Polyethylene Blown Film Machine

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Polyethylene Blown Film Machine/Mini film blowing machine
2. Material : LDPE
3. Output: 80kg/h
4. Film Width:800~1200mm

Polyethylene Blown Film Machine

The machine is used to blowing PE film.




FILM WIDTH:200--400




FILM WIDTH:800--1200

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Q:Dr. oil mill, bag filter, instructions for use
Working principleThe vacuum oil filter is designed according to the different boiling points of water and oil. It consists of a vacuum heating tank, a fine filter, a condenser, a primary filter, a water tank, a vacuum pump, an oil drain pump and an electric cabinet.
Q:What is the effect of the oil filter on the filtration of fine particles?
When the temperature occurs, the reactions will not react with the filtered liquid and will pollute the filtered liquid. As long as it is not the core technology of the company, the problem of oil treatment and filtration can be exchanged.
Q:Operation description of turbine oil vacuum oil filter?
Water causes deterioration of oil quality. To slow down the oil quality, say to get rid of the water in the oil. The oil filter that you put together has not been used or seen, and I don't know its advantages and disadvantages, but I think it is a water filter that can remove water. Hope to be of help to you
Q:How often is the filter element of the transformer oil vacuum oil filter changed?
If the oil is very dirty, recommended for cleaning, if not timely replacement of the cleaning of the filter sludge filter blocked, causing pressure to filter limit rupture, and no way to clean, only for the new.
Q:Points for attention of vacuum oil filter
Inspection and inspection of vacuum oil filter1.1 check the vacuum filter oil machine electrical equipment (all kinds of meter) should be tested by units of regular inspection and testing, qualified before they can be put into use.1.2 whether the machine is stable or not, test and check, there should be no shaking or vibration.1.3, check the inlet and outlet pipe is installed correctly, the external pipe is firmly installed, hose and metal pipe joints are applied monkey hoop tight, as a way to prevent the pipeline run off measures.
Q:Why is the first oil filter of centrifugal oil filter not clear?
Salt water and sludge are thrown to the wall, and out of the net oil, with centrifugal filtration, the first temperature must be 80 degrees for the best
Q:What's the difference between an oil filter and an oil press?
The oil in the wok heating material first, let the material molecular re combination again into the press in the press, by squeezing out oil, commonly known as the "oil", the crude oil containing substances affect human health, to his oil filter filter, after filtering the oil can be eaten.
Q:Where is the vacuum oil purifier repaired?
Then there is a problem with the pump, the pump needs to be repaired.Find a supplier to repair it
Q:How many kinds of transformer oil vacuum oil filters are available?
Sum up, as long as you know what the oil is, know the amount of oil, want to achieve what effect, you can find the right transformer oil, vacuum oil filter, hoping to help you, hope to adopt
Q:Can the filter core be made to order?
This is the type of machine configured, oil big oil press machine for you to answer.

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