Titanium sheet good surface and usage

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Product Description:

(1)Material: titanium
Grade: Gr1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10...

Standard: ASTM B348, ASTM F67, ASTM F136, AMS4928, MIL4911
Size: high-accuracy----Dia3.0-20mm*L>3000mm

(2) Applications of our products
Medical, aerospace, military, petrochemical engineering, metallurgy, electroplating, vacuuming metal usage, sports and so on.

(3) Tolerance/Precision: h9-h7

(4) Minimum Order: Comply with customer's demand
(If the quantity is less than our MOQ, we may recommend you the similar dimension in stock. )

(5)Advanced equipment:
Due to its special farbrication technology and equipment, titanium capillary differs a lot to other metal capillary. Only a few companies can manufacture high precision micro titanium capillary in China. With the help of our professional engineers in our factory, we are in a position to improve our machines so that high quality products are produced according to customers' requirements.

(6) Manufacture Process

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Q:What is the convective coefficient and the heat load coefficient of the hot rolled titanium plate?
China's first hot-rolled titanium coil recently in Valin Lianyuan a successful test roll.
Q:Whether the titanium plate is soft after annealing
Solution treatment is to improve the mechanical properties of materials, tissue hardness and a series of processing of the assembly
Q:Titanium nails in the body, titanium plate, can be security door?
Does not affect the body to carry metal objects, access to the factory access control security equipment will ring
Q:Why do you want to use titanium nail titanium plate fixed?
According to the computer three-dimensional simulation design needs to intercept a specific size of the bone, and then use titanium nails and other special materials will be separated from the bone re-connection and shaping
Q:What is the price of titanium plate?
Industrial commonly used industrial titanium is TA2, because of its corrosion resistance and comprehensive mechanical properties of moderate. TA3 can be used for wear and strength requirements. TA1 is available for better molding performance
Q:Baoji Titanium Factory, which can set up offices in Shenzhen? I want to sell titanium plate
Baoji private processing of titanium in particular, quality, composition is not the same as every family. The same standard also has a grade of points.
Q:Can the titanium plate material be quenched?
Generally only a single α-stabilized element or neutral element of the titanium alloy, although heated to the β-phase quenching, but not the metastable phase.
Q:Precipitation of titanium plate.
Light drawing deformation can also be, so the drawing die and the like should not do anything to change, but some rounded corners may be appropriate to enlarge a little, after all, it is not good plastic steel, easy to shrink cracking, of course, the existing mold The surface hardness is to meet the requirements yet to be investigated, not have to be plated.
Q:Can i titanium plates be welded with titanium wire only?
This is generally the case, the choice of the appropriate titanium wire is critical, titanium welding can not have a little bit of impurities or do not match the base metal wire
Q:Extraction of Titanium Plate Implanted by Orthognathic Surgery
Swollen certainly a little bit, because you start surgery boring, and certainly reaction, remove the incision as small as possible, so you do not worry too much.

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