Seal ceramic textile fiber rope

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Product Description:

Quick Details


Twisted Rope


Heat Insulation








HA (High Aluminum)

Chemical Composition:


Ultimate Strength (≥ MPa):


Working Temperature:


Fiber Diameter:


Thermal Conductivity:

0.075-0.175 w/m.k

Shrinkage (1800℉, 3h):


Place of Origin:

 China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

Model Number:

ceramic textile fiber rope



fire-resistant rope density:


ceramic rope:

ceramic rope braided

fire resistant rope:

ceramic textile fiber rope

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:ceramic textile fiber rope package: carton with inner plastic bag
Delivery Detail:15days after receiving advance payment

Production description of ceramic textile fiber rope   


Ceramic fiber ceramic rope twisted



Ceramic fiber ceramic rope twisted

Ceramic fiber ceramic rope twisted

Ceramic fiber ceramic rope twisted




** Good thermal insulation

** Excellent high temperature strength

** Good electrical insulation properties

** High chemical stability 

** Low thermal conductivity


Typical Use

Hightemperature pipe insulation and seal,cable 

insulation coating, flexible expansion joint 

connection,coke oven opening seal



FOB Price

4-6.5 USD/KG



Payment Terms

L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T


Carton with inner plastic bags


Within 15 days after delivery deposit




Product details of ceramic textile fiber rope                             












Twisted Rope


Glass filament





Stainless steel





Round Braided



Glass filament





Stainless steel





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Q:Wrap the entire exhaust pipe of the car with fiberglass cloth. Can you reduce noise? Does it affect the exhaust pipe and the service life of the car? Thank you
I would suggest that you find a muffler that is different from your model, a little larger and a little better. It's more convenient to change it directly. You can turn to the market and look for it.
Q:What's the use of glass fiber?
Glass fiber weaves through the organization, every kind of glass fabric, glass cloth, glass cloth. Both are not afraid not afraid of acid, alkali, filter cloth, it is used as a chemical plant is very ideal. In recent years, many factories have adopted the glass cloth instead of cotton, cloth sack, making bags. This kind of bag rot, moisture anti corrosion, durable, very popular, and also save a lot of cotton. With exquisite patterns of large glass wall, with adhesive to the wall of a stick, elegant appearance, from painting and maintenance, as long as a dirty cloth, the walls immediately become clean.Both glass fiber insulation, and heat insulation material, so it is very good. At present, the majority of China's motor and electric appliance factory has used a large number of glass fiber insulation materials. A 6000 kW turbo generator, wherein the insulating member with glass fiber has reached more than 1800! Due to the use of glass fiber insulation the material, not only improves the performance of the motor, and reduces the volume of the motor, but also reduces the cost of the motor, is really one.
Q:What kinds of fiberglass mesh do you have?
The mesh cloth is based on medium alkali or E-glass fiber woven fabric and is treated with alkali resistant coating. The product has high strength and good alkali resistance, and plays an important structural role in the thermal insulation system, mainly to prevent cracks. Due to its excellent acid, alkali and other chemical substances pedants performance and weft tensile strength is high, can make the wall stress of dispersed insulation system, can avoid the extrusion deformation, external force caused by the collision of the insulation structure, the insulation layer has high impact resistance strength, and easy to construction and quality control, to "soft steel" role in the insulation system.
Q:What do 02 and 04 of fiberglass cloth refer to?
Glass fiber fabric is a roving fabric, and it is an important base material of hand sticking glass fiber reinforced plastic. The main strength of cloth on the latitude and longitude direction of fabric, weft or warp for high strength occasions, can also be woven into unidirectional cloth, it can be more roving to warp or weft arrangement, single warp and single weft cloth to cloth. The roving roving is made up of parallel filaments or parallel filaments. According to the composition of glass, roving can be divided into E-GLASS alkali free glass roving and alkali glass roving in C-GLASS.
Q:I would like to have a one meter high body sculpture turned into glass fiber reinforced plastic, please ask how thick coated resin, glass fiber cloth should be paved several layers of solid?
The wall thickness of 3mm resin on the line, as long as a layer of glass cloth can be, if you want to use the gel coat resin, resin glass steel production when first brushes in the mold inside the gel with good. Each piece of mold in the resin brush, glass cloth affixed to all the solidification of the scraping edge of the mold. Repair after demoulding.
Q:Bamboo fiber knowledge
Phyllostachys pubescens mainlyBamboo fiber is a natural bamboo fiber prepared by combining physical and chemical methods. Making process: bamboo to make bamboo slice, steamed bamboo slice, crushing, decomposing, biological enzyme degumming, carding fiber, weaving fiber.
Q:Is it OK to make a model with fiberglass cloth and paint brush on the model?
Hello Yes, but the effect is not very good. It is better to use ABS plastic material, which is beautiful and durable!
Q:Glass of "glass" can also be how to group words?
[Bohr's theory of atoms] the theory of atomic structure based on Rutherford's nuclear structure model, the classical laws of motion and Planck's quantum concepts. The main contents are as follows: (1) atoms can only be in a seriesThe discontinuity of energy state, in the state of atoms is stable, although electronic accelerated motion, but not radiate energy; (2) atoms from a state transition to another state, it is a certain frequency photon radiation, photon energyEqual to the energy difference between the two stationary states; (3) the different energy states of the atom correspond to the motion of electrons along different circular orbits.
Q:How to make a fishing boat with fiberglass cloth?
If you use it, do not pay attention to too much, there is probably a can, in the mold to pull out the line on the line.
Q:Who has a Chinese English translation about glass fiber?. About WORD3 pages will do
Glass fiber is both insulated and heat-resistant, so it is an excellent insulating material. At present, most of the electrical and electrical plants in our country have been using glass fiber as insulation material. A 6000 kW turbo generator, wherein the insulating member with glass fiber has reached more than 1800! Due to the use of glass fiber insulation materials, which can improve the performance of the motor, and reduces the volume of the motor, but also reduces the cost of the motor, is really one.Another important use of glass fiber is to work with plastics to make all kinds of glass fiber composites. For example, a layer of glass cloth dipped in hot melt plastic, compression molding has become well-known glass fiber reinforced plastic". Glass steel is even tougher than steel, neither rust nor corrosion, and weight is only 1/4 of the same size. Therefore, it can not only save a great deal of iron and steel, but also reduce the weight of the vehicle and the ship so that the payload capacity is greatly improved by using the shell and the parts of the machine to make the ships, cars and trains. Because it won't rust, you can save a lot of maintenance costs.

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