pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price

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100000 m²/month
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Product Description:

1. Description of pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price

In the early 1980 s, PVC plastic floor started in China, mainly for household stone floor used of customers overseas. PVC plastic floor can imitate texture of all kinds of material, and even can achieve actual effect. Grain imitation including marble, wooden floor and carpet lines, etc. PVC plastic floor has the advantages of other floor without, such as: environmental protection, light, beautiful, durable, easy maintenance.

Though the layer of PVC plastic floor is thin, it contains a wear-resisting layer, anti-pollution, foam layer, the processing of fiber layer and ground pressure layer. Another kind of homogeneous thickness of the PVC plastic floor is the whole squad is wear-resisting layer. All of the PVC plastic floor also has non-slip, waterproof, wear-resisting, corrosion resistance and other excellent performance. PVC plastic floor is a kind of energy-saving materials, because of the light body, so for the bearing requiremen of structure is very low, basic can be neglected.

PVC plastic floor becomes the world's popular ground decorative materials, PVC plastic floor has been widely used in education agencies, medical offices, business office building, home decoration, industrial system, transportation system, etc. It could be cut by knife easily to follow the ground and designers ideal. PVC plastic floor installation is convenient, if the ground roughness meet the requirements, only need to use special PVC plastic floor glue, can DIY installation

2. Features of pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price

nti-static function, with good decorative effect with good anti-static properties and mechanical properties, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, corrosion, comfortable, luxurious and beautiful, long-lasting performance even more remarkable. 

The products are mainly used in computer rooms, program-controlled switches, electronic equipment manufacturing, microelectronics, industrial production plants, sterile room, central control room and other production sites requires purification, anti-static floor coverings. Widely used in the fields of banking, offices, kindergartens, shopping centers, supermarkets, gym, hotel, residential, railroad, transportation, pharmaceutical, electronics equipment industry, etc..

3. Specifications of pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price


PVC spongeflooring mainly for household use, to cover the floor by roll, easy cleaning,widely use. Have latest popular designs every year.

1)Material: PVC
2) Thickness:1.00mm-2.00mm.
3) Width: 1 M, 1.20 M, 1.50 M, 1.70 M,1.83 M and 2 M
4) Length: for customers’ choice, usually 15M, 20M, 25M, 30y  and 30M

5) Packing:inside with paper pipe, wrapped in PP Knitted bag.

6) MOQ: atleast 2500 meters per design.

4. Images of pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price

pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price

pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price 

pvc sponge printed flooring indoor pvc carpet price

5. FAQ

1)   Are free samples available?

Yes. But express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

2)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


3)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  

4) How to maintain PVC plastic floor?

The maintenance of PVC plastic floor is very convenient, the dirty can be wiped with a mop, if want to achieve better brightness, wax regularly is necessary.

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Q:Carpet stain removal tips?
Buy some white Windex (not the blue Windex) and a big ol' box of Arm Hammer Baking soda. Dump the baking soda on the stain (if it is still wet), put a folded towel over it, and jump up and down on it to squish the urine out of the carpet and carpet pad. This also pretty much takes care of the smell, so critters aren't tempted to pee in the same spot again. Let the baking soda dry for a couple of days and then vacuum it up. Then, spray it good with the white Windex and scrub the area hard with a dry towel. When the stain is scrubbed off, leave the carpet nap fluffed up so it will dry looking good. The only problem with this method is you can end up with cleaner spots on your carpet! You could use regular Windex on any color carpet but white. The blue coloring stains white carpet.
Q:Eco friendly carpet cleaner solution?
Here is a site that I would highly recommend. They have very high quality stain removal techniques. They have a list of stains to choose from, but in your case I would just look up the solutions that they tell you how to make. I would suggest repeating the process after the first application, and rinsing the rug out with cool water in between applications. Best of luck!
Q:How do I fit the carpet in the billiard hall?
Note: pay attention to finished product protection, glue paste carpet, not allowed to tread within 24 hours. Carpet pavement on the ground floor of the higher requirements, the ground must be smooth and clean, moisture content shall not be greater than 8%, and has been installed kicking baseboard, skirting board to the ground floor gap should be larger than the carpet thickness of 2~3 mm. Accurately measure room size and calculate material size so as not to waste. After the carpet is laid, be sure to tighten, Zhang Ping, fixed, to prevent future deformation.
Q:traditional colonial rug hooking?
If this an high priced purchase and you're questioning of keepin this rug for a protracted time, think of roughly your furniture. Will you opt to alter up that room in some years? if so, %. the rug which will strengthen with you and your loved ones. If that may no longer an high priced purchase or you could cope with to pay for to purchase a clean rug each and every so usually, then bypass with what you quite like. area rugs are an incredible thank you to alter the topic of the room without changing hundreds of dollars worth a furniture. solid success.
Q:how can i clean my shaggy pile rug?
placed on a dirt mask or handkerchief over your nostril and cling it over a clothesline and whack it with a bat or a stick -- or if that's sufficiently small, whack it against the trunk of a tree. (that's what I do for my vehicle mats until now I supply up and wash them. staring on the dimensions: Take it to a laundromat with a super washer or to the dry cleansing company which will do rugs. Your's is probable very small yet my Grandpa had a room-sized white shaggy rug in his lounge which grew to become gray, it grew to become into so grimy. He had it taken to a rug cleansing company and that they quoted the cost. Later Grandpa advised us that the rug grew to become into so grimy, they had to place it with the aid of assorted wash cycles until now the rug grew to become into sparkling. So he quite ended up paying much less for the activity than it value the cleaners to do the activity. possibly you may purchase yet another rug with shorter pile or one which is rather cleanable?
Q:How much would it cost for 12X12 carpet?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How much would it cost for 12X12 carpet? Hey i need to have a room recarpeted nothing expensive fairly cheap carpet im wondering whats the cost per squar yard of carpet or better yet how much would it cost to have a room 12 feet by 12 feet carpeted.
Q:What kind of carpet floorings are at reasonable prices? Carpet Costs?
if you want 5-7 year carpet, it will install for $2.50-$3.50 sf 10-15 years $3.95-$5.00
Q:best method to make rugs non-slip?
1 st two posters are right buttttttt....... You ll have to get the anti slip mat made for your situation. They come for rugs over a hard surface and for rugs over carpet. And for rugs over hard wood. This last one is important. These are made especially to let the wood breathe. GL
Q:Carpet bombing?
Of course it has greater civilian casualties, which is why the US has been developing the smart bombs. The bombing of civilians is a great tragedy, none can deny. It is not so much this or the other means of making war that is immoral or inhumane. What is immoral is war itself. Once full-scale war has broken out it can never be humanized or civilized, and if one side attempted to do so it would be most likely to be defeated. That to me is the lesson of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Q:How to decorate with wool area rugs?
hi :) uncertain the way you sense approximately fur rugs purely those days observed one at IKEA i think of it became into Cow cover Black with a sprint white development in it. Offset it with some Fuchsia colored cushions, and/or in line with risk some white pretend fur cushions. some low-fee prints on the wall with a narrow black physique might seem sturdy on your partitions. don't be attentive to what your funds is, in any different case might desire to provide extra suggestions :) take excitement on your decorations J (*..*)

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