PVC Corrugated hose for water suction

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APPLICATIONS of   10 inch drain pipe PVC Hose Pipe

Good substitute for rubber and metal hose in most application.

Agricultural irrigation,chemical transfer,water,oil,grain and powder conveying.

CHARACTERISTICS of    10 inch drain pipe PVC Hose Pipe

Being light in weight,with good resistance to the hard weather conditions and minus pressure,and small bending radius.

Excellent resistance to pressure,external impacts, chemical, gases,light acids and saline water.


Specifications of   10 inch drain pipe

Item No.InchI.D.O.D.M/RollW.P.B.P.WeightCBM/Roll

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Q:What are toothpaste tubes made of??
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A place that has aquarium supplies
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With polyurethane waterproof powder (usually used in toilet waterproof), after water transfer brush in the water leakage. 4, with weather glue hit in the water leakage.
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