UV Sterilization Bed Mattress - UV vacuum Cleaner for Mattress

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Product Description:

Product description:


Voltage : 220V 50HZ, 300w


Cable & plug : 4M VED Plug






1.UV Bed Vacuum cleaner with vibration pad

-UV 99% bacteria killing

-Dual suction entries patented

2.No telescopic tube, just for bed and sofa use only

3.Killing mites & bacteria through UV light

4.Universal wheel pneumatic to brush, It's easy to operate,nowhere for deep dust to hide 



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Q:Vacuum cleaners for pet hair?
I have a HOOVER-SAVVY it's under $300 and if you get the extended 3 yr. warranty should still be under $300. I used to go through a vacuum once a year and we didn't even have carpet... They would just die and I'd throw em' out. I got my HOOVER-SAVVY almost 5 yrs. ago as a birthday present and I LOVE it... I have 2 toddler and a large breed dog that sheds... It's NEVER failed me. I clean houses part-time for extra money and I started by using the clients vacuum... One day I brought my own vacuum from hom after I vacuumed the carpets I re-vacuumed with my HOOVER and I was AMAZED at all the stuff it picked up on a carpet that looked clean! So, I was sold! I vacuum EVERYDAY my house as well as 2 others... The vacuum works very, very well. Since I have the warranty I take my vacuum in 2x a yr. I'll usually call the customer service line with my policy number and tell them it's clogged or something weird.. I get a whole clean/check for FREE and it works like new! The vacuum doesn't take belts,bags so it's virtually maintance free. The only down side is the filters can be expensive. I have found them on sale at BEST BUY for under $40 for both... They last with normal use 2 yrs. For me since I have kids/pet and I clean other people's houses with children/pets. I replace mine every yr!... The vacuum isn't completely lightweight... I've tried those and have found they don't have enough horsepower.. This vacuum isn't super-heavy or superlight it's inbetween! It's easy to empty and replace the filters. It also has onboard attachments for furniture and high/hard to reach places. Though I like to use a wet/dry shopvac once a week on my furniture it's faster cuz. the attachments are bigger! Good luck
Q:What is the development status of vacuum cleaners?
Since the late 1990s, sales of vacuum cleaners in China have risen at an annual rate of 38%
Q:Is there a term for phobia of vacuum cleaners?
Q:What brand or type of vacuum is the most effective and most affordable?
For a small price what you get is crap and in vacuum cleaner terms $300 is a small price. $50 buys you a disposable one. For new ones, that is. Do what I did. Buy a really high end vacuum but buy a used one for less than half the price of a new one. I'm sure you have a vacuum cleaner service place somewhere around. See what they have. That's what I did 25 years ago and I'm still using the same vacuum. Yes, it cost me $500 but that was in 1988 or so. Counting a new motor installed a couple of years ago, one professional service after vacuuming all the drywall dust out of my new house, and filters, that vacuum has cost me about $37 a year. Wouldn't be surprised if it outlasts me.
Q:Is this normal for a dog?
its normal but no. my dog is pretty scared! like if its coming his way he starts running away and looking back. then he keeps looking back and runs into something!!! its so funny but even funnier cuz hes a black lab puppy!!! lol
Q:how are vacuums and airplanes similar?
vacuum cleaners, not the vacuum of space, right? Probably the cyclonic nature of the engine that creates the suction.
Q:Is kirby vacuum cleaners an MLM?
No. It is a franchised single owner business.
Q:I need a weak handheld vacuum cleaner.?
outstanding question.. i % one badly.. I even have had airborne dirt and dirt devil and 2 others.. forgot their names and none have been any stable.... i might % to have some corporation arise with a brilliant one yet right this moment, I even have not stumbled on one... be careful once you purchase one because of the fact they might look helpful and the readings approximately it ought to sound helpful yet save the receipt and return it whilst it proves to be valueless... extra suitable yet.. attempt to apply it interior the shop to degree its suction power previously you purchase it.
Q:Have the amount of murders by strangulation using a vacuum cleaner power cable decreased since the invention of cordless cleaners?
never crossed my mind
Q:Can anyone recommend an inexpensive vacuum for hardwood floors?
I use a swiffer dry mop. when I wash my hard wood floor, i use warm water and a little vinegar. cleans it great and doesn't leave any streaks

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