Hydraulic Ram Earthquake Hydraulic Ram 10 -80Tons

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2.Seal:Merkel or Parker
3.Working pressure:16-25Mpa.
4.10 years of experienc

CMAX series engineering hydraulic Cylinder

(1)working pressure:16MPa

(2)Piston diameter: 40-250mm

(3)Seals:Merkel or Parker

(4)Sensor: MTS or Balluff

cylinder diamete r      (mm)
piston rod diameter (mm)max stroke (mm)

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Q:Application of hydraulic and pneumatic in industry
Hydraulic pay attention to heavy planting and stability, pneumatic attention to dexterity and speed and environment, pneumatic can be used in the pharmaceutical, food industry, each has advantages
Q:What does hydraulic cylinder type "HSG 80/60-1100" mean?
The complete specifications are as follows:HSG* cylinder head linkage mode -D/d* pressure level - mounting mode * piston rod mounting mode * with buffer * oil port connection type * stroke * mounting distance
Q:Urgent, how, on the mechanical hydraulic buffer for a large amount? What mechanical pneumatic elements are used?
There are large amounts of buffers on machines with actuators, such as cylinders, guides, etc.Large amount of pneumatic components - assembly line, a high degree of automation special plane, PCB detection, paste, exposure, screw machine, mechanical hand, vulcanizing machine, press, and so on
Q:Could you tell me whether the pressure gauge above the hydraulic press shows the pressure on the piston of the hydraulic cylinder or the pressure on the surface of the pressed piece?. Five
No, you want the workpiece to be the force, and the pressure gauge shows the pressure. F=PXS. If ventilation occurs, the cylinder bore and air pressure need to be recalculated.
Q:What's the difference between the cylinder and the hydraulic?
The cylinder is compressed air as the power source, installation, use and maintenance are very simple and convenient, hydraulic cylinder is hydraulic oil as the power source of great output.
Q:Hydraulic principle
A typical hydraulic system comprises a hydraulic pump, hydraulic oil tank, directional control valve, flow control valve, the working cylinder, plunger valve and pressure relief valve. Three kinds of typical hydraulic pump hydraulic system used in gear pump, vane pump and axial reciprocating pump. Pump is the power component liquid system is the heart of the hydraulic pump control element. (including the flow valve, relief valve, directional valve and proportional valve etc.) for controlling and regulating the fluid pressure. The flow and direction, to meet the performance requirements of equipments, and the realization of various work cycle, the implementation of components to the pressure of the liquid can be converted to mechanical energy, so as to drive the movement of the mechanism.
Q:Compared with hydraulic cylinder and cylinder, what are the advantages of electric cylinder?
Closed loop servo control, the control accuracy of 0.01mm, precision control thrust, increase the pressure sensor, control accuracy of 1%; it is easy to connect with PLC and other control systems to achieve high-precision motion control. Low noise, energy saving, clean, high rigidity, shock resistance, long life, simple operation and maintenance. The electric cylinder can be no trouble in the abominable environment, and the protection grade can reach IP66. Long term work, and achieve high strength, high speed, high precision positioning, smooth movement, low noise. Therefore, it can be widely used in the paper industry, chemical industry, automobile industry, electronics industry, machinery automation industry, welding industry, etc..Low cost maintenance: electric cylinder in complex environment, only need regular grease lubrication, no wearing parts need maintenance, replacement, will be compared to hydraulic system and pneumatic system to reduce a large number of after-sales service costs.The best substitute of the hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder of the electric cylinder can completely replace the hydraulic cylinder and the cylinder, and the environment is more environmentally friendly, more energy-saving advantages, more clean, easily connected with the PLC control system, to realize the high precision motion control.Configuration flexibility: provide installation and configuration is very flexible, installation of components of the whole series: before the installation after the flange, flange, flange side, rear hinged, trunnion mounting, guide module and servo motor; can be installed, or installed in parallel; can increase all kinds of accessories: limit switch, speed reducer, pre tightening nut you can choose; drive AC brake motor, DC motor, stepper motor, servo motor
Q:About the problem that hydraulic cylinders can take the place of cylinders
I suggest changing the hydraulic pressure, because the hydraulic pressure is steady and the force is great. Thank you You can contact any hydraulic problem.
Q:Can the cylinder be used as an internal combustion cylinder? 5
Sorry, I don't know much about it! I can't help you!!
Q:How much money machine hele ah, pneumatic hele surface machine, hydraulic machine hele surface what is the difference between ah
the user can use the back to add hydraulic oil, pneumatic delivery manufacturers generally do not take the pump, because the pump volume, will increase the cost of logistics,

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