizing capacity. It's widely used in Metallurgy, Mechanical, Casting, Steelmaking industry. Silicon Barium alloy is a highly effective, long-term deoxidizer, also has the desulfurization efficiency, especially suitable for large workpieces, uneven thickness and thin little nasty cold sex of casting which could evidently improve the quality of castings.


1. Si-Ba alloy Mainly used in the deoxidization and desufidation in steelmaking.

2. It can also be used as additives in the producing of ferrous alloy.

3. Low barium alloy is mainly used as the inoculant of gray casting iron, ductile casting iron and vermicular casting iron.

4. The product is drawled from the high temperature and gets its form in secondary thin pouring. The Ba,Ca etc. chemical elements in it is stable.

5. It is assembly compacted. No segregation. No pulverization.

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