Robotic vacuun intelligent cleaner auto charge

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Product Description:

Basic Info.

Type:Ultra Fine Air Filter

Classification:Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Feature:With Bag

Purpose of Use:For Home Use

Filtration:Dust Bag Filter

Function:Acarid Killing Brush

Cyclone Dust Collector:Side Cyclone

Certification:CE, RoHS, CB, EMC

Robot Vacuum Cleaner:Vacuum Cleaner

Export Markets:Global

 Patent Product Robot Vacuum Cleaner Cleanmate
Main Function Description
1. Automatic Cleaning
It automatically cleans your floor without any hand labor while you enjoy life.
2. Suitable for various types of floors including carpet, wood, tile and linoleum
3. Anti-falling and Non-colliding
Ultrasonic detection  sensors and four pairs of cliff sensors allow the robot to sense barriers and stairs and adjust its route timely. Therefore, the robot can better protect your wall and furniture.
4. Automatic routes selection
The robot can automatically select various cleaning routes, such as straight line, fold line, around pillar, wall following, U shape, spiral.
5. Anti-winding Main Brushes
The latest design of main brush can prevent the machine from being winded by wire and hair.
6. Automatic Recharge
The robot will search the station and charge automatically when the power is low.

7.  With UV lamp 
UV lamp to kill the bacteria on the floor
8. Suction force 
1200Pa super suction force( Similar products 500Pa )
9.Navigation function
Choose the pattern among the five cleaning patterns according the situation automatically and clean each tiny corner thoroughly.
10.Virtual wall
If you need clean one room/a certain area only, you may open the virtual wall, the cleaner will never go out the room/area
11. Scheduling function
Charging time can be set to clean at a certain time any day or days each week
12. No Secondary Pollution
Double filter design, the primary and HEPA, can effectively avoid secondary air pollution.
13. Low Noise
The operating noise is less than 55db. It is quieter and does not freak your children or cat out.
14. Easy Cleaning Design
The reasonable modular bottom design facilitates users to detach brushes, dust bin and other parts by hands more easily.

15.Wireless Remote Control
The wireless remote control can be operated much more easily and conveniently than IR remote control.
16. Ultrathin fuselage(H:8.0cm)
It can drill down to the bottom of bed and sofa to clean.

Robotic vacuun intelligent  cleaner auto charge

Robotic vacuun intelligent  cleaner auto charge

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Q:cannister vacuum cleaner cheap? has some good deals on canister vacuum cleaners. The shopping channels (hsn and qvc) also have some and you don't have to pay for it all at once if you don't want to. Don't forget to check your local discount stores and Walmart's, their prices are hard to beat. If you are interested in buying used, your local thrift shops might have some. If you are in the USA, there are social services that could help with the expense and delivery if necessary. The 411 helpline could give you more resources. Best wishes.
Q:Why am I sexually attracted to vacuum cleaners?
Go wild on it your probably so desperate that your attracted to your vacuum cleaner it's ok we are all attracted to vaccum cleaners at least onc in our life dr.dani
Q:vacuum cleaners in space?
No. A vacuum cleaner works by driving all the air out of the interior cavity to create a negative pressure inside. The greater atmospheric pressure outside then forces air in to fill the interior, and this is a continuous cycle. In space there would be no air either inside or outside the vacuum cleaner, so the motor would have no effect whatsoever. Even if you had air inside it for the motor to expel, there is still zero pressure outside and hence nothing to take its place.
Q:My dogs seem to be afraid of my vacuum cleaner, so why is this?
Dogs hearing is very sensitive. While some noises they shrug off others they react too. As my dog ignores the hourly church bell chimes, she howls during the noon siren from the courthouse. Also the back and forth motions may appear as aggressive intimidating movements.
Q:does anyone own a refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner? do they work well or break down within months?
I love my dyson vacuum. I can almost take it apart to clean out a clog tube or to clean the rotating brush. I have 5 animals and it picks up animal hair with ease. My son vacuums for me a lot. He doesn't watch what he does and vacuums up everything. It has survived him and the pets My was new when bought
Q:How to repair the vacuum cleaner fan?
Check that the motor shaft needs lubrication
Q:Should we men just replace women with vacuum cleaners?
Lonely men and their vacuum cleaners.... Why don't you just get an inflate-a-date. At least that can kind of look like a girl. But if you just wanna hook yourself up to a vacuum cleaner, go ahead, knock yourself out.
Q:I need help in choosing a vacuum?
I It reviews multiple brands and manufacturers. I have two toddlers and two labrador retrievers and the Kirby cleans great and doesn't need filters. The bag is the hepa filter! Good luck
Q:is the infinity vacuum rated as well as the dyson?
In Point: The Infinity is no where as efficient as a Dyson (DC17), and will not deep clean as well as the new Dyson. The Dyson (DC17), coupled with its new filtration system and aggressive brushroll specifically designed for American carpets will deep clean better than most vacuums under $1000, as well as the previous Dysons on the market (My older DC14 left alot of filth in my carpet that my DC17 vacuumed up....mostly sand and dust).
Q:How come some dogs are afraid of hoovers?
Lucky ... my dog tries to herd mine.

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