Two-layer Co-extrusion Down-ward Water-cooled PP Film Blowing Machine

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PP film blowing machine`s product features with good insulation,hot-sealing,low temperature resistance, mechanical performance



1) This  Water-cooled PP Film Blowing Machine Combined machine head with two-layer extrusion, lower blowing water (rapid) cooling, rotation of mould head


2) Good insulation, sealing, transparency, cooking, fresh-keeping, hot-sealing, and printing and other performance


3) The product produced by the machine features with good insulation, hot-sealing, low temperature resistance and mechanical performance.







Max. Folded Film Width




Film Thickness








Raw Material


Screw Diameter




Screw L/D




Total Power of the Machine







Shape Size(LxWxH)








Correct specifications depend on the actual model all spcifications are subject to change without prior notice

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Of course, the price is the final say.The same processing efficiency, processing capacity, selected models, from the price,
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4 bootStart the main engine. After running for a period of time, stop and check if the parts have rubbing. If you have, you must find out the cause and eliminate it.5 operation check1) is the temperature and separation performance of the machine in steady state?.2) there is no leakage of the sealing parts.3) whether there is any increase in vibration or noise; if it is increased, the cause must be ascertained.4) the working current of the motor is normal, whether the current fluctuates greatly.5) should always check the main bearing temperature, the temperature less than 75 DEG C, the temperature difference is less than or equal to 35 DEG C, bearing temperature is too high to be down to check the cause and shall be excluded.
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