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3.effective deoxidizer and desulfurizer

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1.High content of Si,Ba,Ca

2.Lowest impurities such as P,S


4.All Can be controlled as customer's demands


1. it has a strong deoxidation and desulfurization effect as well as dephosphorize.

2.Barium can effectively reduce the vapor pressure of calcium, increase solubility of calcium in the molten steel, which improve the efficiency of deoxidation and desulfurization and improve the stability of calcium.


Excellent deoxidizer of Steel making secondary material, widely used in varies steel types especially well applied in BOF steelmaking deoxidization, improve the liquidity of molten steel and avoid built-up at the nozzle. Decrease gas and impurities.

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Packing Details: standard 1mt bag Size or granule or meet the customer's requirement

Delivery Date: Within 15 days after order placed

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Q:What are some of the advantages of recycling metal?
A metal replaces another metal from it's compound if this metal is more reactive than the one present in the metallic compound. The reaction of a metal with a metal compound results in a new metal compound, with the original metal present in the compound replaced by the reactant metal, IF AND ONLY IF this metal lies above the metal present in the metallic compound in the reactivity series. This can be written as: If a metal say metal1 reacts with a compound of another metal, say metal 2, then the reaction can be written as: Metal1
Q:Metal will never die out?
Metals are metallically bonded. this means there is a lattice of metal cations surrounded by delocalized electrons. This means that no electron is bonded to any specific ion in the metal lattice. (these ions are nuclei and inner shell electrons). this means that electrons are less tightly bound to the structure of the metal. this is why the photoelectric effect can occur (where light frees electrons from a metal surface completely).
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Q:Epic Metal or Power Metal?
Q:Any non satanic metal bands?
Yes, pure metals form crystals. In fact, naturally occuring native metals are always crystalline, although some would be better referred to as polycrystalline - they may not be perfect crystals, different regions may have different crystal structures. Special techniques (such as very rapid cooling) are required to produce amorphous metal - metal without a crystal structure. Even still, the difference in crystal structure is not that significant in determining conductivity, because the metal atoms are still in contact and are bonded through the valence electron sea. It is the unfilled valence shells that allow conduction to take place.
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