PTFE Wafe Type Butterfly Valve

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PTFE butterfly valves

About Product

A butterfly valve consists of body ,stem ,disc , actuator (manual actuator, worm-gear actuator , aerodynamic actuator or electric actuator) , and PTFE butterfly valve can implement the process for turning on turning off and regulating the flow by the circumrotation of stem and disc  that is droved by actuators.

1.Simple and compact construction. Small in size and light in weight. Easy transportation, installation and maintenance.
2. Quick 90 degrees on-off operation. Minimized operating torque ,energy saving.
3. Excellent sealing performance with ZERO leakage. Long service life.
4. Wide selection of materials ,applicable for various media..
5. Flow curve tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance.

 PTFE butterfly valves



End flange:

ANSI B 16.1,EN1092,AS2129

Face to face:

ANSI B 16.10

Top flange:

ISO 5211

Normal pressure:





DI/ALB/Rubber lined Disc/1.2501/1.4529/CF8/Hastelloy Alloy/Monel




NBR/Hypalon/EPDM/Neoprene/NR/Wear-Resistant EPDM/Viton/Silicon/Heat-Resistant EPDM/White EPDM/EPDM(NSF)/PTFE

Suitable temperature:



Fresh water, sewage, sea water, air, vapor, food, medicine, oils, alkalis, salt etc.

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Q:what is a 2004 suzuki ltz 400 valve adjustment / seat on?
although You don't want to go opening up this motor without one. I've done alot of motor work on my bikes, and still use one when I open them up. How long have you had this quad? Is it a noise that recently started? How many hours on the bike? or has it been like this since you've owned it? Typically, these high performance motors inherently are noisy it very well could be normal. If not normal, the noise you are hearing could be a variety of different causes, as there are many moving parts. Timing chain, timing chain tensioner, valves, valve springs, piston slap, rod bearings can all cause tapping and knocking noises. So, unfortunately, there's no easy answer to your question.
Q:24 valve V-6 vs. 12 valve V-6?
The 24 valve has 2 intake and 2 exhaust valves when the 12 valve only has 1 intake and exhaust per cylinder, the 24 would give u more power but will most likely use more gas.
Q:Cylinder heads and Exhaust valves?
The only reason to change out a cylinder head is because the exhaust valves have been burnt or the valves in general have been used to a point they don't seat any longer. Which means the engine compression to fire the cylinders on compression stokes is too low to be efficient to operate. Or the cylinder head has a crack in it and leaks water or the compressed gasses from the engine compression blow into the water jacket through the cracks causing the coolant to blow out and the engine to overheat.
Q:boiler bleed valve replacement?
Very easy but quite slow. Open the bleed points on the upstairs radiators and the system will fill evenly. Shut the bleeds when the water reaches them of course. If the pump is accessible loosen the big screw head on the top of it and the will bleed air from the pump. When you think the system is full and the noise of entering water stops then go around to all of the upstairs radiators and check that there is no further trapped air.
Q:Tricuspid valve leak normal values?
The tricuspid valve is a valve in your heart that, like any other valve, makes the blood flow in only one direction. When your heart pumps blood into your body, this valve is normally closed so the heart only pumps it in your arteries, and not back in your veins whence it came. When this valve doesn't close shut completely, a little quantity of blood leaks through the little opening there. You can see this with an echocardiography which you said you had done. Yes, the value of 19 is really low, and the fact that the limit to normality is 20, so you're close to it, doesn't mean that you're almost sick. Keep in mind that these limits that doctors have are some guidelines, and they all have a safe zone. Plus, this is not the kind of lesion that evolves, it doesn't mean that as the years go by the little space in your valve will get bigger and bigger - nothing of that sort. It is probably a thing that you had since forever, and you will have it the same your whole life with no problems at all. In the end, let me say that if you are brave enough to go to a doctor (many people aren't, and that really sucks), you should be brave enough to ask him/her what they mean when they say certain stuff, without worrying that your question might be stupid or already answered. You didn't go to med school, and it is the doctor's duty to explain to you what is happening in your body just as it is to diagnose and treat you. Best of luck!
Q:What prevents the valves in the heart from being pushed backwards?
Valves, because they open when your heart pumps and close, not allowing blood to flow backwards after the pump.
Q:Is my Gas Valve faulty ?
I was wondering why the flue is clogged? I've never had to clean mine. Well anyway, I use a shop vac to vacuum out any dust or rust that accumulates on the gas valve on the rare occasions it failed to work,and that fixed it every time.
Q:What air pressure valve do I use for vacuum chamber?
Any valve rated WOG (water, oil, gas) is OK for vacuum. Maximum vacuum pressure differential is atmospheric pressure (14.7psi, 101.3kPa, 1 bar). For convenience, you might use a barbed valve which is sized for tubing (See Yahoo! Images: barbed conical gas valve). Any plumbing and heating supply, or commercial cooking equipment supply will have a variety of miniature bronze gas valves to choose from.
Q:besides the exhaust valves, why might my Chevy 350 back fire?
Absolutely. You could also be burning your exhaust valves running it with no exhaust pipes. Open exhaust is fine for a 1/4 mile run, but then you need to refit your exhaust.
Q:how to loosen a ball valve?
If what you have is a KBI plastic valve used commonly in PVC water pipe systems, you are stuck with a stiff valve. The best and only medicine for them is to open and close them frequently. Hard water deposits will cause them to work harder as well. If, and when you replace, useing a little petroleum jelly on the ball portion before installation might help, but I’m sure the manufacturer would frown on this. They can operate so hard that the handle will break off, so if you can turn it on and off, just keep working it.

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