Single-way Large Power D.C. Regulated Power Supply 1200W

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

The WYJ series D.C. Regulated power supply is the one whose output voltage is variable. They have the functions of continuous adjustment output voltage and fixed output to be chosen as per requirements. The circuit consists of integrated circuit and power amplifier, with single-way output and multi-ways independent output. The circuit has functions of high steady in capability, reliability in characteristic, steady in output voltage, small size novel appearance, suitable for scientific research institutes, manufactories, electric appliance serices and so on.

2. Product Characteristic:

Two-way output
Two numeral tubs show the value of output voltage and current separately through the choice switch.
The regulated voltage and current can be switched automatically and showed by luminous tube.
The two-way output voltage can be serial-shunt operation as per requirement, while in serial and shunt operation ,one of the main
power can follow the voltage or current(shunt).
It adopts the mode of protection of current limitation, which can be adjusted as per requirement.
It can add up to 5V/3A fixed voltage output as the users’ requirements.
Full plastic frame, novel appearance.



Power reaction:CV≤1x10-4+0.5mV CC≤2x10-3+1mA

Load reaction:CV≤1x10-4+2mV CC≤2x10-3+3mA

Measurement and weight:290x158x135mm 3~6kgs
Output voltage: Between OV-30V can be adjusted continuously
Output current:0-30A(WYJ1730SC 30A/WYJ1730SL 30A
WYJ1730SC 30A/WYJ1730SL 30A)


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Transformers Plates
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