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Quality assurance & Inspection
* Chemical analysis
* Mechanical properties
* Bending testing
* Flaring testing
* Flattening testing
* Penetration testing
* Pneumatic testing (optional)
* Hydrostatic testing
* Eddy current testing (optional)
* NDT Ultrasonic testing (depend on specification)

Size of Titanium tube and Pipe
Seamless - OD2.0-219 mm, WT 0.3-8.0 mm, length < 18000 mm
Wedled - OD120 mm and up, WT up to 12.7 mm, length acc. to request

Industrial Applications
Titanium has found a niche in many industrial applications where corrosion resistance is required. Here are some of the common applications of titanium in corrosion resistant service:

Chlorine Chemicals   Sea Water
Hydrochloric Acid     Sulfuric Acid
Phosphoric Acid      Nitric Acid

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Q:Titanium tube welding on the back of the blue, and then fill the welding, welding qualified?
Unqualified depends on the specific detection method, in fact, weld defects are already there.
Q:What is the limit of the leakage of the condenser titanium tube?
Can be found in the contract. This margin is the limit of the number of leaks that the heat exchanger leaks.
Q:What is the difference between titanium ta2 / gr9 / tc4?
TC4 refers to titanium alloy No. 4. With high specific strength and high specific modulus, corrosion resistance is often used as strong acid, alkali and other pipe is not suitable for transport media. Suitable temperature is -140-250 ° C
Q:Fish tank refrigerator titanium tube evaporator sometimes very loud is how is it?
The titanium tube ring may be the sound of the refrigerant flow. If the system has a local block, but also issued a very loud noise
Q:Air-conditioning spiral titanium tube how can sell
First, the way the car thread out of a thread G90G0X31 Z0 positioning
Q:Does the production of sponge titanium enterprises belong to the hazardous chemicals industry?
Sponge titanium production is the basic link of titanium industry, it is titanium, titanium and other titanium components of raw materials. The ilmenite into titanium tetrachloride, and then into the sealed stainless steel cans, filled with argon, so that they react with magnesium metal, to be "sponge titanium"
Q:What is the proportion of titanium tube
The specific gravity of the titanium tube is 4.5 g / cm3
Q:Titanium tube and stainless steel welding with what electrode?
Titanium tube with stainless steel welding is the use of inert gas on the welding area for effective protection of TiG welding process. As the titanium material has a special physical and chemical properties, and thus the welding process and other metals there is a big difference
Q:SA334 Gr.1 is not a titanium tube?
Gr.1 is a grade inside the standard, specific ingredients and mechanical properties please refer to ASME SA334 or ASTM A334
Q:Titanium tube with 316 steel which is more acid?
316 stainless steel due to the addition of Mo elements, so that its corrosion resistance, and high temperature strength has greatly improved, high temperature can reach 1200-1300 degrees, can be used in harsh conditions

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