STEEL CYLINDER CNG Stell Cylinder for Vehicle

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  • Material:                Steel

  • Use:                     CNG

  • Pressure:             High

  • Place of Origin:   Liaoning, China (Mainland)

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Delivery Detail:as soon as possible


1.good low temperature toughness
2.fatigue resistance
3.low weight
4.high safety            
STEEL CYLINDER CNG Stell Cylinder for Vehicle                

In today's world,the oil resource decreases rapidly,while the storage of the Natural Gas is comparatively abundant.As a result,CNG vehicles using natural gas as power material becomes popular and are highly recommended as green environmental resources as well as to furthest reduce the pollution of exhaust gases to the environment

CNG composite Cylinder with Stell liner(hoop-wrapped)for Vehicle manufactured by our company fulfills the design and manufacturing requirements of ISO11439:2000 Gas cylinders-High pressure cylinders for the on-board storage of natural gas as a fuel for automotive vehicles.our products are designed for buses,cars and for a wide range of various Natural Gas Vehicles applications with good low temperature toughness,fatigue resistance,low weight,high safety,and etc.Our products have various specifications and types.The water capacities of cylinders include 40L,45L,50L,55L,60L,65L,70L,80L,90L,100L,110L,120L and other specifications.
CNP20-40-279A                                                      4027951895
CNP20-46 -279A46571006
CNP20-48 -279A48591043
CNP20-50 -279A50611080
CNP20-60 -279A60711265
CNP20-70 -279A70821450
CNP20-80 -279A80921636
CNP20-90 -279A901031821
CNP20-100 -279A1001132006
CNP20-110 -279A1101232191
CNP20-120 -279A1201342376
CNP20-50 -365A5035656707
CNP20-55 -365A5561763
CNP20-57 -365A5763786
CNP20-60 -365A6065819
CNP20-65 -365A6570875
CNP20-70 -365A7074931
CNP20-75 -365A7579875
CNP20-77 -365A7781931
CNP20-70 -365A7083987
CNP20-82 -365A82851010
CNP20-85 -365A85911043
CNP20-90 -365A901041066
CNP20-100 -365A1001131099
CNP20-110 -365A1101141155
CNP20-111 -365A1111161266
CNP20-113 -365A1131221378
CNP20-120 -365A   1201311390
CNP20-130 -365A1301141410
CNP20-140 -365A1401161490
CNP20-145 -365A1451221602

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