PVC insulated power cable GB/T12706-2002 national standard.

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Product Description:

I. Product Properties:

1. This Product should comply with GB/T12706-2002 national standard.
                        2. At room temperature, the cable can withstand high voltage test with AC frequency and voltage of 50Hz and 3.5kV for 5 minutes and can not be breakdown.
                        3. 20  conductor DC resistance rate: Copper core  0.017241mm2/mo Aluminum Core  0.028mm2/m.
                         4. Combustion performance (flame retardant cable) should be tested in accordance with GB/T18380-2001 standard.
                          II. Use characteristics:

1. This product should be applied to transmission and distribution lines with AC rated voltage of 0.6/1kV (Uo / U) and below.
                      2. The maximum long-term working temperature of cable conductor should be 70 .
                   3. The bending radius of armored cable should be no less than 20 times the cable diameter.
                   4. The laying temperature should be no less than 0 .
                      5. When short circuit occurs, the maximum temperature of the conductor should not exceed 160 , and the lasting time of the conductor should be no more than 5 seconds.

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Q:Is it OK to run 1/0 gauge power cable along my speaker wire??
Yes, it's ok. In fact, it wouldn't matter if it were RCA and the power wire, that's a myth. I quote, Technically, running your RCA wires and power wires shouldn't cause any problems and can be dubbed a myth. However, a lot of people will disagree. For induction between power and signal wire to occur, a form of AC (with some current) must be introduced on the DC power wire. The added signal through the power cable doesn't have enough current to do this. Alternator whine comes from poor (or damaged) filter circuits in the HU. A induction type filter to the HU is an easy cure.
Q:Amp power cable vs. ground cable?
Typically, the only difference between a power cable and a ground cable is the color. If you have leftover power cable, go ahead and use it.
Q:Is it ok to play my PSP using the power cable instead of the battery?
It is fine. The PSP is just telling you that it is taking power from the outlet instead of the battery.
Q:Blown fuse on power cable for ipod speakers?
A 110 ac plug configuration is usually not the same as a 220 ac plug configuration. they look completely different and will not pug into each other...so, I'm not sure how you managed to do that. Now, I am talking about the United States (not sure where you live). Anyway, I'm sure you can find a new power cable online. Or have Best buy order one for you if they don't have it in stock.
Q:i only have a power cable for my ps3 how do i set it up with hdmi cable ?
1) put the hdmi cable in the back of the the console. 2) put the other end in the telly. 3) also make sure the power cable is connected to the console 4) change the telly channel to hdmi That should be it and yes you will get sound :)
Q:What does an AMD Radeon HD 7850 power adapter cable look like?
6pin okorder.com/
Q:Need help with power cable that came with my 8800 gs...?
It would be best if you specified which PSU you have. From past experiences, 1 connector to the PSU works fine.
Q:connecting power,D3-,D3+,GND and POWER SW,RESET SW, H.D.D LED, POWER LED cables to your motherboard. HOW.
Not enough info. But from what you wrote, the only one you need to connect to get the mainboard started is the Power SW. All others are indicator or I/O. The Power Switch cable is not polarized but the LEDs are. LEDs need the +/- in the right direction. Be very careful on the USB connections or you could burn up a USB device. They are critical. You should have a manual if the mainboard is new. If it's used, look around on the surface of the board for a manufacture and model number. Then type it into google and see if you can find an on-line manual.
Q:I plugged my power cable in and it made a crackling sound?
You should always use a power outlet that has an on/off switch so that you can switch off the outlet prior to plugging into the device. Only after plugged in do you turn on the power outlet (always turn off the outlet prior to unplugging from the device). The crackling sound is electrical and can cause detrimental problems to a Pc, laptop or monitor (or other electrical product).
Q:Why are there differant ends to the power cable on the xbox 360?
The new Xbox360s manufactured since October 2007 have a 175w power supply, whereas the older original Xbox360s have a 203w power supply. This is because they have different equipment.

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