V Sterilization Bed Mattress UV Vacuum Cleaner - UV Cleaner for Mattress

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Product Description:

Product description:


Voltage : 220V 50HZ, 300w


Cable & plug : 4M VED Plug






1.UV Bed Vacuum cleaner with vibration pad

-UV 99% bacteria killing

-Dual suction entries patented

2.No telescopic tube, just for bed and sofa use only

3.Killing mites & bacteria through UV light

4.Universal wheel pneumatic to brush, It's easy to operate,nowhere for deep dust to hide 

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Q:What are the filtration methods for vacuum cleaners?
Rely on the cyclone dust cup and HEPA duct filter material filter, a reverse dust, easy to clean: dust cup filtered through the high-speed motor of the vacuum separation and waste gas, and then through the HEPA filter material, air purification, so as not to cause two pollution. The utility model has the advantages that the dust bag is not always changed; the disadvantage is that the dust is cleaned after being finished.
Q:What quote am I think of that has to do with vacuum cleaners?
Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.
Q:which is more powerful for suction, 2 amps motor or 15.6 volts motor for vacuum?
the electrical measure of the motor will not tell you how good the suction is. Two vacuum cleaners with the same motor type could have very different suction strength due to the motor design and even the design of the hoses. Honestly, I have never owned a Eureka, but the company has been making vacuum cleaners of high quality for a long time. If those are your two choices - go with the Eureka.
Q:Which type of vacuum cleaner is good?
A bad idea. I think Dyson make the best vacuum cleaners and there not too heavy if weight is an issue. Portable models often lack the power to clean well or quickly, and in the end when your cleaning those two reasons should direct your purchase.
some at this web page .. .I am sure there are others out there just Google: VACUUM CLEANER FOR LESS THaN $100
Q:My little brother hates vacuum cleaners.?
Lol he will probaly be fine. He is just a little kid who is probaly startled by the loud noises the vacuum makes. As he gets older he will learn it is nothing to be afraid of. In the mean time just vacuum when he is not home
Q:Do robot floor vacuum cleaners really work?
It relies upon how plenty you pay for it. I propose you do slightly analyze on manufacturers and think of approximately which of them seem respectable. My own adventure with a robotic vacuum is which you will desire to no longer apply it to stairs (notwithstanding all the manufacturers will variety) because of the fact I positioned it on the stairs and all the dirt and stuff got here out of it and went all over the floor.
Q:What is a decent inexpensive vacuum cleaner to buy?
about 6 months ago i bought a BISSELL vac for $79 at target. read many good reviews about it and the sucking power. it was all true! it is absolutely a great vacuum and cheap too. it will pick up stuff you never thought was there.
Q:Can fleas really escape a vacuum cleaner?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Can fleas really escape a vacuum cleaner? I'm currently treating my cats for fleas and have been on a hoovering mission to try and tackle the problem in the house. 99% of what I've read on the internet tells you that you MUST throw the bag away every time you hoover because fleas can escape! I can see how they may be able to...
Q:My Husband and I have argued about this for days...?
Always dust AFTER vacuuming because almost all vacuum cleaners expels some dust particles into the air. Now tell him you were right and make him take you out to dinner. <edits I see the majority says dust first, and I 100% disagree because of experience and having been a house keeper all my life. Think about it or better yet get a flashlight, turn the lights off and turn on the vacuum cleaner then shine your flashlight at the vacuum cleaner while it's running and you can see the dust particles flying out of it... and where will it go? on your freshly dusted furniture. I rest my case.

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