Reinforced plastic pe used tarpaulins

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PE Tarpaulin can be widely used in as thecover as well as other usage. It can be used in industrial, agricultural,garden and home.Covers for general use, scaffoldings inconstruction sites, underground sheets,Covers for truck, cars, boats, containers, warning tapes,Covers for materials, roofs, road repair sites, fencesCovers for timber, hay, cotton and allkinds of crops Covers for daring crops,Covers for garden, backyard use Covers for furniture Gazebo tentd, dining canopies,swimming pool covers.


Weight: 70g/m2-300g/m2

Density / sq. inch :7*6, 7*7, 8*7, 8*8,10*8, 10*10, 12*12, 14*14, 16*16

Color: Any color available

Size: 2*3m, 3*4m,4*6m….. any size available

Denier: 750-3000 Denier

UV. FR treatment also available

PE fabric both sides laminated, reinforced by PP rope in hem on all around edges. Aluminum eyelets every 1 meter or 3’ or 1yd interval (30cm, 50cm interval also available).


1.      For rolls , packed in a plasticbag with a label between rolls and bag 2.      For Tarpaulin sheets, Eachpiece in a polybag with a label then proper pieces in a carton box packing orsame color bale packing

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