UV dust mites vacuum cleaner for bed and mattress

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Quick Details


Vacuum cleanr


Hand Held

Bag Or Bagless: 



clean on bed and home



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China (Mainland)


1)Great CCFL UV lamp kill dust mites 
2)Gearing punch with strong force of 15 N 
3)Multifuctional accessrores for clean home















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Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner for someone with cat allergies?
Most bagless vacuum cleaners have HEPA filters. You should be able to just go to your local target/wallmart/sears and pick one out. Another thing you can do to help is buy an air purifier for your roommate's bedroom. Most styles are basically a fan that pulls air through a HEPA filter. It would do a lot of good because allergy symptoms are usually worst in the morning right after someone wakes up since the person has been laying down sleeping which makes them prone to congestion.
Q:Why are vacuum cleaners quiet in the TV adverts?
They fool us!!!
Q:any suggestions for a vacuum???...?
Dyson all the way! I know it is over $400, but we have had it for many years!!! I just totally love it! We had been buying a new one at least once a year and when you consider if you spent like $80 on a new one that often, you are better off to invest in one that will last MANY YEARS! I love that the filters are lifetime, washable filters and I love the awesome suction and that it is bagless. The wand stretches all the way up a flight of sta rs and you can get many neat attachments for getting under beds and stuff. We got ours at Best Buy, but I am sure it would be WAY cheaper if you bought it off OKorder or checked Craigs List. Hope that helps! Tara
Q:Where can I learn how to repair vacuum cleaners (all models in general)?
I got to tell you these are the easiest things to repair and maintain. Go to the library they should have more then enough information. You'll need very little tools and some brushes. Grab a few from the trash and practice with them chances are you'll be able to fix them. They are all basically the same.
Q:Will Dyson vacuum accessories fit a standard 1 1/4 vac hose?
Of course Jack from customer service wouldn't say Dyson accessories would fit other vacs. He wants you to buy a Dyson. Well, I have a shop vac and it has a 1 1/4 inch hose, but I cannot amazingly find a stiff bristle brush to go with a shop vac. So I am trying to see if this stiff bristle brush can be made to fit.
Q:Why are Dyson Vacuum cleaners so expensive?
They say there supposed to be great work well great suction but I'm going to wait a while before buying maybe by then the price will go down anything new always has a big price tag like those flat screen TVS now they are more affordable!
Q:why are cats afraid of vacuums?
Because vacuum cleaners arent what u think the are. They're really big scary monsters trying to take over the world!!! I think your cat knows something most humans don't. DESTROY THAT EVIL VACUUM CLEANER BEFORE IT EATS U AND UR FAMILY UP... IM WARNING U!!!
Q:Should I dole out $400 for a vacuum cleaner.?
I personally don't have a cool vacuum because I simply cannot afford one, but I do have a husky (a notoriously hairy breed) and talk to other husky people, and they SWEAR by Dyson. From what I have heard, though, is that it is not that worth it to get the model specifically for pets, that one of the regular models should suffice. They have some cheaper models available at Target now, so check them out there.
Q:If earth atmosphere was twice as dense, by how much % power consumption of vacuum cleaners would change?
4 times
Q:Does this vacuum cleaner have a hose?
You type well for being blind. The hose is between the canister and floor wand. That is not an elephant trunk in the picture. Yes, the hose comes off, just like all vacuum cleaners. You also posted in the auto repair category.

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