Prefabricated Substation for Wind Power

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Prefabricated Substation for Wind Power

I. It is suitable for power transformation control for 1500kW wind driven generator from 690V up to35kV.

II. Normal Service Condition

1. Altitude: lessthan 1000m.

2. Operation environmentaltemperature: more than -40, and less than +40℃.

3. Relative airhumidity of operation environment is not higher than 90% (equal to airtemperature of +20℃).

4. Horizontal accelerationof earthquake is not more than 0.4m/s2,and the vertical acceleration is not more than 0.2 m/s2.

5. Verticalinclination angel of installation base is not more than 5°, and there is no severe vibration and impact.

6. Installation sitewith good ventilation without explosion, correction, gas and dust which candestroy insulation.

7. Constant waveof voltage is not more than ±5%, and short-term wave is not more than ±10%. Rated frequency is 50Hz.

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Q:Can you connect an electrical equipment requiring 220-240V to an outlet producing 110V?
Yes, if the power it needs does not exceed what a 120V 15 or 20A circuit can provide, and you can get a transformer with adequate capacity to power the applaince.
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I think that there is an abundance of computer science people out there. However, how many people do you know, know how to use an oscilloscope? Electrical Engineering is going to be the new Computer Science in 10 years, I think. Computer Science had its time during the dot com boom. It's downhill from here.
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Q:My US 120V TV and stereo aren't working in 220 Amsterdam using 3000W transformers bought in US. Why?
In case noone else has a better answer, this might be something to think about not sure if it is correct TV's especially, require the 60Hz frequency of the electricity in order to work properly if the Amsterdam power runs at a different frequency that might be the reason. Transformers convert the power (wattage) correctly, but not all transformers will convert to the correct frequency most transformers will convert wattage at the frequency they are plugged into If this IS the case, you need a wattage and frequency converter for your tv to work again, I may be wrong
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You should look for electric regulator. and pick up the one of your choice.
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