Titanium tube new stye

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Size of Titanium tube and Pipe
Seamless - OD2.0-219 mm, WT 0.3-8.0 mm, length < 18000 mm
Wedled - OD120 mm and up, WT up to 12.7 mm, length acc. to request

Industrial Applications
Titanium has found a niche in many industrial applications where corrosion resistance is required. Here are some of the common applications of titanium in corrosion resistant service:

Chlorine Chemicals   Sea Water
Hydrochloric Acid     Sulfuric Acid
Phosphoric Acid      Nitric Acid

Typical grade and specification for titanium tube and pipe

ASTM GradeAlloyDINUNSSpecification
Grade 1Commercially pure3.7025R50250
Grade 2Commercially pure3.7035R50400
Grade 5Ti-6Al-4V3.7164/5R56400
Grade 7Ti-0.15Pd3.7235R52400
Grade 9Ti-3Al-2.5V3.7195R56320
Grade 12Ti-0.3Mo-0.8Ni3.7105R53400
Other grade and alloy are available by request

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Q:TA2 titanium tube can bear much pressure
I will sell the wall thickness of 5 mm length is 60 and 40 two specifications to the time will go to the pressure to do the test report
Q:Titanium tube is ta1 material, titanium rod is ta2 material?
Purity is less than 99.6 percent pure titanium is TA2
Q:The difference between titanium tube and stainless steel tube
Titanium tube and austenitic stainless steel mechanical properties are similar. Titanium tube even better and lighter. But titanium melting, processing technology requires high.
Q:What is the main consumer of titanium tube?
Seawater desalination is the main application of the direction, desalination and so on
Q:Titanium alloy and high pressure aluminum tube which is better
So to answer this question will consider the actual use, can use aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy is better than titanium, otherwise, the best titanium.
Q:What is the density of titanium?
The density of titanium is 4.506-4.516 g / cm (20 ° C)
Q:Why does the titanium tube bend during the bending process?
This diameter, wall thickness, bending radius, elbow process and titanium tube rolling process are related to the process
Q:Why titanium tube can withstand high pressure
Titanium alloy strength and shape and hardness is relatively high
Q:Diameter 12.7mm thickness 0.6mm titanium tube how to test its material and identification methods
Spark: Most of the metal polished on the grinder is red or dark red, and titanium sparks are white (similar to the color of the fluorescent lamp), which is very important,
Q:What are the production standards for titanium tube?
GB / 228 metal tensile test method

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