PE protective flim HN-60L

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Total Thickness (adhesives + carrier):60+10%micron
Colour: Blue
Density 0.95g /cm3
Tensile Strength (Long): >18N/25mm
Tensile Strength (Trasv):   >13N/25mm
Adhesion (to stainless steel):150g/25mm
Elongation at break-MD:  >200%
Elogation at break-CD: > 350%  
Static Shear 23 DC: >48 hours
Storage: 35 DC
Humidity: 80%
Shelf: 6 months

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Q:The protective screen of the screen is dirty. How do you clean it?
First, keep dry working environment according to the working principle of liquid crystal display of the notebook computer we can see it on the air humidity relatively stringent requirements, so we must ensure that the notebook computer can work in a dry environment. In particular, moisture can not be brought into the interior of the display, so this is especially critical for some users whose working conditions are humid. If the water has entered the LCD screen inside, you will need a notebook computer placed in a dry place, let the water slowly evaporate, then do not rush to open the power supply, or display liquid crystal electrodes will be corroded, thereby causing damage to the LCD screen. Two, pay attention to their operating habits, bad work habits, will also damage the health of lcd. For example, while using a laptop, drinking tea, coffee or milk. As we all know, do not endanger the safety of the notebook computer keyboard, LCD screen will also endanger the delicate, if not careful will tea liquid poured into the LCD display of the consequences as can be imagined. In addition, if you do not pay attention to the use and opening of the notebook computer, it may cause the LCD screen to scratch or damage the protective film of the display screen and so on. It will affect its service life. Therefore, good operating habits are closely related to the health of laptop lcd.
Q:How to remove the protective film on elevator?
Try to wipe it off with engine oil. See whether it works or not.
Q:How about a rhinoceros skin protective film? Will it leave glue for a long time?
It is recommended only to place a little bit on the handle of the door to avoid scratching the nails. Do not leave glue.
Q:What's the different between stretch film and protective film?
Stretch film is used for packaging. But protective film can be used in many ways. For example, protective films like static film and film with glue are used in industry to protect the surface of the products from pollution, damage, dust and keep them clean during production and transpotation to increase the market competitiveness of the products.
Q:How to remove the shadow of the keyboard protection screen in the notebook screen?
Not bad quality, when you are playing, the computer will heat up, and your keyboard covered with protective film, the heat under the keyboard, and then shut the lid immediately after the shutdown,
Q:How to remove th protective film on the aluminium alloy door which is installed for too long?
Scrubing it using rag with lacquer thinner (diluent).
Q:How to remove the residual glue of the protective film on the stainless steel elevator door?
Q:Excuse me, the protective film on standard door has what method to clean up?
Excuse me, the protective film on standard door has what method to clean up?
Q:Protective film treatment method for aluminium alloy door and window
If you do not tear for a long time, resulting in tear difficult, you can first tear a little up, while blowing with a blower blow while tearing.
Q:Mobile phone screen or protective film good?
The first one: full screen, with a metal frame on the side, this is generally with radian, can put IP6 edges in the envelope, this is a significant increase in the thickness of mobile phone, feel than when not the film will lack some benefits, the edge will not be scratched.Second: there is also a full screen, is directly is a flat glass film with radian, but there arc printed white or black, the bottom side of the arc cover, will leave a bit gap, basically will benefit and can prevent the dust, the edge of the screen on the scratch scratch.

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