CMAX High Output Two-layer Co-extrusion Down-ward Water-cooled Film Blowing Machine

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PP film blowing machine`s product features with good insulation,hot-sealing,low temperature resistance, mechanical performance



1) This  Water-cooled PP Film Blowing Machine Combined machine head with two-layer extrusion, lower blowing water (rapid) cooling, rotation of mould head


2) Good insulation, sealing, transparency, cooking, fresh-keeping, hot-sealing, and printing and other performance


3) The product produced by the machine features with good insulation, hot-sealing, low temperature resistance and mechanical performance.







Max. Folded Film Width




Film Thickness








Raw Material


Screw Diameter




Screw L/D




Total Power of the Machine







Shape Size(LxWxH)








Correct specifications depend on the actual model all spcifications are subject to change without prior notice


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Q:How to solve the oil press foam?
An oil press will not froth, and the pressed oil will froth
Q:Which is better, the plate type oil filter and the vacuum oil filter?
When to stop spinning oil bean out of the drum in the micro water surface, to attain the purpose of filtering, the filtered oil pure and clear, can be directly sold in cans or food. The centrifugal oil filter oil machine is the use of the high speed rotating from heart, the degree of pollution of lubricating oil of different oil, water and impurities by the effect of different centrifugal force and rapid separation.
Q:How does the oil filter usually be repaired and maintained?
Then place it where it is not easy to damp and dry. As for the maintenance of oil filters, specific conditions should be analyzed and treated.
Q:What is the difference in the filtration accuracy between the electrostatic oil purifier and the filter cartridge filter?
The electrostatic oil purifier can effectively absorb impurities from 0.02 M to 100 mu m, with high accuracy. Filter is mainly used to filter method, the accuracy of high and low, and the filter clogging. However, electrostatic adsorption is not easy to plug, and most of the adsorbed impurities are discharged from the machine
Q:Where has the waste lubricating oil to come in, it is the oil filter of the finished oil
But you call into oil means nothing more than to sell, not in repeated use, the oxidation of colored substance is soluble in oil cannot be filtered through ordinary oil filter, that is filtered to decolorization. You said the so-called "waste oil into refined oil" is not possible, to become the so-called refined oil, must decolorization, some of the products of domestic only through clay, activated carbon and other similar material to absorb, but even if the color change can not be used directly, through adsorption oil additives has been lost only, from the new processing additives can become a refined oil
Q:How to choose the proper plate and frame pressure filter
Plate and frame pressure type oil filter is usually thousands of dollars, the size of the model may be tens of thousands, the size of the model according to the filter needs to determine. The bigger the oil pump, filter plate, filter paper area and so on, the higher the price.
Q:Consult experts, power plant turbine oil vacuum filter machine, why use ah?
Coalescence type oil filter function to small droplets into large drops of water, only to remove non dissolved water, so only the oil in the water treatment by 180mg/L, cannot meet the requirements of national standard, but if the oil moisture content is very high, the dehydration rate of coalescence separation is faster.In short, if Water Leakage oil measuring system is relatively small, should be a vacuum oil filter, can make the turbine oil quality to meet national standards. If the water leakage is large, optional poly separation type, but can not make the oil to meet the requirements of gb.
Q:Operating principle and characteristics of electrostatic oil filter
The principle of electrostatic oil filter on the basis of attraction, using the Z potential of oil and water, colloid impurities, mechanical impurities and other impurities particles are different, when the impurity particles with the oil flow to the high pressure electrode plate, which quickly swim towards the opposite electrode direction, and is attached to the filter dirt between the upper electrode plate. At the same time, under the influence of static electricity, the impurity particles attached to the dust filter can also attract other impurity particles like the iron filings in the magnetic field. The separation principle has nothing to do with the size of the pollutant, but is related to the Z potential of the separated object.
Q:Why is there a load switch, no oil filter?
It's because there is no oil filter, conditional, budget or better.
Q:What is the influence of the vacuum degree of vacuum oil filter?
Vacuum oil filter machine is based on oil and water there is a big difference in boiling point, boiling water in a high vacuum state is greatly reduced (because the oil can not be run at high temperature can only be a vacuum state so that a large number of water evaporation and oil can remain liquid, so the choice of the vacuum state to oil-water separation), without considering the altitude. The general temperature at 65 degrees, vacuum 0.06MPA, oil-water separation effect is the best.

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