PVC Braided Transparent Green Hose/Pipe

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Product Description:

Quick Details

· Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland) 

· Brand Name: SGSN 

· Model Number: PVC Hose 

· Material: PVC 

· Specification: 5/32 inch-55/64inch 

· Length: 20/30/50/100m 

· Thickness: 2mm-8mm 

· Standard: SGS 

· Material: PVC with fiber reinforced 

· Temperature: -5℃-65℃ 

· W.P.: 4-12bar 

· B.P.: 10-50bar 

· Length: 20/30/50/100m 

· I.D.: 5/32 inch-55/64inch 

· Wall thickness: 2mm-8mm 

· Color: transparent/as customer's requirement 

· Standard: SGS/FDA/ISO 

· Characteristics: Non-toxic,odourless,Light 

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:

Generally packing: Entangled with non-woven fabric or transparent plastic membrane. Specially packing: according to the customer's requirements.

Delivery Detail:

within 30 days after order confirmed


Ploy Vinyl Chloride Braided Hose 
1.Material:PVC with fiber reinforced 
2.Application: best choice for transporting air 




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Q:in your opinion what is better in transporting liquids plastic or metal tubes in your opinion !?!plz answer?
metal is somewhat better for you, because plastic has those particles that are not good for your system, and makes your water taste plastic-y after it sits in the bottle a while. metal is a bit heavier, and more expensive, but it will benefit you in the long run. Go with metal.
Q:Is rigid PVC double wall corrugated plastic pipe with HDEP pipe one kind?
It is a hard PVC amorphous thermoplastic resin with certain additives of vinyl chloride monomer after the polymerization and made (such as stabilizers, lubricants, fillers, etc.). But strictly speaking, UPVC is hard PVC, and PVC UPVC is not hard, rigorous and scientific discussion should be UPVC UPVC, which does not contain or use plasticizer, hard PVC containing plasticizers (general formula PVC powder + plasticizer + auxiliary plasticizer stabilizer + + + + class processing aid filler toner)
Q:how many plastic tubes could i 3D print, with one spool?
First determine the volume of filament you have: density of ABS =~0.038 lb/in^3 2lb / .038 = 52.6in^3 of material Second, determine the volume of each tube: inner diameter of tube = 5.25in-3mm=5.132in (both of your dimensions cannot be diameters, so I assumed the second was the height, if it's a tubular cone then the height is missing) volume of each tube: = 2.165in^3 per online calculator below. You could double check by calculating the volume of cylinders with the outer and inner diameters separately and then subtracting the results. 52.6 / 2.165=24.3 so you could print approximately 24 tubes
Q:Where do I buy small diameter straight lengths of plastic tubing?
Small Plastic Tubing
Q:Anyone know where I can buy a custom tube (wood, aluminum, or plastic) with the following dimension...?
Go to any machine shop they can turn one out in no time. By the way that is closer to being a ring than a tube
Q:What is the plastic piece called at the end of the Spring inside a Shotgun tube?
its okorder.com/...
Q:Plastic tubes conducting heat/cool to second floor?
Vertical duct work. In general, if forced air, heated, cooled or even unconditioned, goes through it it is called duct work, unless it is an accessory / fitting such as a grille, diffuser, register etc. It's called duct work or vertical duct work if you would like.
Q:Homemade water cooling fan, plastic pipe, the effect well?
I think if it is to own a water-cooled fan DIY excellent, I have to consider some additional factors, such as the extent of damage to the strength of the plastic pipe after aging, and if damaged, the cooling liquid my material will cause what kind of damage to the machine itself, which can minimize the damage to control in the controllable range.
Q:why does the mechanic use plastic tube to empty the gasoline tank?
You ever tried to remove a gas tank when it was 3/4 full?
Q:fish tank pump tube problems?
using standard size plastic tubing like other air pumps on the market (about 5-6mm in diameter)

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