NEW CNG CYLINDER for CAR or buses or trucks or Autorickshaws

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Gujarat, India

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Associate Cylinders

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Widely recommended

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Packaging Details:Cylinders will be individually wrapped in plastic wrap and covered with H D P E bag & stuffed loose in container. Or with Pallatization as per customers requirment.
Delivery Detail:4 to 6 weeks from order placed

NEW CNG CYLINDER for CAR or buses or trucks or AutorickshawsSpecifications




The robust  production line  for seamless steel cylinders is  used to manufacture cylinders of diameter 232-406 , with water capacities 20 liter 200 liter  for a variety of on board applications .


  Associate High pressure technologies pvt ltd ,  sells  its robust output of 4,80,000 cylinders to markets growing with CNG infrastructure  , mainly targeting   the  Asia Pacific Region like Iran , Pakistan , Bangladesh , Thailand , Malaysia and other CIS countries .


The firm also intends to sell in other countries like Africa , Burma  for which the  Associate group has an established  network of offices .


With an in-house advanced design division and manufactured from high quality German machines and technology Associate High pressure technologies believe in delivering  highest quality and  safety to its customers with promising on the  time delivery commitment  across any geographical boundries  


Using state of the art manufacturing and testing facilities , Associate cylinders  adhere to strict  international quality standards ISO 11439 , NZS 5454 etc

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Q:Application of hydraulic and pneumatic in industry
Hydraulic pay attention to heavy planting and stability, pneumatic attention to dexterity and speed and environment, pneumatic can be used in the pharmaceutical, food industry, each has advantages
Q:Pneumatic cylinder stem can replace pneumatic hydraulic jacking rod. Who is big?
The former is different from the latter in structure, material and service performance. In the same size of the cylinder and piston rod diameter under the condition of using hydraulic working oil pressure cylinder is generally above 50~110kg/cm2; the use of pneumatic pressure in the cylinder is generally only 5~7kg/cm2 (permissible pressure of not more than 10kg/cm2).
Q:What is the basic working principle of the cushion device in the hydraulic cylinder?
For the high-pressure system, also need auxiliary measures to cushion cylinder movement impact, close at each end of the cylinder stroke position, set the stroke the switch is controlled by the stroke switch of the hydraulic cylinder flow;
Q:What is the specific meaning of the cushion hydraulic cylinder HSGK01-160/110E-5221-550*905?
HSG--- double acting single piston hydraulic cylinder, piston type K--- card key, 01--- for the Y type sealing ring, 160/110E--- bore diameter is 110, 160, a pressure of 16MPa, 5221---5 said the cylinder head or cylinder middle flange connection, 2 piston rod end thread, 2 (second 2) the cylinder head end buffer 1 oil port internal thread; 550 stroke, 905 for the minimum installation distance.
Q:The effective working area of the hydraulic cylinder is 50cm
The flow is equal to the cross sectional area multiplied by the flow velocity,The flow rate in the problem is the piston movement speed, 5m/minThe area is 0.5 square decimeter decimeter, the flow rate was 50 per minute,So the flow is 25L/min
Q:What is the best way to repair the hydraulic rod / cylinder?
Compared with welding repair technology, the problems of local high temperature will not occur. Electroplating repair technology is the use of electrolysis principle, the bath metal ions reduced to metal atoms, and deposited on the metal surface, forming a high binding force and a certain thickness of the repair layer.
Q:What is the four link mechanism of hydraulic support?
Four link mechanism is an important part of hydraulic support, including: connecting rod, rear connecting rod, shield beam and base.1. The connecting rod group consists of the connecting rod body, the connecting rod big head cover, the connecting rod small head bushing, the connecting rod big head bearing bush and the connecting rod bolt (or screw). The connecting rod group bears the force acting on the piston pin and its swing and the reciprocating inertia force of the piston group, and the magnitude and direction of these forces are periodically changed. Therefore, the connecting rod is subjected to alternating load such as compression and tension.
Q:How can the hydraulic piston head and cylinder match tolerance be adjusted 20?
2, the piston head and cylinder matching, in operation is to rely on oil sealing ring to seal the cylinder cavity.
Q:Is the hydraulic cylinder at rated pressure the greater the stroke and the greater the pressure, is there a formula?
Bore diameter: hydraulic cylinder jacket, unit mm;Hydraulic pressure: hydraulic system to provide the maximum hydraulic pressure, unit MPa * 10.Such as:If the bore 280mm, hydraulic pressure of 25 MPa, then the cylinder thrust3.14 * (28 / 2) x 2 (25 x 10) / 1000=153.86 (ton)
Q:Is the hydraulic cylinder or pneumatic cylinder good, their respective advantages?
Cylinder: once in place, hydraulic cylinder: according to the needs of the lift, cylinder speed, hydraulic cylinder relative to the cylinder slower, gas compression ratio, liquid compression ratio is small.

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