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1-Excellent quality with competitive price.


2-World famous brand hydraulic system and other key parts.


3-Hydraulic Excavator is good excavator,have good preformance.


4-perfect after-sale service system.


                                                    Main  Technical  Paramenters
Main ParametersModelHW130-8A
(CBM) Bucket capacity0.53m3
(KG) Operating weight13000
(kN) Bucket digging force80
EngieEngine     ModelCUMMINS-4BT3.9
(Kw/rpm) Rated Power84.5/2000
Emission standardⅡphase
Hydraulic System
(L/min) Flow rate of Motor2X132.7
travel motorDOOSAN-TM22VC
rotary motorDOOSAN-TSM72CHB
Pressure SettingWorking Device Circuit31.4
Travel Circuit31.4
Swing Circuit25.5
Control Circuit3.9
Working Range(mm)   Max. digging height8622
(mm) Max. dumping height6172
(mm) Max. digging depth5504
(mm) Max. vertical digging depth4661
(mm) Max. digging radius8310
(mm)    Max. digging radius at Ground Level8183
Performance of the Macine(rpm)   Swing speed9.6
(Kpa)Ground pressure40.6
Overall   Dimensions(mm)Length7654
(mm)Height(to top of boom)3005
(mm) Tail Swing radius2185
(mm)Track length3490
(mm)Track gauge1960
(mm)Shoe width500



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Q:How can I make a path through steep hill?
Hire a local contractor with a small track dozer or one of the mini excavators.
Q:Where can I get information on participating in an Archaeological dig?
When you search the AIA look at the listings carefully: many are commercial ventures which want you to pay a fair amount for the 'privilage' of digging with them (rather than a university project which needs volunteers). Even if you have no experience, there are better options (trust me on that).
Q:What should discovers look for when attempting to determine a species found?
Q:Problem with basement flooding!?!?! plz help!?
The heater, even yet it evaporates the water, provides humidity to the section. Humidity provides to the musty scent. A dehumidifier works superb. A undesirable guy's dehumidifier could nicely be to place a fan in the basement and enable it run. (After a recent comparable situation, I enable mine run for approximately 2 days). If the subject maintains, you have gotten mould in the padding. if so, pull the carpeting up in areas that have been soaked, and cut back out the pungent padding. you are able to replace it with an identical padding offered from the interior reach ironmongery keep. in case you pull the carpeting up, it quite is advisable to spray the backing with some kind of a sterilizing spray that could kill mould/mould. desire that this facilitates.
Q:In Illinois we call J.U.L.I.E to find under ground utilities, who do you call?
California call DIGALERT Toll Free @ 1-800-227-2600 Rather it was julie.They refer to the service as USA's or Underground Service Alert of Southern California
Q:is zoo med excavator easily cleaned?
I wouldn't recommend it. It's messy, hard to clean, and can cause impaction.
Q:Does any one know if an Australian LE excavator license is accepted in Norway?
I would assume that it will be accepted, but you have to apply to have it vetted by the Norwegian authorities. I have provided some links that might be of some help. According to the Accreditation Authorities this is the process for your profession: Excavator operator (Gravemaskinfører) Application process You must send your application with a copy of your driving licence to Arbeidstilsynet Oslo, by letter, e-mail or fax. You must supply a translation of your driving licence if it is issued in a language other than English or one of the Nordic languages. In the application you must state the postal address of the person who will receive the letter of authorisation (preferably your employer). For more info see the link below.
Q:mtg blue/black mill help?
Whoa!!! first, do away with each thing. (srry) Then, an outstanding concept could be to pass eco-friendly and blue and black. upload 4 jace's erasures upload 4 jace's archivists upload 4 hedron crabs 4 fogs 4 tanglesaps 4 frog element from upward push of eldrazi this is a fog 4 misty rainforest 4 terramorphic/evolving wilds 4 preordain 4 counterspell 2 or 3 push aside a rewind or 2 4 archive capture 4 innovations funeral 4 verdant catacombs upload that card that costs UB and has aim participant mill 10. that ought to get you all started.
Q:What is involved in building my own home?
This depends upon government regulations. Most places will not allow you to build your own house; you know, keep the status quo. They claim it is for the good of the people; you know, building codes and all that baloney. My builder used used lumber in my house; the cement floor in the basement was cracked before I moved in, etc., etc., etc. So, IF, I mean IF you would be allowed to build your own house (depending upon the costs in your region) $30,000 to $40,000 is all. (It could be built for far less if, for instance, you live in the woods of Oregon, California, Montana, Arkansas, where ever, and you fell the trees and built a log cabin; or, in those places with abundant rocks of usable size, use used rocks, etc.) Half to two thirds of the cost is for labor. Fees, permits, etc., take up hundreds to thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars.
Q:I have a very large uneven yard with lots of noticable boulders coming through grass?
Call local excavation and grading contractors in your area. You will get free quotes and better advice. You will find it cheaper this way. Unless you and your husband want to play with big toys! If thats the case,, Get the biggest Bobcat you can find and have fun!

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